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REFERENCE LETTER March 6, 2006 Mr, Shubheshish Rudra Senior Software Engineer Megma Design Automation Pvt ltd (India) First Floor, Prestige Terminus 2 No 9, Airport Exit Road Bangalore 560017 India Tel: +91-80-51346300 Tel: +91-80-51346100 Fax: +91-80-51346399, +91-80-51346199 Email: TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN This reference letter is provided at the request of Himanshu Srivastava. He has asked me to provide this letter that he may show to any prospective employer to whom he might need to furnish this reference. Thave known Himanshu Srivastava from Nov 2000 till date. We were peers in the organization, STMicroelectronics during the above mentioned duration. Himanshu was responsible for software designing, development, testing, release and maintenance of Router tool for STMicroelectronics FPGA chip. AS @ peer I can vouch for his expertise in the following software skils C++, OOP, OOAD, UML Data Structures, Algorithms, STL's , Design Pattems vyvyv Clear Case usage, Rational Rose, Rational Purify, Rational Quantify, Rational Pure Coverage, RUP He proved to be an exceptionally good team player, motivator and provided technical mentor to his team members and counterparts. Himanshu has a number of strengths to offer, is hardworking, dedicated & committed to work. He has good problem analysis skills and provides robust solutions. Interacted well with co-workers, was a key team player, reliable and showed good judgment. In conclusion, I would highly recommend Himanshu Srivastava and wish him the best of luck for his future endeavors. If you would like to discuss this further, please feel free to contact me.