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80 Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City

Community Affiliation Program of the Philippine National Red

Rizal Chapter
(Baranggay Lubo, Jalajala, Rizal)

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements in Bachelor of

Science in Nursing

Submitted to:
Ms. Danessa Vedaña
Philippine National Red Cross

Submitted by:
3 year Section A314
Groups 1 and 2

May 12 – May 30, 2008

List of Names

Group 1

Alonzo, Ma. Shaneal Laine A.

Aure, Jestoni R.
Bagsarsa, Joey Andy H.
Berrei, Arviel A.
Bodota, Jerilee B.
Calabio, Von Aarol
Canlas, Alma C.
Casabon, Armond Brian
Chan, Christine C.
Conde, Alvin
Flores, Darleen Eizan
Imbang, Dexter

Group 2

Coo, Ronald S.
Cubelo, Mary Carl O.
Dela Cruz, Ian Dwight
Delfin, Sarah R.
De Vera, Gaudencio A.
De Vera, Mark Anthony D.
Doronilla, Jenny B.
Duka, Moses D.
Enosario, Mary Blaise M.
Esquierdo, Pia Catherine B.
Gocela, Fritz Adriane L.
Torena, Ann Shiela
Visaya, Sheryl

To the beloved Baranggay Lubo, a place of warmth and generosity.

To the people and families who made a difference in the lives of the Nursing students
of Jose Rizal University.

The Salvador family, Braza family, Hernandez family, are just among the families who
showed us kindness and generosity.

We would not have known how well we are loved and cared for. The people of your
baranggay made our three weeks of stay a fulfilling experience.

It may not be enough to contain the words of thanksgiving, it may not capture the
endearing love that we have for all of you but now we are making this compilation to
let the world know that your place is a place of love, generosity, and peace.

May the world discover and visit the abundance and peace that is Jalajala.

We students of Jose Rizal University Batch 2 from section A-314 want to

express our gratitude to all the people who have given their heart whelming full
support in making this compilation a magnificent experience .

To God the father of all ,we thank for the strength that keep us standing
and for the hope that keep us believing that this affiliation would be possible and
more interesting .

We also wanted to thank our family who inspired ,encouraged and fully
supported us for every trials that comes our way .In giving us not just financial ,but
morally and spiritually .

To our group mates who willingly helped us gather the necessary data’s
and information needed for this compilation.

To the residents and people of Baranggay Lubo , we whole heartedly

thank you for thwe kindness and patience that given us .We spent three weeks in
this Barangay but it seems like weve spent more than a year. That’s why we thank
for the love and efforts thst made us feel more at home ,this stay has been part of
our lives and it will stay till the rest of our lives.

Also to our clinical instructors and the Philippine National Red Cross
who sincerely devoted their time and service for every activities and task that
boosted our self esteem and taught us to be more responsible for our own good and
as for others.