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References to and the Hons from it have appeared press, ing Wit no translation of this statement by ius Mussolini of the philosophic basis of ole Pascicm bas yet been published in Eng- ib-—Eorrors, ‘Political Quarterly.’] i HEN, in the now distant March of 1919, I summoned a meeting a Milan through the columns of the Popolo d'Italia of the surviving mem- Papel ie Iatervencionist Party, who selves been in action, and Who had followed me since the crea- fon of the Fascist Revolutionary (which took place in the Janu- E Bact ‘I915), I had no specific doctri- attitude in my mind, I had a living nce of one doctrine only—that lalism, from 1903-4 to the win- 1914, that is to say, about a ‘The creator of Fascism defi litical and social doctrines, ines his po. s » which are spreading throughout the world, of By Bentro Mussount Translated by Jane Soames From the Political Quarterly London Quarterly decade. But, even though I had taken 7 part in the movement first as a mem=) ber of the rank and file and then later asa leader, I had no experience of Socialist doctrine in practice. My o¥ doctrine, even in this period, had ale ways been a doctrine of action. A unanimous, universally theory of Socialism did not exist 1905, when the revisionist move began in Germany under the lea ship of Bernstein, while under pres sure of the tendencies of the left revolutionary movement peared, which, though nev further than talk in Italy, i Socialistic circles laid tions of Bolshevism. Refor olution, centralization echoes of these term in the great stream 0 be found ideas that with Peguy, wit Mouvement So Pagin Enrico Leo After t ss already dead 28 : Ee icaly oY hatred. There ee fated Oy one possibility Ot cinst iy in Tealy—Feprisals teed fhose who had desired the V ce ho 1 made to “exp! Pe real eee dltalia Was jts results. then Bret oe ee et Bx-Servi ; Paper ot nd the word ‘producers’ Was luce the expression of & mental already CTaseiam was not the nUrS- fing of doctrine worked out before- Hae twith detailed elaboration; it was ae Of the need for action and was from the beginning practical rather than theoretical; it was not merely nother political party but, even in the fist «wo years, stood in opposition toall political parties as such and was itself a living movement. The name that I then gave to the organization fixed its character. And Yet, ifone were to reread, in the now dusty columns of that date, the re- portof the meeting in which the Fasei Uialiani di combattimento were consti. tuted, one would find there no ordered expression of doctrine, but a series of aphorisms, anticipations, and ey tions which, when refined by fins from the orginal ore, weve ogee €, were destined after Some years to develop into an e subtitle, ‘The News- : ¢ Men and Pro- ming the Fascist polit fr Political doc. te uct from all other a Ne P8St or the present day. © bourgeoisie,’ I said then THE LIVING AGE ‘think that they will A (oitctors in us, can deceived; we must start wort Mi - We want to accustom ght 2te, ing class to real and effectual ook 4g ship, and also to convi Sino easy thing to direct al thay ae a commercial enterprig liy fully. . ... Weshall combat uct rograde idea, technical or ety ite . . . When the succession to the tual, of government is open, we must be unwilling to fight for it, Wout make haste; when the preseng «gust breaks down, we must be renting once to take its place. It ig gua have the right to the successes cause it was we who forced the g be. try into the War, and led her tats tory. The present method of pol representation cannot suffice; Hemal have a representation direct Roma individuals concerned. It may } ab. jected against this programme that is a return to the concepHoniGhill corporation, but that is mo mater il . . . Therefore, I desire that thisase sembly shall accept the revindies of national trade-unionism from economic point of views Now is it not a singular il even on this first day in the San Sepolcro that word ‘corporation! | arose, which later, in the course of the creations of social legislat the very foundation of the Il The years that preceded to Rome were years of great diffi during which the necessity for did not permit of rese complete elaboration of doctti battle had to be fought in th