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| ACE ENGINEERING ACADEMY CIVIL ENGINEERING STEEL STRUCTURES Chayter 1: MATERLALS AND. 5P% Stee) structures ane built up with het rolled sted seviions Hor rolled steel sections atc made up of etruetural stack Tk code of practice for gotteral cansimaction in steal in TS 800 4. Types of stracrunal stcel 18 226 (Standart Caaliey) 18 2062 Fusion welding Quite) 18 962 (High tensile stesl) 18.1977 (Crdinary Onatiqyy 2 S26: * Mos conmionly used sic for genaral comseruction purpases of buildings, bridges, industrial seustires, (ansmnission fine towern ete > Rhering. bolting can fe done for all hickness but welding is + Penmed for thskness = 301m ony + Carbon vonten 8.23 46.35% > Elongution | 23% + Designated ss: fe 1D 6 3. 15 2062: (Fosto’ weleing evper: ‘Another sfee!cr:vunariy ancd fer general construction puspose, portoularly suitable fox strucluts subjecredl to dysamis Leads and impact suci as bridge decking, girders and orans girders + Designated as Te «10 WA. fe 410 WE. fe 410 WO. + Suitable for weldicsy fa 2 thickness Carbon content (mix) 72% 0.35%, elagation: 24% 4. 18961 (high tensik: steel: + Greater st-enoyit a+ # aimosphoric cormsion waisiaace - naxine strackines Wnt For sriucnue with fabrication by methods other than fesica Welding Fe St). “*— LIT : Por strictures where fasion welding is involved. Carbon coment = 9.27" for Fe 576 ~ IT Elongstien = 20% Mechanical Prop ~tics of Steel: Type of Steel ‘Thickness ‘Yield stress ‘Tensile strength aun) Nem? «Ultimate streas) Netmen* a) Standard Quality upto 20 #10 10 330 Fedid-s G10 40 2 410 10 330 and fusion weldiny 4 230 410 10 530 quality ') High temile Fo 510 1T upto 28 350 370 Ysical pro-ertes of structural steal; Specific gn ‘Modulus 0” Modatos of Rigi Coefficient of chermul expansion Poisson's rin = 8.25 s0 639) 23 10 ee (Cond. VUVUVUVUUUVULELEUUUUUVUVUUUUUULUOLLeELeLELuUUDU , > ACES ee > ACES 7. Vavions types of standard steel aection 71 ~ section Indian standard junior bears (S78) Indian standard Tigh! beam (SLB) AUndbian standard medivim weight beam (ISB) Indian standard wide flange beam (SWB) Indian cohurnn section (SC + ALL seotion is designated by in depth and weight Ex: ISLB 500 at 250 Sin mcans, he 1—-section fy 300 mm deep and self weight is 750 N ‘per metre length 3, Chand Sections: indian standard junior chanel (SIC) Indian standard fight channel (ISLC) Indian standard medium sweigkt channel wrk siaping Henge (MC) indian standard medium weight chanel with parafel flange (MCP) Indian standard gate channel SGC) + Designated by its depth and weight Egg ISLC 350 ot 388 Nim 9. T Section: {indian standard rolled normal T — seotion (ISNT) Anchan standard rolled deep legued T — (SDT) Indian standatci roled sft fight weight T — bars (ISI.T) Infian staniarel rolled sift nevar weight T = bars (SMT) Indian standard volled silt T- bars feont H — section SUT) + Designation :ISNT 125 af 274 Nam ets ments 10, Angle ~ sections: May aa Indian siandard ¢ ual angles, Indian standard unequal angle Wee Designated hy abbreviation 18 along with Lngthe of buth legs and thicknass, Fg BA 40x 23x 6 tan : 12, Significance of varios slruclural shapes , 16eh eS D 2) Angle: Vora od ribs Seaweed + Angles are subj-ted to unayrametricat hending. y + Subjected to twisting if Lond doos not pass through shear center. Shear center: ft isa point trough which iflesd dees sot pass, the member will be subjected fo torsion. 8) Channels: Subjected to fisting iffoud doesnot pass through shear centers, ¢) ISM: Most commonty produced and used sections, > High moment of inertia about x - axis compareid to y — axis + Lateral buckling sirength is less ) ISHB: Thickness of web and images are on higher side > More arca uf etuss section and leay space + Heaviest T- section for sams depth compared to other shapes. ) TET + Has high cedius of gyration about v — ais when compared to its counterparts of ISMB or ISHB of same depth ~ Has relatvely higher lateral buckling capacity and be efficiency used as columns in building. ~ 1) Steet tuber: + Vary economical in truss manufacniring + Have high radius of gytation and torsional strongth Ie Most efficient ax compression member. (Comta...3 DS ACES ay PACES 12. Tactor of safety = {Yield stress’ Permissible: strove) ‘Minimum factor of Safer is 1.67 ( by defining i in a rational method) 13, Methods of design of sedeel frame work : (i) Simpfe Design : Il connections are assumed to be pin jointed, (ii) Semisrigid Design » Assumes partial fixity at the ends. (ii) Fally rigid Design : Assumed the end connections 10 be fully rigid and rakes moments div) Plastic Design : Mainly’ used for analysis ond design of statically indeterminate frame stracturoa, It is saononuical, Sefety provided in terms of load facto. 28. Fatigue Strength : itis the sess at which stvel fails under repeated application of load, 29 Lompaet Strength ; [ts ve meas of ability ofthe steel to aby ctergy at high rates of ‘loading. OBJECTIVES 1, Consider the following siaicments fur carbon stecls with varying carbon camlemt, Aa the cathon content inxeaves 1, Ultimate strength of steel decreases 2. The elongation betore tailure increases 3. Ductifity of metal decresses 4, Ultimate sizength inezeases ‘Of these statements are a}3 &4 ars conect b) 1 & 3 are correct c) 1, 2 3 are comect d)1 & Dave comect The structural steel (Standard quality ahail conform to) ay 18 226 bp Is 800 e) 18 4977 ay 18 2062 3. ‘The percentage of carton in standard structural stee! ie 8) G.23 % 590.6% ©) 0.5% 0) 1.5% ‘+ The approximate radio of young's modulus to rigidly modulus of standard structural steel ix ais D2 235 as 45. The percentage elongation of mild steels of roiled shapes is about ayaa by 20 oa aya 8. The section which has more Jatcrai butking strength compared to its countor part sections of the same dopth is a)ISMB WISHR 2) SWB DINB ACE Sdveational Acaderry, 10. Lahenan Yara, Opps btelionket Schoo! New Gate. Naat Laj Mahal Hotel, Pocnandse Movpital Lane, Abid. ydersbad-4 Ph : 24752469 / 53582469 / 24760769 BG, 7" ther, REVR Reddy MRI Complex, Above Bank of Beroda, Al) ReOdys Boys Hon, Made Jay Loeunatonal Hotet Ne eee neers