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Why water conservation is important?

Three fourth of earth consists of water, but only 1% of it is fresh water. It is this fresh water that we need to drink, wash, irrigate farms etc. Therefore, fresh water is very important for our survival. However, the fresh water level has started to drop across various countries. Regions like Southern California are facing problems of water shortage. Hence water conservation is necessary to safeguard this fresh water from drying up completely. Water conservation is simply to save water so that it can prevent water shortages and be used by ourselves and future generations.

How we can help conserve water?

We can help conserve water by replacing our old toilet with a modern low-flush one. While using only about half the water of old-style toilets, most new models are now highly efficient, reuse grey water from kitchen and bathroom to water our garden or lawn, fix leaking faucets and sprinklers, and turn off faucets while brushing our teeth. Check our pipes and water equipment for leaks, which can waste thousands of gallons of water a year.