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Carrier Modular @ Central Station Air Handling Units 2,300 — 63,000 cfm SEMA GY SR ey YY, WZ) SAN AVAL tig) WARE SSNS \ eRnnnl Seaaan au RURREEE BET EeEY, NURERER RETR TY, NURREEE BOSE ES, NRLUEEE BESET EY NULGLON Barer ey Table of contents Introduction Features and benefits 89ED Draw-thru unit 3968 Blow-theu unit Internal isolation ‘Accessories and options Quick selection procedure in 3 easy steps Unit planning and assembly sequence diagrams Horizontal draw-thru units Vertical deaye-thru units Blow-thru units Hospital units Hoating and vontitating units Fans Selection and sound power determination procedure Sound ratings Fan performance Forward curved Draw-thru units Blow-thru units Airfoil Draw-thry units Blowethru units Steam grid humidifiers Selection procedure Ratings Air friction, pressure loss data Coils Filters ‘Accessories Component face areas NOTES: Page 4 7 20 20 21 45 46. 4 47 48 48 Physical data Fans Exterior casing sheet matal gages Coll volumes. Application data Fan discharge dampers Variable inlet vanes Effect of wide open inlet vanes ‘Outdoer installation Motors and deves Dimensions Horizontal draw-thru units Vertical drave-thnu units Blowethru units Single zone Multizone Double duct é Heating, ventilating or air-cooled condenser units _ Ventiating units (fans oniy} Accessories Fitter sections Mixing box sections Access sections Coil sactions (preheat, reheat, condenser) Plenum sections, Damper sec:ions Face and bypass dampers Fan discharge dampers, Zoning campers Bypass duct sections Plonum end access sections Coit sections | Flexible connections ‘Accessory legs and suspension clips Service area requirements Technical support data * Index 1. For coll and heat exchanger linctuding condenser cot) dats, refer to Corrier Product Data Digest entitied Coils and Heat Exchangers for Central Station Air Handing Units, 2. For root qurt-mounted unit data, refer to Carrier Product Dats Digest entitled Carrier Roofrite Central Station Weathermake® Units. Page 48 48 49 49 50 52 67 The 39E modular concept a better way to meet today’s @central station air handling needs than ever, Carrier is today's no 1 choice for central 9 air handling Carrier's 39E is ready to achieve real ‘ond that's be plicity You have quick and easy applications And far rooftop applications, C 1s 10 virtually any part of the unit Modular also means a Rootrite It's the modular concept twavel There's less turbulence, more Away savings where rooftop ovations are more practical Roofrite has its own specially designed root pt allows the 29E unit to be installed Carrier design features too Refer to ‘om 2,300 Digest for 392R Roofrite units for the whol ly suited to hi-rise build Slants and shopping malls with multizo A wide selection of madular accessories is available for all fr variable air distribution systems wherever 9E units Fach offers exact dime reliable ral air handling exists Specialized identical predrilled hole locations 39E units are also available for hospital use spital uni system compatibility from mixing t is @ blow-thru model that gives you double filtering action section i of aitflow. settox_/ Lom veroar FILTER SECTION AGcESS / pLeNu ee / SECTION rays eter / REHEAT oReneat [ . BAG FILTER ‘SECTION FORWARD CURVED Sto FAN SECTION e care fot ‘SECTION Draw-thru or blow-thru... 9ED DRAW-THRU HORIZONTAL (Long and Short Coil Sections available) 39€D DRAW-THRU VERTICAL, S9EH HEATING AND VENTILATING .. 89E is a better way to go @ 3068 BLOW-THRU MULTIZONE cooling (ow heating 39E8 BLOW-THRU 7 Fan discharge arrangements. DOUBLE DUCT ‘© Top horizontal front ‘© Top horizontal rear __ © Bottom horizontal front © Bottom horizontal rear ‘© Downbiest © Upbiast front ‘© Upbiast rear SINGLE ZONE (Special Hospital Unit) Extra engineering makes the 39E Introducing Carrier's new internal co Ingucing arn oe oe that pays for itself in so many ways! ‘Access Panel’ and Flexible Now, internal isolation with ragged steet springs is available as a standard option fon all S9€ units Carrier's approach to providing vibration isolation for the fan is 8 sure, economical method of cutting isolation costs and saving dollars. Calcu: fating reaction forces and field purchasing of isolators is eliminated. The 2in_ dette tion springs effectively isolate both high and low frequency vibration to extend service life and minimize maintenancs Internal isolation eliminates the head: ‘aches involved with jobsite coordination Galvanized Stee! ‘and installation of vibration isolators No nsulation Cover’ vanger-type isolators installed on piping connections or flexible connections to the unit are required Valuable space is saved because the mechanical equipment Support Frame ‘Connection Full insulation* “(ecured with io nalts) Belt and Drive” room doesn’t have 10 allow for external Vibration faolators isolators Your 39E is delivered to the (corners) jobsite ready 10 go to work — without objectionable fan vibration and noise problems or expensive field fixes Built to be better . ARI certified to prove it! The emphasis on quality can be seen in every BE component Each part is carefully engincored and manufactured 10 assure ‘you of the best central station air handler possible The result Of this attention to detail is evident in the superior por: formance achieved by 39E units, Published ratings are ARI certified To qualify for ARI certification, Carrier fans are subjected to caretully conducted tests in Carrier labs and ratings are established for 39E draw thru horizontal, deawcthru vertical and blow-thru units, Results are submitted to ARI for verification {All testing follows procedures outlined in AMCA, Bullotin 210 as required by ARI Standard 430,) Carrier's participation in the ARI air handling unit certitica- tion program assures the most accurate and reliable rating data possible for 39E units Carrier cantral station air handlers have earned a reputation for quality because of manufacturing knowhow and discrimi rate component selection Modular design and finned coil surfaces are two examples of this, together they allow ohumiditication operation at face velocities up to 700 fpm without moisture carryover Reinforced galvanized steel construction of the cabinet is one more example, it’s built to take whatever your application has to otter, including the corrosive effects of weather. Take a look at some of the other features that make Cartier 39E central air handlers a *Stepdard on sil 396 aie ander 3 insulation choices Insulation is factory fastened to panels with adhesive and grip nail fasteners A choica of 1-1/2 or 3b density fiberglass or foam-foil sandwich (isocyanurate) insulating materials allows ‘you to select the insulation most suited for your application Each insulating material features a water. and corrosion. 6 uniquely Carrier, uniquely reliable. Carrier has a better idea when it comes to powering the 39E too Internal, fectory-installed motors and drives save real dollars in installation time and expenses. Internal mounting ‘also provides extra protection from shipping damage and vandalism during storage Only a final drive alignment is required to ready the 39E for operation Unlike externally mounted motors, the 39 motor is, mounted in the airstream where only cool, filtered and dehumidified air passes over it Longer motor life, with less servicing, is virtually assure “Sandwiched” basepan for durability and moisture control Every 39E coil section featuras a durable, six-layer, sandwich bbasepan Double wall construction and” corrosion resistant mastic coating assures loak tightness and oxtended life e Factory-installed, internally mounted motor MASTIC COATING ~ gauyayee BASEPAN eng ogee CHANNEL Zoning dampers Damper design assures optimum air mixing and effective zone ‘oniol on SEB multizone units Blades sea tightly against neoprene gaskets 10 achieve rated heating and. cooling performance Diffuser plates assist system operation Diffuser plates are standard on all SE units to help equalize airflow thru the coil and insure that full coil ratings are fobtained Uniform airflow is especially critical in DX applica tions where variations in air velocity across the coll can cause erratic expansion valve operation and other system problems @ 0, hesie wit incorporates a tse section ownstreem af the blow thru col sction to achieve uniform Sirflow thiu downstream filters This brings about prolonged fer Ife and more efficient system operation FORWARD: AIRFOIL, CURVED FAN FAN One fan wheel; two choices Carrier's single. fan whee! reduces. installation time and ‘minimizes operating problems Choose either forward curved Wheels (avaliable as standard on OB thru 57 sizes) oF airfoil wheels (available as standard on OB thru 90 sizes), and tailor the 39E to your specific application demands Either choice gives you variable volume system duty control capability Airfoil fan units have optional variable inlet vane contrat forward curved fan units may be equipped with apposed: biade discharge dampers This improved throttling capability rosults in significant horsepower savings when the air handling unit is, used in conjunction with variable volume equipment such as the Catrier Moduline® air terrinal system Whatever your choice, the fan section features an internally mounted fan and motor to reduce field assembly And both components are mounted on a rigid steel frame to minimize vibration, raintain drive alignment and extend belt life Quick removal access panel is provided for servicing Precision balancing; 200,000-hour bearing Carrier precision balances all fan wheets to limit vibration and eliminate the abnormal stress on bearings and ater vital unit ‘components Vibration is controlled within preseribed limits The Carrier balancing aperations give you the assurance that your application will not be impaired by vibration problems 19 addition, rugged pillow-block bearings are selected for Cartier units because they deliver an average 200,000-hour operating lilo Field proven. Variable intet vanes (opt al) maximize horsepower sav ings in variable volume fan applications by deflecting air toward direation of fan rotation Extended Bea, 7 Grease ines Variable Ines Guide Vanes Pitiow Block Bearings "ALL FANS ARE STR IGHT BALANCED iid assembly — 2 ginck aliguneit and she GUE | perce : ‘seatly (0 90: AVE Unis featuce s single fan wheel si cheet metal _ fabricating E0818 We lower 400. Thee nol 7¥? or “aie of Penis” fabrication 10 viciry! about "its 2 single, sraight shot 10 the ducivierk, The facxSny-nsualled intertel iolation ception can save vou even shove of your istelition coltars, Saves operating dollars Operating savinds bein -whece installation ‘savings leave off _Costier’s exchisive °Opti-Fin coll surfece Soves Suimping costs becatse fess Resting Oc cooling fluid circulated. The SOE’s- : aR certified ie tele stile ate Built % deliver corsiienty high perfor: ‘mance, in accordance with AR 410 requiemens, Asa final | wertication of coll Gucability, even) chilled water DX, Usbend “thot water and. scam) oF'sieam disvibuting coil must ams Cartier’ ome teak test. Coils are aubrierged i waster and pressed 10 apbrodrotely 400 056. It's @ fot of auality ‘onitot, but is Carers reputation st stake. reputation for @ helo. of He Cove? computer Vou! can tix oF iSstions of calls so meet your sootication needs. e516 with 8 10 9Diea Ftc face wea, J 108 rons, 2 fin ae ainiaimum of 2 clexits, csp caleoied. intertwined. icuiting for OX cols ides opuimun part toad as well as full 1d performance. is Ee sea een i oA ‘tition perfotmancs, this con. "permits indeiduat we ‘eeparcion for increased durebitiny. ‘Qihes cols avaible for ute wath SRE aims imdtude ettigerant con. | is and ‘electric, Resting ‘spedialied Carnie coils fore. ore heating colls are another way the 29% ‘ings Calls deliver the greatest potential heatiog ‘thete’s @ free, uniform aiflow t0 the fan. airsige oressire Tighe we lecric ha alow you 06 ocly oe _ Seely right for your application nese ‘Saves maintenence dollars. “A tolal program of cast reduction shoule include maintenance rings... fie SBE does, uick-opening aocess panels on the ‘rive side of the fen section give service people quick access — suring minimum. downtime: Optional extended grease tines ‘Redute lubricating time. Slide oat, sfide-in tracks minimize uni ascerioling when remowng coils. And the eatire ais handler ‘ystems enclasss in 9 heavy chsty, galvanized steet cabinet for _ years of positive protection. Ife easy to we SOE gies you “your sioney"s worth. Ard more. Refer to. Carrier's Product Date Digest for 29 Sei colle ae eat oxcnanges toga the woke story op cous for BE vse INNER: DISTRIBUTING TUBE COIL. DIRECT-EXPANSION com A better comp E totally automati total Coordinate your machine selection ane acourstaly’ with: Carrie's automate cottputer election arari, Every: Cater sales office has a terminal te « cenirel-computer at Corner’s Syracuse headquarters you in fans SOE election, Wt he appiication’ upoled 6 the Souter oid tina . ‘of coils ig rede. automatically end accurately. This unique selection “progratn puts virtually any component combi 3t vour disposal. Selections are! based ‘on. performance or owest cost itera Carnes coil stection, progtams. take: peychromenis properties fevel. 1 provides ‘the sbi formance “for coils Using wares, saa Water. Gt water. oll is minienet input of given conditions to establish a heat belsce: The computer makes two selections: The first. Suan eee are designed. 10 96 exactly’ ACCESSORIES Mixing box seotions, available in three different types, provide mixing and even distribution of specitic proportions af outdoor and return air for auniform temperature airstream at the coil Damper blades are parallel action type, attached to 1/2:in OD steet rods and arranged to direct airstreams toward each other for optimum mixing Dampers are sectionalized to limit blade length. to under 50 in , reducing blade warping Gasketed outdoor air dampers are also available as accessories ‘on mixing boxes to minimize ar leakage MIXING BOX {top and rear inte ‘Access sections provid accessory sections, betwe fan sections additional airway space between 1 coll sections, oF between coil and This extra space is an economical location for controls of sensors such as thermostats, huinidistats, and fire and smoke detectors Hinged doors are provided on both sides ‘of each section for ease of entry Plenum sections may be used instead of access sections where space is limited, They are available in ron-bypass, bypass over and bypass inlet versions Zoning dampers allow blow thru units to operate as multizane Units Hot and cold air damper blades are parallel acting and a1 against a gasketed neoprene soal to provide a positiva lock Blades are secured at 90° angles to each other and interconnected by a single har for quick field a number of zones roquired Fan discharge dampers install on forward curved fans to lower horsepower requiromnents, therefore costs, on variable volume systems Damper blades are apposed acting type, secured 10 1/2.in_ steel rods, mounted in a rigid galvanized steel frame 10 Face and bypass dampers permit air 10 flow thru or bypass around other components to provide fast response to tempera ture control demand changes and protect against heating-coit {reeze-up Space conditions can be obtained at either part or {ull toad Blades are opposad-acting type, mounted on 1/2in steel rods in a rigid galvanized stool frame Sectionalized dampers limit blade length and reduca warping Optional gesketed blades minimize a Condenser coil section accommodates a refrigerant coll Combined with @ SEF fan, the assembled unit operates as an air-cooled condensor leakage Diffuser section is installed immediately upstream of bag filter section 10 provide uniform air velocity for better system ‘operation and extended filter life Exhaust box section has the same exterior dimensions as the mixing box It allows @ portion of the return air 10 be exhausted from the system This section is usually instal between the return ai fan and the mixing box Gperates in Phase with the outdoor air damper of the mixing box 10 provide economizer capability OPTIONS Variable inlet vanes maximize horsepower savings in variable volume fan applications Vanes are installed directly in the fan injet bell to direct air in the direction of fan rotation Vertical inlet to fan section is available on 08 thru 87 size blow-thau units This modification of the fan infet allows the iter section to be installed directly over the fan Fan section drain pan is optional on 39 thru 5Y size units Constructed to same standards as coil gection drain pan Galvanized st 1 skin, insulation, and a galvanized stecl ingr with a mastic coating assure waterproot integrity Extended Grease Lines Extended grease fines enable lubrication of fan and motor without entering the fan section Lubrication lines are ex tended trom tan and motor bearings to the unit exterior Saves, ‘maintenance time and dollars Fan section inertia base reduces vibration to the surrounding structure Saves time and space over field-supplied inertia bases. Not available with internal isolation, Marine light allows servicing or inspection of fan saction around: the-clock A viewport is built into the hinged acoess door Gloss Viewport (supplied ‘on all units equipped Marine Light Power Entrance Onl units ea | Weatherproof Gasketing between sections \ __ Protective Rainhood Pe Moisture Eliminators S9E draw-thru of ications The wnt is foam-foil sandwich Outdoor unit modification allows any blow-thrw unit to be used in outdoor af completely gasketed, insulated with 3 lisocyenurate) and shipped trom the factory with a fan section cover The exterior is painted with enamel to inhibi ‘A. rainhood over the outdoor air intake 1s also available 10 prot pers and linkages from outdoor conditions Wire ‘mesh scroens inside rainhood protect downstream components, front dirt ang moisture Stainless steel finer in crain pan eesists corrosion and extends pan life Coil section door is hinged and fitted with handles to permit ‘easy coll inspection ‘Steam grid humidifier utilizes dry steam to provide proper humidification while eliminating corrosion and odor problems ccomeon when steam contains water droplets The humidifier steain manifold, steam trap, nperature switch, supporting brackets and inter onrecting piping between humidifier and steam manifold Humidifiers are factory-installed on all units except blow-thrt sizos 26 thru 90, which require field installation and assembly . A consists of 3 pneumatic operator Factory Piped Support Brackets (hold unit firemty in place) Factory-installed Brain Connection ‘Support and suspension packages provide support for accos: saries and ensure vertical alignment between accessories and call andor fan section For sizes 08 thru 32 Additional media for roll filter may be ordered at time yf initial purchase along with the unit for roplacement “as required Weatherproof construction for control box allows ousdoor installation of contrat box on electric heating coil applications Construction follows NEMA 4 standards for weatharprooting Insulation is also available 10 prevent condensation from forming insde the control box