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Revised Leave Rules, 1981

Broad Framework Section 17 of PCS, Act

In accordance with leave rules applicable. Contingent upon exigencies of services Discretion of Competent Authority. Invocation of Section 23 to carry out purposes of the PCS, Act.

Application and Commencement

Parameter of Uniformity Civil Servants other than those employed before 1-7-1978 and opted not to be governed by Revision of Leave Rules dated 5-11-1978. 13-07-1981

Earning of leave

Non Vacation Department.

a. 4 days for every calendar month.

a. b. c. d. e. f. g.

Service rendered by a civil servant. No leave credit in lieu of leave. Foreign service leave is credited upon payment of contribution No credit for < than 15 days Full credit for > 15 days. One time credit for splitting two month. No maximum limit.

Earning of leave

Vacation Department. a. One day for every calendar month. b. Exception to Civil Servant not availing leave. At par with Non Vacation Proportion admissibility

Leave on full pay

Without Medical Certificate With Medical Certificate On Medical Certificate from leave account in entire service

120 days 180 days plus 365 days

Leave on half pay

Two in lieu of one Conversion at the option of applicant No limit so it is available for conversion

Kinds of Leave

Extra ordinary Leave (EOL) a. Ten years service 5 years leave. b. < 10 years of service 2 years leave. c. Loss of seniority, delayed confirmation (Proviso to Rule 7(4) of A&CS, Rules, 1974) d. Placement on static list for EOL >5 years (Proviso to Rule 8(3) of A&CS, Rules, 1974)

Kinds of Leave

Recreation leave a. 15 days in financial year. b. Leave debit for only 10 days. Leave not due a. In anticipation of earning of credit b. Max. ceiling 360 and for the first 5 years of service 180 days. c. Not admissible to temporary civil servants.

Kinds of Leave

Special Leave a. IDATT Requirement b. 130 days c. Not debited to the leave account Maternity leave. a. 90 days in all. Two installment of 45 days b. Not debited to leave account c. 3 times in entire service of female civil servant d. For vacation Department no restriction.

Kinds of Leave

Disability leave a. 720 days (180 LFP+ rest on LHP) b. Not debited from leave account Leave Ex-Pakistan a. Principles applicable in the case of LFP, LHP and EOL

Kinds of Leave

Study Leave a. Specific to Certain Departments b. Additional Leave c. Bar on combining study leave with other leaves in excess of 28 months d. Special dispensation for PhD Scholars extended upto 4 years subject to review after 2 years.

Kinds of Leave

Leave Preparatory to Retirement a. Max 365 days subject to leave account. b. Encashment of refused leave (Max. 180 days) c. Power to refuse LPR

Chief Secretary for BS-17 & Above Administrative Secretary for BS-16 & Below

Kinds of Leave

Medical Leave a. Not refused a. Desecration to secure second medical opinion In Service Death or Permanent Incapacitation a. Maximum 180 days Quarantine Leave Hospital Leave

Overstay penalty and other criteria

Without remuneration Disciplinary Proceedings at the discretion of the authority Leave debited double the period of absence. Any type of leave may be applied Not to join duty without permission before expiry Leave due may be granted on abolition of post without regard to availability of post