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CTHULHU ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUTION PREVIEW “OPENING FRIDAY” STEVE MURRAY PHOTO: N/A 9/11/08 1 PAGE OPENING FRIDA Covington the film's cast Y includes Taraji P. Henson, Sanaa Lathan and Cole “BURNAFTER READING” Hauser. Rated PG-13 BradPittand Frances “RIGHTEOUS KILL” For the MeDormandare armead "ett ume since-Teat> health-club employees: Robert De Niro and Al ‘who try to profit from Pacino share the screen. disc containing the ‘They play veteran NYPD. memoirsofaClA analyst detectives dealing with a played by John Malkovich. murder that may be con- ‘Comic chaos ensues in nected toa serial Kling, this latest fromthe Coen Spree they thought was Brothers, witha cast solved years ago. Rated R including Oscar winners George Clooney and Tilda “THE WOMEN.” in develop- ‘ment for more than a Swanton Rated decade he update CTHULHUT Inthis rion es Sathy tomate 1939 the Gothictales of HP. femcagh Temes Lovecraft, a gay man Whether anybody wants Gason Cottle) returns to “itornot The cast i his seaside hometown cludes Meg Ryan, Annette forhismothers funeral, gearetsed Snares where he encounters bi Rated PGI. Zarreevents and people. ot including Tori Spelling. “XX¥." Raised as a gir but who wants him tomake actually Intersex on, 4 ‘wth chromosomes a nejaepnnt Sean eres ary Both genders). 15year- “THe FamiLy THAT PREvs” — Duneanse Etro The latest from Atlanta struggles with attraction writer-director-costar toa 16-year-old son of ‘Tyler Perry. Itstars Kathy a family friend. In Span- Bates eons ish with subtitles. At ard as a wealthy woman Landmark's Midtown Art ‘gna her woridng class ‘Cinema, Not rated best friend whose lives are roiled by their adult children's messy af- eee fairs. Shot in Atianta and. ae George Clooney and Frances McDormand join in the comic chaos of the Coen Brothers’ latest film, “Burn After Reading: