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Col. ene Churchward =_— | ( osmic FORCES OF MU ERE | | | BY | COL. JAMES CHURCHWARD | | nee The pst edition of cosMic FORCES consists of 2000 copies, the first 500 of which are bound semi-de-luxe, with cloth back and paper sides. No further printing of these semi-de-luxe coptes will be made. They are numbered from 1 fo 500. This is copy number ALS, re Acknowledgments J wave now to thank the late Dr. W. J. Holland, Director of the Carnegie Museum, Pittsburg, Pa., for his kindly advice and suggestions about the order of compiling the material contained in this work. His recommendations I have found most helpful. To my friend Dr. C. W. Gilmore, Curator of Vertebrates of the National Museum, Washington, D. C., I have to give special thanks on behalf of myself and readers for his great kindness and magnificent work in making restorations of ancient life to illustrate one of the chapters of this work. The restorations were made from actual fossils-in the museum. They are now of world-wide renown among scientists and are considered the best restorations ever modelled of these past forms of animal life. [7]