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VICTORY 2008— Carly Fiorina Vistory 2008 Chair Tuesday Morning Dear Friend, When asked to serve as Chair of the Republican Party's "VICTORY 2008” Committee, 1 was honcred to accept and very eager to. get started ‘As the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, one of the world’s largest companies and a leader in the high-tech industry, I can tell you that clecting Johr McCain as our next President and “imine Rack omr mayors inthe LS SS ETE aby bee Ger Ecaaeae SEC LNEy Se our national security. It is so important, in fact, that | am writing to you today to urgently request your help on our VICTORY 2008 SURVEY PROJECT. VICTORY 2008 jyill form the cove of our cffort to help cloct Joby MoCain and and down the ballot.on Noverber 4th. Your registered Survey is one of < seleet few being mailed by the Republican National Committee into your arec, Because of your tigh level of pof tical involvement and steadfast commitment to the Republican Party, your personal input on the questions presented in your VICTORY 2008 CRITICAL ISSUES SURVEY 3 all 10 our Party's ability to maintain control of the White House and recapture our majorities in the U.S. Congress. Your participation in this VICTORY 2008 effort will give us a greater understanding of the views of voters in your area. And it will provide an invaluable up-to-date reading on many of the key issues that will decide the outcome of this momentous election. Sc please, lake a moment (o answer the imporiam questions contained in your VICTORY 2008 CRITICAL ISSUES SURVEY and do your best to get it hack ty me at our headque, ders: h ishington in the next 7 Aad when you send back your completed Survey. I urge you to aljg demonstrate your committaent ta winning in November by including a gensrous donation of $1,000, $500. $100, $50 - or even $25. I'm making a special appeal for your financial help because we need to make suns we have the funds lo fight back against our cpponents, And while financial support is vital, if there is amything we have learned at Republican National Committes Headquarters, itis that we only win elections when ive listen to and really (Over, plewse} Street, SE. + Washingion, D-C. 20003 + yamw.GOReomMViciery2008 Page Two understand the issues that are Of most Concern to voters all across America. ‘That is why, as the National Chair of VICTORY 2008, | have no higher priority than the success of this Survey project. And the reason this is so important is ~ given the challenges our couniry faces — we simply ean’t let the Democrats win contral of America’s future, Among other things, we want to know whether you believe we should surrender in Iraq, or stand and fight until there is no safe haven in the world for terrorists and our treops can return from the battlefield in victory and with honor, Do you believe Congress should respond to the slowing economy by spending more or taxing less? Would you.rather see lifetime appointments to- the federal courts filled by conseevative = Judges or liberal activists? ‘The bottom line is that the results of the 2008 Elections will questions that are important to our nation’s future. nswer these and other x So please, even if you are not sure of all your responses, take a moment right now te complete and return your VICTORY 2008 CRITICAL ISSUES SURVEY. ‘The Democrats and their ulira-liberal allies have made il perfectly clear that they will do anything and spend whatever is necessary to win As | -weile this letter, the Demo National Committee is attacking, John McCain. And has aligned with Labor Unions and other liberal special interest groups to spend hundreds of millions of dollars — potentially as much ax $300 million — on negative attack ads as they engage in the politics of personal destruction to defeat John MeCain and ensure they maintain their control of Congress. Let me be guite frank about what is at stake for our nation if we fail to elect conservative Republican leadership in Washington, D.C. Tr Democrats like Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi control the White House, Congress and statchouses across this country — they will raise your taxes. Already, leading Democrats have laid out plans to pass record-setting tax increases. We will recklessly surrender in Iraq and our enemies will be handed a victory they have neither won nor deserve. Government spending will skyrocket as they implement government-run health care and resurrect their entire failed liberal policies of the past. As the Democrats continue to move further and further to the left firing up their base like never before. Their goal is nothing short of maintai Congress and seizing control of the White House and the courts so they can reverse all the hard (Next page. please) Page Three fought gains Republicans have made. That's why I need you to take a few minutes right now, fill out your VICTORY 2008 CRITICAL ISSUES SURVEY and immediately send it back to meat RNC Headquarters in the enclosed envelope. ‘The Republican National Committce’s VICTORY 2008 effort is the grassroots backbone of ourentire Republican Party ~ the Party's official campaign organization responsible for electing John MeCain president, capturing control of the U.S. Congress and electing Republicans: to offices all across the country. ‘This special election year organization will build our Party from the ground up by conducting voter surveys like the enclosed Critical Issues Survey, registering 3 million new Republican-voters; as well as implementing the-vital tational get-out: the-vote effort that coutd-be— the determining factor in the November elections. VICTORY 2008 is literally the foundation of evervth And ir ¥1 RY 21 R oF I JES $! VEY Pp un ing together a winning campaign plan. ing we hope to achieve this year. inst slep in uniting our Your answers will be used to develop the message we put before millions of Americans. ‘And. the $1,000, $500, $100, $50 or $25 I hope you will enclose will help us get this essential survey in the hands of other voters across America, fiznd our outreach plan to register 3 million new Republican voters and support our candidates in the challenging months ahead. That’s why | hope you will be as generous as you possibly can, The dedication of outstanding Republicans like you is certain to help our Party and make this VICTORY 2008 SURVEY PROJECT a resounding success. | look forward (0 hearing from you soon. Victory 2008 Chair RS, If the Democrats suceced in gaining total control ef Washington in this coming election, they will immediately move to raise your taxes, expand the federal government, appoint liberal judges and reiteat from Iraq. If you believe in a brighter future for our nation, full of economic apportunily and strong, national defense, then complete and return the enclosed VICTORY 2008 CRITICAL ISSUES SURVEY. In addition, please help make sure Joho McCain and all our Republican candidates have the support they need by giving $1,000, $500, $100, $50 or even $25 10 VICTORY 2008 today, Thank you!