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A Separate Peace Test

1. What is Genes motivation for pushing Finny off of the tree? A) B) C) D) Gene would like to have his room all to himself Gene thinks it would be funny to have him slip off of the tree Genes obsession to compete with Finny goes too far Finny is going to reveal that Gene has broken many school rules

2. What is Genes reason for trying harder in school? A) B) C) D) He wants to impress his parents He wants to be the best in school because Finny is the best at sports He is on academic probation for his acts over the summer The US needed more educated soldiers in World War II

3. Why do Brinker and Gene decide to enlist in the war before they are done with school? A) B) C) D) The US is losing badly They believed it would be fun to serve with guys their age Self confidence They wanted a change in their life and school. The war seemed like a good thing to be a part of.

4. What causes Gene to reconsider his enlistment in the military? A) Finny does not want to be left alone. He wants to help Gene train for the 1944 Olympics. B) He does not think he will be of any use because he is too young to fight. C) He does not want to die in battle. D) His parents are not thrilled with the idea of him enlisting in the military 5. Why does Leper decide to join the war? A) B) C) D) His parents want him to be a part of something so important He is failing school and wants a chance to do something well There is a branch of the military in which his skiing ability will be utilized His shooting ability is far better than anyone else at the school

6. What does the continual leitmotif of the tree at Devon represent? A) B) C) D) The never ending bond between man and nature Finnys controlling influence on Gene World War II Jealousy between friends

A Separate Peace Test

7. What theme does the leitmotif of sports and games produce? A) B) C) D) Jealousy of others talents How sports waste time for dedicated students The negative effects of competition between friends How important it is to be in shape for the war

8. What are the effects of the war on students at Devon? A) B) C) D) They become more focused in school They go to the beach more often to relax They lose a lot of family members They all mentally prepare themselves for going off to war

9. How does Genes jealousy affect their seemingly close relationship? A) B) C) D) Gene uses his jealousy to work harder at sports Gene competes with Phineas at school Gene kills Phineas Gene ignores the jealousy and carries on life normally

10. What does Phineas pink shirt represent to Gene? A) B) C) D) Confidence Jealousy Femininity Competition

11. How long ago did the events take place in Genes flashback? A) B) C) D) 3 years 14 years 15 years 20 years

12. Why does Finny wear the bright pink shirt? A) To rebel against the dress code B) To show celebration for the bombing in Central Europe C) It is his favorite shirt D) He wants to show appreciation for the war

A Separate Peace Test

13. What is Genes immediate emotion after Finny saves him from the tree? A) Gene is jealous that Finny has such a skill to save him from falling B) Relieved, but not as appreciative since Finny was the one who made him jump from the tree C) Relieved and grateful to have such a good friend D) He has no emotions whatsoever 14. Who is Genes real rival academically? A) Chet Douglass B) Phineas C) Leper Leppier D) Jonathan 15. Where was Gene originally going to go to when he decided to go to Finnys house? A) The Devon School B) Back to his house C) North Point D) South Station 16. What type/style of narration does the author use? a. Allegory b. Prose c. Autobiography d. Framed Narrative 17. When Gene puts on Finnys clothes, it is an example of a. Satire b. Situational Irony c. Indirect Characterization d. Arche Types 18. True or False? World War II is a continuous allusion in A Separate Peace. 19. In a way the whole world is on a Funny Farm. This is an example of a. Metaphor b. Dramatic Irony c. Alliteration d. Both a and c

A Separate Peace Test

20.When Gene talks to his peers about Phineas and kids around about why he fell, this is an example of a. Verbal Irony b. Dramatic Irony c. Situation Irony d. Both a and b 21. What time period does A Separate Peace take place in? a. Vietnam War b.World War 1 c.Cold War d.World War 2 22. True or False? The name of Gene and Phineas summer club is the Suicide Society of the Summer Session. 23. What happened to Phineas after he fell out of the tree? a. He broke his foot. b. He died. c. He shattered his leg. d. He shattered his brain. 24. True or False? Gene worked unpaid at the railroads during the winter. 25. What sport was Gene temporarily manager of? a. Track b. Blitzball c. Lacrosse d. Crew

A Separate Peace Test

Short Answer: 1. How does blitzball personify Finnys control and leadership obsession? Use specific and factual information. 2. Some people question whether or not Gene has some homosexual motives towards Phineas in A Separate Peace. Explain your opinion of this theory through evidence and quotes from the novel. 3. What is the significance and symbolism of the war in the novel?

4. What does the tree represent throughout the story?

Essay: Throughout the novel, Gene presents his opinions to the reader and tells the story through his own eyes. How does Genes role as the narrator affect how the reader views characters such as Phineas and situations that occur in the story? Support your opinions with evidence and quotes from the novel.