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Curtiss Electric Propeller on P-47D Thunderbolt

13 ft Diameter, Cuffed, Hollow Steel Blades, P&W R-2800

F4F P-36 P-38 P-40 XP-51 P-61 B-29 B-26 L-1649 Martin Mars

Propeller Governors: Curtiss Electric

Speeder spring (A) controls flyweights (B) control oil pilot valve (C) controls piston that positions switch pole (D)


Governor switch pole activates solenoid relays that deliver current to prop. Pole assembly has an oscillator (E) that helps make smoother, smaller increment control changes (< 20 rpm)

One piece forged steel hub Electric current transmitted to prop via slip rings and carbon brushes. Five or more lanes with de-icing and feathering capability.

340 lbs

55 lbs

Blade root bearing stack

Spring loaded friction brake on motor. When current is applied to motor, solenoids retract friction pads. Loss of current, prop blades remain locked in place at last setting. Pitch limit switches and/or stops located on base of reduction unit

Two stage planetary reduction gearbox; ratio is 8,880 to 1. Power gear to blade root ratio is 1.49 to 1. Overall ratio = 13,320 to 1 1,110 motor revs to rotate blade the full 30 of pitch range. TBO = 720 hrs.

Hollow-Shafted Curtiss Electric Prop on Bell P-39 Airacobra. 37 mm hub cannon is missing.

Planetary gear reduction unit (3)


slip ring lanes

Brush block Hollow armature electric motor (0.5 hp) with spring-operated brake

Reduction via 2 stage spur gears to planetary bell gear to spur gear to power gear All ball-bearing reduction gear train. Overall reduction ratio is 2,298 to 1 at prop
sealed & submerged in oil

191 motor revolutions to rotate blades the full 30 of pitch range

Brake friction surfaces

Prop Blade

All rotating elements are mounted in ball bearings.

Power gear

Hollow armature motor with gear teeth on periphery