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September 6, 2011

The Center is delighted to announce the authors and topics of our new Reproductive Laws for the 21st Century Papers -- on reproductive rights and justice in the United States. DONATE NOW to support the Reproductive Laws for the 21st Century program CONGRATULATIONS to our authors (listed in alphabetical order) below: Amy Allina, Elizabeth Barajas-Roman, and Jessica Arons, Access Denied: How Restrictions on Abortion Coverage and Marginalization of Abortion Care Paved the Way for Discriminatory Treatment of Abortion in Health Reform Sheila Bapat, Details and Devils: Contraceptive Equity, the Promise of Health Reform, and the Potential of State Legislatures Amanda Dennis and Kelly Blanchard, Looking Back at the Hyde Amendment and Looking Forward to Restoring Public Funding: A Research and Policy Report Susan Berke Fogel and Tracy A. Weitz, The Limits and Potential of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) in Promoting Womens Health Sujatha Jesudason and Julia Epstein, Disability Justice, Reproductive Decisions, and the Abortion Debates Kristina Kallas and Akila Radhakrishnan, US Abortion Restrictions on Foreign Assistance as an Impediment to Womens Reproductive Choices Globally Lori Leibowitz, Right to Preconception and Prenatal Care for HIV-Positive Women Rachel Roth, "Reproductive Rights Violations in the US Prison System" Brittany L. Stalsburg, Greg Jacob, and Anuradha K. Bhagwati, Not All Rights Are Created Equal: How the Military Threatens Womens Reproductive Health Juhu Thukral and Sara Koerber, The Benefits of Sexual Rights and International Human Rights Frameworks for Women of Color and Low Income Women Tracy Weitz and Erin C. Schultz, Supporting Abortion Care Within the Scope of Practice of Health Care Professionals CLICK HERE to learn more about the Reproductive Laws for the 21st Century program CLICK HERE to join our Global Honor Roll of Leaders for Womens Human Rights DONATE NOW to support the Centers ongoing programs for women elected officials on reproductive rights and justice The Centers Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) designation code is #11963