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Marketing Plan On After Shave Spray

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Ms.Jannatul Mawa Nupur

Senior Lecturer in Marketing Department of Business administration

Northern University Bangladesh

Md. Majharul Islam Rafatul Hoque

BBA 100103535 BBA 100103516

Sectio n

Summer 2011 Summer 2011

Date of submission: August 04, 2011.

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4th August, 2011 The course instructor Jannatul Mawa Nupur Senior Lecturer in Marketing Management Northern University Bangladesh Subject: submission on report on marketing management (Marketing Plan) Dear Madam, It gives us immense pleasure to submit you our report Marketing Plan (Black Boss spray). We would like to thank you for giving us this report .this task has given us the opportunity to introduce one of the newest products in the existing market. Working on this research has given us the opportunity of theoretical with practical experience. This project provides a new view of after shave in spray aspects regarding this particular topic. This report contains a comprehensive study on the new product development strategies. It was great pleasures for us to have the opportunity to work on this topic. We have endeavor our best to come out with a good one and also if we do any mistake (involuntary),then please try to see in the eyes of forgiven. Finally, we would like to thank you for valuable guidance & supportive in preparing this report. We will be grateful for any clarification when require. We would be very happy to provide you with clarifications regarding my research. We shall be highly obliged if you are kind enough to approve this report and provide your valuable judgment on it. Yours truly, --------------Md. Majharul Islam BBA 100103535 Rafatul Hoque BBA 100103516 (Section-E)

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First of all we would like to say our special thanks to almighty God and pay deep respect to Ms jannatul Mawa Nupur

lecturer in marketing

department of BBA, Northern university Bangladesh, due to her generous and friendly guidance. We are also grateful to her for helping us to understand some minute issues as well as those issues, which we have failed to understand. We would like to express our deepest gratitude and thanks to those people who have provided us assistance, guideline, support and co-operation while preparing this report. We also like to give our heartiest thanks to Ms jannatul Mawa Nupur
Senior lecturer in marketing

department of BBA, Northern university Bangladesh for her valuable advice. Without her support it would have been very difficult for us to complete this report. We would remain every to different personnels of various person who have helped us. Our special thanks goes to the respondents and my friends for their kind inspiration, patiently, understanding and co-operation, extended to us during the course of the report. Most of the employees of the university were very helpful and without their co-operations and grate mind, it would have been so difficult to prepare this report. We want to extend our heartful thanks to the Faculty Members of the NUB for their encouragement and valuable suggestions. We also deeply wish to express our gratitude to our friends and well-wisher for helping me in making this report for a grand success.

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Table of Contents
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After Shave Spray: 6-14

Page: 06-14 Executive Summary

Situation Analysis Marketing Summary

Demographic profiles in marketing

Market Demographics Geographies Behavior factors Market Need

Market Growth Product Offering

Key to success

Marketing strategy
Mission Marketing Objectives

Financial Objectives
Target Markets Marketing mix

Sales forecast Expense forecast

Customer satisfaction

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Executive summary:
After Shave Spray is manufactured by Black Boss Company limited. So much research has gone into making it safe and gentle and effortless. After Shave Spray products are marketed by individual distributions who receive sales commissions ranging from 10%(for enrolling five customers in 30 days) to 15% (for enrolling twenty customers in 30 days).Detailed sales figures from After Shave Spray are available company account sector. Black Boss company account sector represent active claimed that After Shave Spray achieved monthly sales of 45 thousands taka in every month. That it was the companys most successful new product. So several Black Boss of Company currently developed products have patents pending and local market research indicates that there is great demand for these products. We are coming with a new product at Bangladesh namely, AFTER SHAVE SPRAY. The product contains a high volume of nutrition. The product is mainly available in the first world country. I am introducing this product for the first time at Bangladesh. I have to promotion this product because without promotion it is not possible to sales increase. The product has been formulated to be gentle and easy to use. No brainier! And they can be great products if used correctly. If your face seems brassy and dry but you condition it regularly, try using Black Boss After Shave Spray. The After Shave Spray will remove chronic, noninflamentory scaling of the scalp. And also refresh the face. The After Shave Spray content -100 ml.This After Shave Spray is for the people of young aged as well as for adult or old people. The report were very astonishing and it was given to notice that there is very much demand for this product in the market. I have planned to meet with the everincreasing requirements of the people at large of category who intend to procure best quality products at reasonable price.

Situation Analysis:
After Shave Spray is entering its first year of operation. its products have been well
received and marketing will be the key to the development of brand and product awareness as well as the customer base. Situation analysis is a marketing term, and trends are a particular companys market. Situation analysis is often called the threes Cs which refers to the three major elements that must be studied: Customers, Costs and competition. So at first research After Shave Spray, who customers and what position this product is the market. Must be analysis three Cs and after provide After Shave

Spray in the market.

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Marketing Summary:
After Shave Spray possesses good information about the market and knows a great deal
about the common attributes of the most wanted customers. This information will be leveraged to better understand who is served, what their specific needs are, and how After Shave Spray can better communicate with them. After Shave Spray must carefully target specific market segments.

Target markets: Dhaka City, Chittagong City, Narayanganj city. Market Demographics:
The profile for the typical After Shave Spray Customer consists of the following geographic, demographic and behavior factors.

After Shave Spray mainly research sector geographic place. After Shave Spray total target people generally young aged people at least 3 or 4 corers customer in the market.

There is almost equal ratio between male and female users. Ages 28-40 with 45% clustering around ages 32-42.the recreational users tend to cover the widest age rang, including adult users. Of course who have over 30, 65% have an under graduates degree or substantial under graduates course work. The users have a median personal income of 25000tk.

Marketers typically combine several variables to define a demographic profile. A demographic profile provides enough information about the typical member of this group to create a mental picture of this hypothetical aggregate. The five types of demographics in marketingare Age, Gender, Income level Race and ethnicity.

Behavior factors:
Users enjoy a better face dye After Shave Spray not as a means for a clean face. But for antidandruff, smooth, black shine glassy face. Users spend money on large amount, typically for beauty cosmetics products. Users have a standard life style & they want better products.

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Market Need:
After Shave Spray providing the using community with a wide range of features for all variations of using. This product has much demand in the market, because it is very wanted. After Shave Spray high quality of others. So the customer spends money and take enjoy in this product so the company seeks to fulfil the following benefits that are important to its customers: Quality craftsmanship: the customers work herd for their money and do not enjoy spending it on disposable products that work for one week or 9/10 days. Well-thought-out-design: The face dye After Shave Spray market has not been addressed by well-thought-out-products that serves users needs. Customer service: Exemplary service is required to build a sustainable business that has a loyal customer base.

Market Growth:
After Shave Spray distinguish itself by marketing products not previously available to users. The number of users is not restricted to any one single country, continent, so there is a world market. After Shave Spray is for the young aged people. In general; when companies an increase in the demand for particular product or service over time market growth can be slow it consumers do not adopt a high demand or rapid if consumers find the product or service useful for the price level. In general when After Shave Spray says there is strong market growth, they mean that the overall demand for the product has increased. In other word there is a larger market for the After Shave Spray which are trying to sell.

Product Offering:
After Shave Spray is a attractive product. At first produced this product and supply in the market. A new product After Shave Spray offer in young aged customer, whos face turn the original color into black in the few age. Customer accepted this product After Shave Spray trade marketing this product is currently in progress.

Key to success:
The key to success are designing and producing product After Shave Spray that meet market demand. In addition After Shave Spray must ensure total customer satisfaction. If these keys to success are achieved, it will become a profitable, sustainable company.

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Critical issue:
It should be created brand image at first. Product quality must different then the other competitors. More sales with minimum profit easily transportation media. If I can do that activity we can earn more profit.

Marketing strategy:
Marketing strategy is very importance of any new product After Shave Spray is focusing on the faces blackness and freshness. After Shave Spray can cover about 45% percent in the market. There are two types of strategy of marketing plan. One is long term strategy and another is short term strategy. Here we take long term strategy. Because our duration 3 years. Within three years we fill up our target.

Mission: After Shave Spray are goal cover the country easily. In this product mission
is to provide the customer. We exist to attract and maintain customers. Our services and products will exceed the expectations of the customer.

Marketing Objectives:
= After Shave Spray main objective good service provides. = After Shave Spray achieve a steady increase in market penetration. = After Shave Spray maintain position, strong growth each other marketing objective. = After Shave Spray marketing objective less price and real product produce.

Financial Objectives:
= Increase the profit and sales good product. = Yearly income increase. = Maintain a significant research and development budget to spur future product developments.

Target Markets:
After Shave Spray mainly target market in young aged customer, whos face turn the original color into black in the few age. Target market main sector Dhaka city and big big market place. After Shave Spray are targeting the healthy permanent face protector and

Page 10 of 14 recreational groups. These groups are gearing themselves to ward health and fitness and combined they can easily grow to 75 percent of the market in the next three years.

Marketing mix:
The marketing mix is generally accepted as the use and specification of the four Ps describing the strategy position of product in the market place the marketing mix is a set of controllable tactical marketing fools that work together to achieve company objectives. Elements of the marketing mix are often referred to as the four Ps include Product, Price, Promotion, and Place. New product After Shave Spray must be following Product, Price, Promotion and Place.

A tangible object or an intangible service that mass product or manufactured on a large scale with a specific volume of units. Intangible products are often service based like the tourism industry. product include ,product varity,quality,design,features,brand name,packaging,sizes,services,warrenties,returns,etc.

Product variety:
Product variety means how many types of product produce in a company. In order to survive in the market each and Energy Company should have to produces variety Product. We do that and we hope that After Shave Spray occupy best position in the market. We have also other types of market.

We produce quality products based on healthy, safe and natural products. The quality of the product is very important to survive in the market. As a manager, I tray to provide best quality After Shave Spray Design: It is extended output of product After Shave Spray external at put is very attractive and we hope that it is well accepted in the market. After Shave Spray design is very attractive in the market.

In order to introduce the product it very much important to mention the product features. = Moisturizes normal to dry skin. Absorbs quickly; relieves tight-feeling, tenders just shaved. Skin looks healthier and fresher. = It prepare specially for 18-above years people.


Page 11 of 14 = Having no side effect to use After Shave Spray.

Brand name:
In order to survive in the market each and every company should have to create good brand name. I think that After shave spray above to create good brand image.

Packaging: Packaging is the science, art and technology of enclosing or

protecting products for distribution, storage, sale, and use. The act of packing something; the materials used to pack something; the industry that produces such material; the manner in which a person or product is promoted.

Sizes: A product size grading system comprises a roller bed having a plurality of
rotary shafts wherein each shaft supports product sizing roller members. After shave spray product packaging sizes must be small because any person easily care this product.

Services: A product-service system also known as a function-oriented

business model, is a business model, developed in academia, that is aimed at providing sustainability of both consumption and production. After shave spray company try given best service.

The price is the amount a customer pays for the product. Price include various sector such as:

List price: List of security products that can be tested in Proactive Security
Challenge and their vendors. After shave spray price 120tk per bottle.

Discounts: Discount product catalogs to save our money. For example, especial
day after shave spray discount two taka.

Allowances: Rather than price specific products or materials, many contractors

prefer to use product allowances, an amount included in the contract to be used toward the purchase of these products and materials as they are selected by the


Page 12 of 14 consumer. For example purchase 10 bottle after shave spray & free two bottle.

Promotion: Spokesperson:
We are planning to invite Andy lau as our spokesperson. Andy lau has taken part in more than 100 films, and has a huge fan base in China with the success of both his movie performance and his music career. His healthy and gentle image matches our high-end products.

We will produce a series of advertisement campaign with our spokesperson Andy lau including TV commercials, magazine ads etc. We are planning to broadcast our TV commercials in CCTV and the major TV stations in the first tier cities e.g. BTV. As for the magazine promotion, we will pose some plain advertisement in various fashion and business magazines targeting at the higher income male group.

Place: Place represents the location. Where a product can be purchased. It is often
referred to as the distribution channel. such as:

Channels: Chain of intermediaries, each passing the product down the chain to
the next organization, before it finally reaches the consumer or end-user. This process is known as the 'distribution chain' or the 'channel.' Each of the elements in these chains will have their own specific needs, which the producer must take into account, along with those of the all-important end-user. After shave spray following A number of alternate 'channels' of distribution may be available:

Distributor, who sells to retailers Retailer (also called dealer or reseller ), who sells to end customers Advertisement typically used for consumption good

Transport: Transportation is one of the most important factors to supply the product in
different areas. We use our own delivery cargo ban to supply the product in different areas of a country. I think it is the best way to minimize the transportation cost.


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Financials: This sector will offer the financial overview of After shave spray related to
marketing activities. After shave spray will address sales forecasts, expense forecast, and indicate how these activities link to the marketing strategy.

Sales forecast :
After shave spray feels that the sales forecast figures are conservative. It will steadily increase sales as the advertising budget allows. Although the target market forecast listed all of the potential customers divided into separate groups the sales forecast groups customers into three categories such as, younger or all age.Reducing the number of categories allows the reader quickly discern information, marketing the chat more function.

Monthly sales forecast: Table of sales forecast

Sales Younger All age Total Year 2010 $2,00,000 $50,000 $3,50,000 Year 2011 $3,00,000 $1,00,000 $6,00,000 Year 2012 $3,50,000 $1,50,000 $8,00,000

Expense forecast: The expense forecast will be used as a total to keep the department
on target and provide indicators when correction/modification are needed for the proper implementation of the marketing plan.


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Monthly expense budget:

Table of marketing expense budget
Marketing expense budget Advertising Web site Printed material Marketing expense Salaries of job holder Year 2010 $10,000 $8,000 $5,000 $10,000 $20,000 Year 2011 $12,000 $6,000 $8,000 $14,000 $30,000 Year 2012 $14,000 $10,000 $6,000 $20,000 $35,000

Revenue: A pran company maintains monthly and annual revenue. Expenses: A pran company produced any new product total expense cost maintain
monthly and annually.

Customer satisfaction: how much new product After shave spray get customer
satisfaction maintain monthly or annually.

Implementation: As a marketing manager, I hope that the following identify the key
marketing programs. And it ensures lot of profit from the market. It is important to accomplish each one on time and on budget.