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A) Choose the best answer.

1. A:Hello, Ashley .How are you? a)Nice to meet you ,too. c)See you tomorrow. B:. b)Fine, thanks. d)Yes, I am.

2. A:Excuse me. Are you David? B: No, he's the television. a)in b)on c)in front of d)under 3. A:Where is he from? a)He's Iranian. c)He lives in Brazil. B: b)Korean d)He is from China.

4. It's summer. It's very hot and . . a)snowy b)windy c)sunny 5. A:What is he like? a)cute b)short


B: He's tall, thin and . c)fat d)small

6. It's raining but I'm not wearing a . a)skirt b)belt c)suit


7. A:What are you doing, Jason ? B: I'm hungry so I'm pizza. a)watching b)dancing c)running d)eating 8. My sister doesn't to her work. a)driving b)drives c)drive 9. It's ten A.M. It's ten . . a)at noon b)in the morning c)at night 10. Handsome equals .. . a)good-looking b)shy c)friendly

d)to drive

d)in the evening


B)Complete the following conversations with correct words.

11. A: Is my book on the desk? B: No, it . .It's on the chair.

12. A: are the glasses? B: They're in my bag. 13. A: What's your first language? B: first language is English.

14. A: Do you study at night? 15. A :Is it five to eleven?

B: No, I study the afternoon B: No, it is five eleven.

C)Match the following questions with correct answers in column B . A B

16. What's this called in English? 17. Is your teacher from the U.S.? 18. What's the weather like? 19. What time is it? 20. Does Sue live in downtown? a)A quarter to five. b)Yes, she does. c)Calculator d)No, she isn't. e)Hot and humid f)It's beige.

D)Complete the following sentences with correct words in the below box.
to-watches-suburbs-husband-next to-purse-tie
21. These are white . 22. A: Are they your keys? B: No. My keys are in my . . 23. Your workbook is the notebook. 24. Is his brother wearing a . ? 25. It's ten .. ten. 26. A: Is Mr Brown your brother? B: No, he's my . . 27. He works in the . near our house.

E)Answer these question with your own information.

28. What's your brother 's name? 29. Are you in our English class? 30. Is Spanish your first language? ... 31. Where is your wife from? 32. Are you wearing boots or sneakers in winter 33. Is blue your favorite color? 34. Is it eight-oh-five now? 35. What are you doing now? . 36. Where do you live, in the downtown or suburbs? 37. Do you live with your parents? 38. Are you an early bird or a night owl?.....................................................

F)Underline words with different final sound of "s".

39.a)keys b)cameras 40.a)calculators b)books 41.a)dances c)watches c)telephones c)wallets c)goes d)desks d)stamps d)uses

G)Underline the word in each group that does not belong to others.
42. (briefcase_scarf_sock_skirt) 43. (purple_glove_pink_yellow) 44. (Japan_India_Korea_French) 45. (brother_quarter_sister_wife)