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Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler was born in 1889. His father beat him, while his mother doted on him. In

high school Hitler and his father often fought about his future career path. He also failed

a year in school. In history, his teacher taught him about German legends, nationalism

and anti- Semitism toward Jews. In society Jew’s at the time were also being treated

poorly. They could not, vote, go in certain stores, own land and were blamed for killing

Christ. As nationalism grew stronger, everyone became suspicious of the Jews and

wondered if they were as nationalist as their country was. Prejudiced people labelled

them as a different race because of their difference in society. In 1905 Hitler dropped out

of school and went to an art school in Vienna. He had to write a test to get in but failed.

Right after this Hitler was informed that his mother’s surgery was unsuccessful, so he

returned home and stayed with here until her painful death in 1907. Despite this great loss

he went back to the art school to try to get in again. But he failed again. Later on he went

to a council meeting in Vienna. He began to dislike democratic politicians because they

took to long to make decisions. Once World War One started Hitler was drafted for the

Austrian army, but moved to Germany to avoid fight for Austria. When he arrived in

Germany he was put in jail for draft dodging. After his imprisonment he went back to

Austria and showed up for military service. But they said he was unfit to be a solider. So

he went back to Germany and joined their military successfully. The military was like a

second home to him, as orders and discipline stimulated him in his nationalism for
Germany. But he never ranked above Corporal because they thought he lacked

leadership. When Germany surrendered in 1917 Adolf Hitler fell into a deep depression

and lost his eye sight temporality. The hospital physiatrist then said he was a psychopath

but was later discharged from the hospital with no treatment for his condition. To Hitler

World War One was a necessary loss and accepted all of the violence, pain and death for

Germany. When Hitler and many other soldiers heard that Kaiser had been trying to open

peace talk before World War One ended they felt betrayed. So they blamed it on the

pacifists and Jews for it! And because of this, Adolf Hitler became openly violent and

anti- Semitic.

By: Matthew Lightle