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Name: Alfred Lam Period: Gilman 7

Gems Alien Juice Bar

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Challenge 1 – Alien Juice Bar

1. Click on Challenge 1 then “start”.
2. Click on the pitcher of purple cabbage juice and drag towards one of the three drinks.
3. The cabbage juice will pour into the beaker and may or may not change color.
4. Continue until all three drinks have been poured.
5. Place the drinks on the correct shelf above the Alien’s head according to its pH.
6. When finished, pull the “check me” lever.
7. If you are wrong, the bottles will come off the shelf. Try again until you get them all right!
8. Fill in the data table to show your results.

Drink Color in Beaker Acid, Neutral or Base?

Window Cleaner Green Base
Lemon Juice Pink Acid
Water Purple Neutral

Click on “Test More” to continue.

9. Click on the pitcher of cabbage juice and drag towards one of the nine drinks.
10. You may pour the cabbage juice to indicate if it is acidic, basic, or a neutral drink.
11. Continue until all nine drinks have been poured, or you can try to guess the pH of each bottle!
12. Place the drinks onto the correct shelf above the Alien’s head.
13. When done, pull the “check me” lever.
14. If you are wrong, the bottles will come off the shelf – try again until you get them all right!
15. Fill in the table to indicate where each drink belongs.

Acid Neutral Base

Coffee Distilled Water Liquid Soap
Tea Toothpaste Juice
Orange Juice Mouth Wash
Soda Pop Cough Medicine

Click on “Continue” for a surprise!

Click on “Main Menu” to continue to Challenge 2..
Challenge 2 – The Flying Cabbage Juice Bar:
1. Read the directions on the screen and then hit “Start”
2. Listen to your customers carefully, if you give them wrong drink, they can get sick or even die and
you will lose your license! Good Luck!
3. You can test the pH of each drink with the pitcher of cabbage juice and you can also restock the
shelf if you run low on drinks.
4. Record your results into the data table.

Customer # They Asked You Gave: Sick Customer? Yummy or

For: Try Again Dead?
Example Neutral Lemon Juice Water Yummy!
1 Neutral Water Yummy!
2 Basic Cough Drop Yummy
3 Acid Lemon Juice Yummy
4 Acid Orange Juice Yummy
5 Basic Toothpaste Yummy
6 Neutral Water Yummy
Challenge 3: Making Acids and Bases
1. Click “start” to begin Challenge 3
2. Drag the purple cabbage juice over each glass to determine the pH of each drink. The pH will be
indicated at the base of the glass.
3. Follow the request of the Alien to change the pH of each drink. Add an acidic drink, neutral
drink, or basic drink to change the pH.
4. Fill in the data table:

Glass # Initial pH What did you add to Final pH

change the pH?
1 8 Lemon juice 3
2 2 Toothpaste juice 9
3 7 Orange juice 5
4 1 Cough medicine 9
5 7 Coffee 3
6 5 Liquid soap 8

Congratulations! You are now an expert on the effect of pH!

I learned that the pH of things is important and that it can help determine the acidity of a liquid. I also
learned that all liquids have a ph and that there are indicators to help determine the ph of a liquid.
Cabbage juice is used as an indicator but is not as accurate as ph paper. It only gives you the difference in
color while Ph indicators give you a color which corresponds to a number. Not only will I use what I
learned in this activity for more games, but in real life to determine the acidity of various types of liquids.