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Letters to the Editor - a oe Bad timing for Hindi shows IWOULD like to thank Astro for Zee TV. It is grati~ fying to know that Astro is sensitive to the needs of Hindi viewers. However, itis sad that Astro is equally insensitive to Hindi drama fans. Astro has a tendency to switch the airing times of Hindi dramas arbitrarily. Hindi dramas that were initially aired at prime time on weekdays were switched to an earlier time of 4.30pm to 8pm. Now, Astro has taken to airing some of these dra- mas from 11am to noon on weekdays without a re- peat of the shows. Many fans have been following these dramas for two years. This switch from late evening to 11am to noon has caused further dissatisfaction. Ihave repeatedly contacted Astro telling it of my problem, and insisting on a repeat of the shows on weekdays or weekends. My complaints have fallen on deaf ears as Astro has carried on with its sched- ule with repeats at midnight. Itbelieves that viewers will stay up until midnight to waich the drama after along day at work. SENAM K. Tanah Rata > ALFRESCO DINING Paying a price for safety KUALA Lumpur City Hall will soon impose a monthly fee of RM30 per table and other fees on restaurateurs if they want to al- low customers to dine alfresco at their premises (“KL puts a new ice on eating out” — Streets, ST, Sept 3). This is City Hall’s way to make sure that restaurateurs will not place tables and chairs indis- criminately in car parks and five- foot pathways that block or re- strict pedestrian and vehicle movements. Other municipal should also follow suit alfresco dining is also common outside of KL. Under city regulations, out- door dining is only allowed on “pavements, corner. shoplots, dead-end roads and non-main roads”, Now, they can be seen on road- sides with many vehicles passing by, endangering the lives of cus- City regulations only allow outdoor dining on pavements, corner shoplots, dead-end roads and non-main roads. tomers ifaccidents happen. The prices of food and drinks will be dearer if the RM30 licence fee per table and other fees are imposed. However, I am sure customers will not mind the extra service charge passed on to them if they enjoy dining alfresco. MOHD FAIZAL ABDULLAH Kuala Lumpur