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CRITICAL ISSUES SURVEY QUESTIONNAIRE 1. Do you think Congress should respond fo the economic slowdown with a plan of tax cuts to stimulate the economy? OYes CINo Undecided 2. Do you believe our economy will grow if we cut taxes and put more money in the hands of hardworking Americans who pay taxes? OYes CNo Cndecided 3. Do you think the unemployment insurance system needs to be modernized to meet the goals of helping displaced workers? Uves ONo Undecided 4, Which of the following factors do you feel is most adversely affecting the economy in your area? (Burdensome Taxes Severe Government Regulations (Unstable Real Estate Market O Growth of Government Spending CO Threat of Terrorism Ci Unpredictable Fluctuating Fuel Prices 0 Other 5. Which of the following is the single most important economic issue facing you and your family? (Cl) Health Care Costs C Inflation/Rising Prices Overall OPrice of Fuel Ci Mortgage Crisis High Taxes Other 6. Doyou believe that reducing the federal deficit should be a top priority? i OYes UNo Undecided 7. Do you think the government should reduce regulations and provide tax incentives to encourage small business growth? OYes ONo Undecided 8. Do you feel the US. Tax Code should be made simpler and fairer? Oves FINo Undecided 9. Do you agree that the government should aggressively rein-in spending? OYes OONo O1Undecided 10. Should “pork-barrel” spending be completely eliminated? Oves CNo Undecided Tad 1, Should the first foreign policy priority of the next President be winning the war against radical Islamic extremists? ves CINo Undecided 2. Should America surrender in Iraq regardless of the consequences in the Middle East? OYes UINo (Undecided 3. Do you agree with Democrats who believe national defense spending should be slashed in order to fund domestic programs? Oves ONo D1 Undecided Do you support giving our law enforcement agents the tools they need to monitor terrorist communications? Oves ONo Undecided Do you believe we should set a public date for withdrawing from Iraq even if it undermines our troops in the field? Oves ONo Undecided Bed 1 Should we appoint judges who will interpret the law instead of liberal activists who will make new Jaws from the bench? Yes No (Undecided Is it critical for the U.S. to develop alternative sources of energy and find new supplies of oil in order to slow inflation and keep fuel affordable? Oves CNo (Undecided Do youthink we shauld work to give parents with children trapped in failing schools more choices to help. their children have a better future? Dyes DNo Undecided How do you think Congress should best address the looming Social Security crisis? CiRaise the retirement age for today’s younger workers, (Eliminate the current Social Security tax cap. (Cl Offer younger workers the option to put part of their Social Security tax into a personal account. 0 Other Do you believe that individuals should be allowed to privately invest a set percentage of Social Security in personal accounts? ayes QINo O)Undecided Do you think that forcing every American into a socialized national health care system is the best way to deai with uninsured patients? OYes ONo ‘Undecided Which political party do you feel is best able to handle each of the following issues? Republican Democratic _ Undecided © War in Traq Gage EEE Ol ‘War Against Radical Islamic Extremists a Q a ‘Taxes: Qa o Q Health Care a a oO Federal Spending a a oO Social Security a Qa oO National Defense Q a a Foreign Policy a Qa a Environment oO a Q Economy u a a Immigration a a a Energy o a a Education a 4 a Protecting Traditional Values a a a Survey Continued on Back See ee 1. Do you believe it is critical that our candidates stand behind a hard-charging conservative message of smaller government, lower taxes, new jobs and a strong national defense? UYes CNo (Undecided 2. Should the VICTORY 2008 program be focused on turning out the Republican vote and registering 3 million new Republican voters? OYes ONo OUndecided 3. Are you concemed about the vast sums of campaign funds being stockpiled by the Democrats and their liberal allies? Ces | 4. Will you play a critical role in VICTORY 2008 by making a contribution today? | (Yes, I support VICTORY 2008 and am enclosing my most generous contribution of; { 143500 U$100 U1$50 1825 1 Other $ les, I support the VICTORY 2008 Program, but lam unable to participate at this time. However, [ have enclosed $15 to cover the cost of tabulating my survey. : Please make your personal check payable to RNC VICTORY 2008. Conitibutions to the Republican National Committee are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. ‘You may make your campaign contribution by credit card by completing the information below: (Note: Credit card MUST be personal ~ snot corporate.) pe of edt Cort: BE) om os di Card Numer: sspiation Dt ‘Name as it Appears on Card: Amount of Gift: $ To have animmediate impact, you may contribute to the Republican National Committee | i i | | | 1 i | | | | 1 | | Sama | | online at! Victory2008 or 1-800-445-5768 to contribute by phone today. | | a Individuals may contribute up to $28,500 to the Republican National Commitiee per calendar year. Feileral election law requires us to report the following information:* Occupations* Employer:* Please check if selfemployed.* ‘Telephone number: ( ) Eamail address; a fate Contributions from corporations, labor unions, federal contractors and forcign nationals ‘without permanent residency status are prohibited Paid for bythe Republican National Committee and eulhorizd by Tohn MeCain 2008, 310 First Street SE. Washington, B.C. 20003