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: JESSIE ds and Musick . ‘osox KADISO Moderately (not too fast) DFE Ami (add4) ‘Cousd a é ae G DFE Am7(add4) ‘Cousd D7sus 6 & ED EE a Am? Csus2 Disus G Am7 Csus2 G Guus | i i % 3 From a phone booth in Veg-as, Jes-sie calls at Five. A. M. asks mehow__, the cat's. been. T say, “Mos-es, he’s_ just fine, G Am Csus2 G Gsus 8 & Ee & ef tell me how she’s ti - red used to think. a - bout_ you Am7 Csus2 Gsus a Ey # & 6 “Baby,I've beenthink - ing ‘bout a trail- er by the sea. fin-"ly took your pic - tures down —_off___thewall. ae SS : fs = We could go to Mex-i - co, you, the cat and me. We'll drink te - Jes-sie, how do you aways seem to know just when to cal She sings, Csus2 Em Csus2 Ee = Ey or qui - 1a and look for sea-shells. Now, does - n’t that sound sweet?” “Get your - self to-geth-er. Bring Mose and drive real fast.” love you in the sun - shine, lay you down in the warm white sand. % Em7 o Em7 D Csus2 & Jes - sie, you al-ways do this ev - ‘ry time I get_back on my feet. lis - ten to her prom-ise. I swear to God_ this time_ it’s gon - na last. who knows, may - be this time things ‘ll turn_ out just_ the way_ you _planned._ D Cladd9) D Chadds) & a Jes - sie, paint your pic - tures___