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A 32-bit address bus allows access to a memory of capacity

(a) 64 Mb (b) 16 Mb (c) 1Gb (d) 4 Gb

2. Which processor structure is pipelined?

a) all x80 processors b) all x85 processors c) all x86 processors

3. In 8086 microprocessor one of the following statements is not true.

a) Coprocessor is interfaced in MAX mode
b) Coprocessor is interfaced in MIN mode
c) I/O can be interfaced in MAX / MIN mode
d) Supports pipelining

4. The ________ ensures that only one IC is active at a time to avoid a bus conflict caused
by two ICs writing different data to the same bus.

A. control bus
B. control instructions
C. address decoder

5. In an 8085 microprocessor, the instruction CMP B has been executed while the contents
of accumulator is less than that of register B. As a result carry flag and zero flag will be
(A) set, reset (B) reset, set (C) reset, reset (D) set, set

6. To put the 8085 microprocessor in the wait state

(i) lower the-HOLD input

(ii) lower the READY input
(iii) raise the HOLD input
(iv) raise the READY input

7. Registers, which are partially visible to users and used to hold conditional, are known as
a. PC
b. Memory address registers
c. General purpose register
d. Flags


8. What type of control pins are needed in a microprocessor to regulate traffic on the bus, in
order to prevent two devices from trying to use it at the same time?
a. Bus control
b. Interrupts
c. Bus arbitration
d. Status

9. Who invented the microprocessor?

a. Marcian E Huff
b. Herman H Goldstein
c. Joseph Jacquard
d. All of above
10. Before a modem transmits, it send a:

a. CTS b.DTR c.DSR d. RTS

11. The number of memory cycles required to execute the following 8085 instructions
(i) LDA 3000H
(ii) LXI D, FOF1H would be
(B) 2 for (i) and 2 for (ii)
(C) 4 for (i) and 2 for (ii)
(D) 3 for (i) and 3 for (ii)
(E) 3 for (i) and 4 for (ii)
12. The 8255 Programmable Peripheral Interface isused as described below.
(i) An A/D converter is interfaced to a microprocessor
through an 8255. The conversion is initiated by a signal
from the 8255 on Port C. A signal on Port C causes data
to be stobed into Port A.
(ii) Two computers exchange data using a pair of 8255s.
Port A works as a bidirectional data port supported by
appropriate handshaking signals. The appropriate
modes of operation of the 8255 for (i) and (ii) would be
(A) Mode 0 for (i) and Mode 1 for (ii)
(B) Mode 1 for (i) and Mode 2 for (ii)
(C) Mode 2 for (i) and Mode 0 for (ii)
(D) Mode 2 for (i) and Mode 1 for (ii)

13. The microprocessor 8085 has _____ basic instructions and _____ opcodes.
a) 80, 246 b) 70, 346 c) 80, 346 d) 70, 246

14. What does microprocessor speed depends on


a) Clock b) Data bus width c) Address bus width d)Size of register

15. The status that cannot be operated by direct instructions is

a) Cy b) Z c) P d) AC

16. The number of software interrupts in 8085 is ____

a) 5 b) 8 c) 9 d) 10
17. Adress line for RST 3 is
a) 0020H b) 0028H c) 0018H d) 0038H
18. The necessary steps carried out to perform the operation of accessing either memory or
I/O Device, constitute a ___________________
a) fetch operation b) execute operation c) machine cycle d) instruction
19. Which is a 8 bit Microprocessor __________
a) Intel 4040 b) Pentium – I c) 8088 d) Motorala MC-6801
20. Interfacing devices for DMA controller, programmable interval timer are respectively…
a) 8257, 8253 b) 8253, 8257 c) 8257,8251 d)8251,8257

21. Consider the following set of 8085 instruction.

The output at PORT1 is

a) 00H b) FFH c) 92H d) 11H

22. The contents of accumulator before CMA instruction is A5H. Its content after instruction
execution is
a) A5H b) 5AH c) AAH d) 55H

23. In an 8085 based system, the maximum number of input output devices can be connected
using I/0 mapped I/O method is
a) 64 b) 512 c) 256 d) 65536

24. How many transistors does the 8086 have?

a) 10,000
b) 29,000
c) 110,000
d) 129,000

25. What generation chip is the Pentium 4 for the Intel central processing units?
A. Seventh generation
B. Eighth generation


C. Ninth generation
D. Tenth Generation

26. The first processor to include Virtual memory in the Intel microprocessor family
a.) 80286
b.) 80386
c.) 80486
d.) Pentium
27. Intel Itanium processors are designed for
a. Servers and personal computers
b. Servers only
c. Personal computers only
d. Calculators

28. In 8086 microprocessor one of the following instructions is executed before an arithmetic
a. AAM b) AAD c) DAS d) DAA

29. In 8051,After reset the SP register is initialized to address________.

a. 8H b) 9H c) 7H d) 6H

30. Serial port interrupt is generated, if ____ bits are set

a) IE b) RI, IE c) IP, TI d) RI, TI

31. In 8051 which interrupt has highest priority?

a)IE1 b)TF0 c)IE0 d)TF1

32. When the 8051 is reset and the line is LOW, the program counter points to the first
program instruction in the:

A. internal code memory

B. external code memory
C. internal data memory
D. external data memory

33. In 8051 an external interrupt 1 vector address is of ________ and causes of interrupt if ____.
a) 000BH, a high to low transition on pin INT1
b) 001BH, a low to high transition on pin INT1
c) 0013H, a high to low transition on pin INT1
d) 0023H, a low to high transition on pin INT1

34. In a microprocessor, the service routine for a certain interrupt starts from a fixed location of
memory which cannot be externally set, but the interrupt can be delayed or rejected. Such an
interrupt is
(A) non-maskable and non-vectored


(B) maskable and non-vectored
(C) non-maskable and vectored

(D) maskable and vectored

35. For the 8085 assembly language program given below, the content of the
accumulator after the execution of the program is
3000 MVI A, 45H
3002 MOV B, A
3003 STC
3004 CMC
3005 RAR
3006 XRA B
(A) 00H (B) 45H (C) 67H (D) E7H

36. An 8255 chip is Interfaced to an 8085 Microprocessor system as an I/O Mapped I/O.
The Address lines A0, A1 of 8085 are used by the 8255 chip to decode internally its
three ports and the control register.The address lines A3-A7 and IO/M signal are
used for address decoding. The range of the addresses for which the 8255 chip
would get selected is

(a) F8H-FBH (b) F8H-FCH (c) F8H-FFH (d)F0H-F7H

37. The TRAP is one of the interrupts available its INTEL 8085. Which one of the following
statements is true of TRAP?
(a) It is level triggered
(b) It is negative edge triggered
(c) It is positive edge triggered
(d) It is both positive edge triggered and level triggered
38. In a 16-bit microprocessor, words are stored in two consecutive memory locations. The
entire word can be read in one operation provided the first

(a) word is even

(b) word is odd
(c) memory location is odd
(d) memory address is even

39. The ESC instruction of 8086 may have two formats. In one of the formats, no memory
operand is used. Under this format, the number of external op-codes (for the co-
processor) which can be specified is?

a. 64
b. 128
c. 256
d. 512

40. DB, DW and DD directives are used to place data in particular location or to simply
allocate space without preassigning anything to space. The DW and DD directories are
used to generate


a. offsets
b. full address of variables
c. full address of labels
d. offsets of full address of labels and variables
41. When the RET instruction at the end of subroutine is executed,
1. the information where the stack is iniatialized is transferred to the
stack pointer
2. the memory address of the RET instruction is transferred to the
program counter
3. two data bytes stored in the top two locations of the stack are
transferred to the program counter
4. two data bytes stored in the top two locations of the stack are
transferred to the stack pointer