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26th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Mt. 21: 28-32) Absolute Need For Repentance ‘Our Gospel today is a parable. At ang ibig sabihin po niyan, ito po ay kwento na ginawa ng ating Panginoon para gamitin niya para iparating ang kanyang message. According to this story, may isang Tatay na mayroong dalawang anak na lalake. Actually, my dear friends, itong dalawang anak na ito, they represented two groups of people during the time of our Lord. At, interestingly po, itong dalawang grupo ng taong ito, we can still find yhem among us Christians even now na tinatawag nating “modern times”. First, ‘yung panganay. “Yung nagsabi nung una, “! will not go". But then, nakapagisip, nagsisi, and then he went to do the will of his father. Sabi ng ating Panginoon ditto, “Siya ay katulad ng mga prostitutes and tax collectors."..they were considered public sin- ners. Nagsisi sila, and then, and tinahak nila ay ‘yung landas nang pagbabago na itinuturo ng ating Panginoon. A very good example of this is Mary Magdalene. Second, ‘yung pangalawang anak naman, represented an- other group of people during the time of our Lord. Sila ‘yung mga religious leaders at mga elders. Sila ‘yung “feeling nagmamalinis at feeling matatalino” ang tinatawag nating mga “self-righteous.” So, my dear friends, the main message therefore of our Gos- pel is, the ABSOLUTE NEED FOR REPENTANCE. Absolute in other words, hinde tayo makakapasok sa langit kung hinde tayo magsisisi. Bakit? Lahat naman tayo ditto, and | start with myself, lahat tayo dito ay makasalanan. At bilang makasalanan, wala sa atin ang makaka- pasok sa langit. Bakit? Because no one can enter heaven unless he or she is 100% pure. At dahil tayo ay hinde nagsisi, how can we be pure? Kaya kailangan natin ang pagsisisi_.meaning aminin mo ang iyong kasamaan, at talikuran mo ang iyong kasamaan bago ka bu- malik sa landas ng ating Panginoon. Now na kapatid. [ey PAGE 02 SAMBAYANIHAN September 28,2008 (=| SPECIAL REPORTS SAMBAYANIHAN ‘Community News Update ‘tis published by Changhyun Catholic 5 2 Mignms Coomenity (hc) cree 2nd Bowling ‘We will be eld to h ‘ receive literary works SS) Tournament Opening like: poems, essays, Held September 21 Stories, eft. After the successful first Please saat thes bowling tournament organized ine Catholic Chaplaincy last June to Au- Fe Ceorie Ateberone || gust 2008, the community again decided to start a Cell Ne. 616-2660-7636| [DEW season of bowling tournament at Maseok Bow!- ing lanes last September 24, 2008 after the Thanksgiv- Changhyun Catholic| | ing Mass last Sunday. . ; Migrants Center Fr. John Ho, Chaplain of the Guri Catholic Mi- Kyonzjin Chongmal, || grants Center (Exodus) was kind enough to grace the Songsaeng Konzdan ||Holy Eucharist. His untiring support to the Filipino ‘Whade-Eup 269-10, ||Catholie community especially in sports made the Namyangu City || Project successful. During the last conference, Fr. Eyouggide, Sach Kam || John and the Guri Center donated 10 trophies for the Tel No. (031) $93-6542||| winners and last Sunday, he gave an advance token Fax No. (031) 293-6542) | of ¥W100,000.00 for the expenses of the on-going tournament. Each team contributed W50,000.00 for email: the registration fee , bowling pay and the merienda. A total of 14 teams with at least seven players each team join the Fall Season Second conference. The opening ceremony was a little bit crowded as the Editorial Staff participating teams were trying to show their uni- Fr. Cedric, MSP | | forms for the much awaited Best Uniform Award and Adviser the excitement to start the bowling. At the end the “secret committee” decided to nominate three teams Layout Artist ||for best uniform award namely; Kagumni Team, Ernesto Seriosa Jr || Dhokie Red Team and Guri Black and White Team. Call No. 010-157-061} | The winner will be announced later after the voting of all players and the newly formed committee. CONTRIBUTORS The official list of teams are, Dhokie Red, Ed Tinalar q Monene Diaz | /P2™Panga 4, Lyndon Green, Karen Pink, Spear Me, soar Maras | [Jnen-Lykerz, Phil-Ko, Arcade Black, Kagumni, Guri, Shicny } Shiony Yellow, Shalom, Cindy Blue and Pyongnae The tournament will have a single round robin games. Highest Bowlers—Mike Baptista 207 pts (Men) Julie 162 pts (Wom RC Crisostoms Amman Aguilar — — [F-__PAGE 03___SAMBAYANIHAN _ September 28, 2018.7 | Play, Enjoy, have Fun and SUPPORT THE FIL-CENTER CFCC 2nd BOWLING TOURNAMENT Reported By iC Grisastamo and Arman Aguilar EPT 21, 2008 Game Results SEPT 28 2008—Game 2 Sked okie Red Team — -704Pts First Game: (2:00-4-00) vampanga {Team © -690 Pts Shalom Yo Shiony yndon Green Team 674 Pts PhitKo Yo Cindy -869Pts Second Game (4-5PM) -859Ptz Pampanga = Y — hokie hen-Lykere Team © -633 Pts. = Pyonanae. «= WS Lyndon iHKo Team -S63Pts Third Game rcade Black Team © -562Fts Arcade Black Yo Karen qumniBlacwGold = -539Pis = Kagumn) = VG uri Black!White Team -510Pts Fourth Game Jhen-Lykerz V Pampanga 3 SpearMe VW Committee CONGRATULATIONS!!! Highest Bowier—Mike B. 201 ‘ampanga 3(New Entry)-533 Pts Julie 162 wwling Commitee -New Entry BEST UNIFORM NOMINEES: Kagumri, Guri & Dhokie Teams INANGIAL REPORT-2nd BOWLING TOURNAMENT of September 26,2008 tatamant of Receipts istration Fee (50,000 x 15 Teams) a W 750,000.00 jonation (from Fr. John) : +w 100,000.00 ‘otal Receipts - Ww 850,000.00 isbureamants: ayment to Bowling Lanes 00 124 JOB - Ww 272,000.00 ienda : WwW 21,070.00 ‘akan {for pin boys) - w 20,000.00 OTAL FUND BALANCE (cash on hand) - wi 536,030.00