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Global Village Opening Session

XVII International AIDS Conference

Mexico City, Mexico, 3 – 8 August 2008

Mexico City, 10 July 2008

Mr Ban Ki Moon
Secretary-General of the
United Nations

Dear Mr. Ban Ki Moon,

On behalf of the international communitarian representatives of the Global Village, we are

delighted to invite you to participate in a round table discussion to mark the opening of the
Global Village at the XVII International AIDS Conference in Mexico City on Monday 4
August, 2008. The discussion will be held by six speakers representing civil society groups,
people living with HIV and other international organizations who will engage in a semi-
formal conversation on key priority topics as part of the response. The discussion will be
held from 11:00 to 12:00 on the Session Room 1 of the Global Village.

The Global Village is a space made by and for the community to exchange skills and
abilities; build alliances; and promote the interactive learning between communities living or
affected by HIV/AIDS, decision makers, researchers and other social actors.

The Global Village upholds the principles of human rights, equity and inclusion. It
emphasizes the human, economic and cultural aspects of the response while building
solidarity and encouraging collaboration among stakeholders. The main objective of the
Global Village is to examine the challenges of addressing HIV/AIDS in the community from a
civil society perspective.

The discussion will underscore the above principals and highlight the importance of the
conference theme ‘Universal Action Now’. The following points will be tabled for discussion:

1) Universal access and low cost drugs: implementation of the Doha Declaration
2) Full recognition of sexual and reproductive rights
3) Examining HIV among women and girls
4) Addressing the links between HIV and violence
5) Addressing ways to combat stigma, discrimination and homophobia

We hope you will be able to join us in celebrating this landmark event and we look forward
to discussing your participation in more detail.

Please contact Eugenia Lopez Uribe, Global Village Coordinator, at +52 55 55 639 146 (ext
111) or to confirm or should you require any additional


Anandi Yuvaraj
Marcus Day
Global Village Co-Chairs