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CE/SQ Mechanics P219 11, (1990-CE-PHY [- 1) Figure 1 shows a tolley of Jength 0.25 m resting on a horizontal runway. An elastic string of unstretched length 0.15 m is tied to the trolley. The trolley is pulled along the runway by streiching the clastic string. By keeping the length of the stretched string equal 10 the length of the trolley, « constant force fiN is applied to pull the trofley, (2) The force-extension characteristic of the elastic string is shown in Figure 2. What is the value of f) ? (mark) ea A 4 SL Frew 2 (b)Desershe a method to determine the acceleration of the trolley along the runway. (5 marks) fe} ‘The same experiment is repeated in turn with two, three and four identical strings in puralicl The following results are obtained [Number of chaste strings Ty]? 4 Force on trolley FN| |b a Th [Acceleration ams” [0.15 [0.75 [735] 1.95 (Vind the values of & Rand ie a seule that 4 emy represents 0.5 N and 4 eon represents 0.5 ms", plot a graph inst a fi Us off 4iii) Find! the equation relating Fang a from the graph in (i) fi) Comment on the physical meaning of f, the intercept on the F asis, when a equals (10 marks) CES) Mechanics P20 12. (1990-CE-PITY [- 2) Figure 3 shows part of the route of a roller-coaster in an amusement park, A cart full of Passengers with total mass 1200 kg runs down from rest at the starting point H to the terminal platform. H is 30 m above the terminal platform, The track provides an average frictional force of 300 N throughout the journey. x BLY J | Pe Sy Teenie] lation X xe mK Ox 1X Is, DDD Figure 3 The cart travels a distance of 150 m to teach the highest point A of the vertical loop. which is 20 m above the terminal platform, (la moving from Hi to A calculate 1) the Toss in potential energy, (2) the work done against friction, and (3) the gain in kinetic energy of the cart (i) Find the speed of the cart at A. (7 marks) ‘The cart reaches the terminal platform at a speed of 10 ms". A braking deviee st the Platform slops tile cart in 2 seconds. Find the average force on the cart exerted by the device. Gomarkst Suugest one safety device for passen, ss riding on the roller-coaster and briefly explain its function. (2 miuks) In the design of the roller-coaster do you think the summit 1 ean he bigher than point A?! Explain breetly (marks) CEASQ/ Mechanics P.221 (1990-CE-PHY 1 - 3) Figure 4 shows s scoop dragging mud from the seubed. It is operated by a machine system which consists of a 200 V motor and « single pulley. The scoop is filled with mud and moves up with a uniform speed of 0.2 ms". The current drawn by the motor is 11 A. The scoop and mud have a total mass and volume of 1300 kg and 0.5 m’ respectively. (Density of seawater = 1030 kg m", Neglect air and water resistance.) Single pulley (a) Find the wension in the cable. (marks) tb) Calculate (0) the output power, (1) he inpin power of the machine system, Account fur the difference, (6 marks) (6) Assuming that the autput power of the machine system remains unchanged, will the scoop. uve luster of slower after emerging from the water’? Explain briefly GB marks)