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Here is the Amaal for Clones:


Istiqfar 3x - shortest is "Astaq firullah 'al 'azeem"

Fatihah 1x,


al-Baqarah 285-286 1x


zikir LA ILAA HA ILLALLAH 33x Salawat/Darood 3x - shortest is "ALLAH humma sali 'ala Muhammad" niyat - YA ALLAH, YA HAYYU QAYYUM, YA MALIKUL QUDUS, please cure us from all sickness, jinn and sihir,

and please protect us from all future calamities, jinns, and sihir


(repeat 3x)



Salawat/Darood 21x


Bismillah hir Rahman nir Rahim 21x




Qursi 1x, al-Imran 26-27 1x al-Mu'minun 115-118 21x Salawat/Darood 21x Ameen

All of the above verses in already in Manzil. Upon completion of recitation, within 2 minutes, take deep breathe and blow into bottle(s) of water. Repeat taking breathe and blow 3x.

We can use the recited water for our everybody use such as for drinking (when not fasting), and spray corners of rooms (except bathroom) in the house.

May ALLAH grant us forgiveness, hidayah and rahmah in this Ramadhan, so that we will be able to do as what have been ordered upon us, ameen

Take care and wassalam

PS: But in some cases, where there is a a magician in the family, nauzubillah, who is practising in our house, the above amal need to be done differently. There are 3 options:

M1) do the amal outside the house (in masjeed, or in namaz khaneh, or whilst on tableegh 40 days) or

M2) done triple, 3 times instead of one time per day to have the same impact, or

M3) do tahajud 2 rakaat followed by Surah Yasin 3x in our personal bedroom

for at least 3 nights in a row. Only after that do the amal in that room, one time per day as usual.


Assalam alaikum WRB There is one amal which was recommended to us for our family problems by a Mufti.Although a long one I think it would be beneficial Inshallah.


Please read entire Surah Baqarah 1x

entire Surah Yasin 1x


entire Surah Muzammil 3x


entire Surah Jinn 7x

One person will read all this in one sitting for 21-40 days(depending on your situation). After reading all this blow 3 times over water. Some of this water will be sprinkled over the four corners of each room of your house. Remaining water could be used for bathing from head to toe.(Add the ruqyah water to your normal bathing water. However do not allow this water to drain in the sink. Collect it and throw on some trees or other paak soil).

This entire amal has to be repeated everyday till you get recovered Inshallah. During this course avoid eating chicken,meat,eggs,fish etc because these are the food of the jinns. Have a vegetarian diet.(My suggestion is to use more lemon juice in your menus as I learned from this forum that jinns don't like lemon.)


thanx alot brother for guiding me, Inshallah i will do this surah qamar dua the way you have told me,i will also pray for your family,if you have the book SWORD AGAINST BLACK MAGIC AND EVIL MAGICIANS, by Wahid Abdus Salam Bali,well and good,but if not then i have this ruqiya from the same book,which have helped me a lot to get through this problem

the best way to do it is READ RUQIYA 3 TIMES ADAY,AND IN ONE SITTING READ IT 3TIMES WHOLE, so it will be total OF 9 TIMES IN 1

day,if not then do it at least 3 times a day,1 time whole in one sitting,and once the symptoms start settling in start doing it once a day

Start every surah with AAOOZUBILLAH AND BISMILLAH (full text) and then recite the ayats,and after completing it blow your breathe on bottle of water and drink only from it,even with food, and otherwise, Insha-ALLAH it will help your family to be cured by residual sihr,and also FOR ANYONE WHO IS SUFFERING FROM ANY TYPE OF SIHIR IT ACTS AS A GUN TO TREAT IT.


surah al fatiha x1 surah al;baqarh ayat 1-6 x1 surah al-baqarah ayat 102 x3 surah al baqarah ayat 163-164 x1 surah al baqarah ayat 255-257 x3 surah al baqarah ayat 285-286 x1 surah al imran ayat 18-19 26-27 x1@ surah al-araaf ayat 54-56 x1 surah al-araaf ayat 117-122 x3 suarh yunus ayat 81-82 x3 surah taha ayat 69 x7 surah as-saffat ayat 1-10 x1 surah al;ahqaf ayat 29-32 x1 surah ar;rehman ayat 33-36 x3 surah al;hashar ayat 21-24 x1 surah aljinn ayat 1-9 x1 surha kafroon x3 surah akhlas x3 surah falaq x3 surah an-naas x3

inshaallah with recitation of these ayats,all jinns and evil magics will be neutralized by Allah s.w.t. Will, all you need to do is have firm faith in ALLAH and also do read the meaning of theses ayats every time, so that you should know what are you reading,and what do'a it mean that you read, this will help increasing your faith,and remember the stronger the faith will be,the more rapid recovery will be

brother mod,i will pray for your family inshallah,they will be cured completely. May Allah keep all of you in peace, aameeeen

and also my prayers are with all those people who are suffering from this problem. may allah keep his blessings on all of us,ameeeen



I have read a posting by one brother in the old Ruqya Shariyah Forum, that to return the effect of sihir to the sorcerer, we can do the following amaal:


(1) Salawat Ibrahimiyah 3x (2) Recite "Auzubillahi minas shaitan nirrajim" (No need to recite "Bismillah"), then read Surah Nooh 1x; (3) Salawat Ibrahimiyah 3x; (4) Say dua. For example, "O Allah, I ask You to return the effect of sihr cast on me, my wife, my family and my property to the person who did the sihir and show me that person before my eyes when you return the effect of sihir on him/her"

Allah knows best.


Re: How to do ruqya for distant person Salam All brothers & Sisters,

Cutepak, Plz find the below post (Obtained from Ruqyasharia Yahoo group) which is useful for your case.

"Re: Any suggestion on treating a sihir patient (who refused treatment) Wa'alaikumussalam,

One way to neutralize sihir on a person (sihir patient) who refused treatment is to make the following amal for 7 nights in a row:

(Pls refer this site information)

INSHA'ALLAH this will gradually neutralize the sihir on the patient. Usually such thing can be through eaten sihir food, sihir oil on skin etc, buried sihir item near house etc.

Upon completion of the recitation, within 1-2 minutes, blow into bottles of water. Take deep breathe and blow, repeat 3x. When the patient is more cooperative and wants to meet us, give them the water to drink. But DO NOT TELL them that "I have made much Quran recitation and have prepared recited water for you" as then they will NOT DRINK.


AT THE SAME TIME, to weaken the sihir jinns, in the patient's brain and stomach, who are causing the patient/victim to give free money to the suspects, but not giving money to own wife and children, please recite for the patient every day:

Al-Baqarah 163 100x, or Al-Baqarah 163-164 21x Surah Yasin verse 10 100x

Either she recite a little after each salah/prayer, or recite all in 1 go during her free time. The sign that the patient is getting well, insyALLAH, is that he will reply the sms or phone call from the wife in the usual manner.

I hope this is useful.

Lastly, please do not forget to make frequent doa to ALLAH as ALLAH is the Provider for Rezeqi (Bounty) and Rahmat (Blessings). The husband is only ONE channel where ALLAH pass to us the money for food, rent and etc. There are many other channels. This concept is important for correct tauhid and akidah.

Take care and wassalam

PS - Last but not least, do not keep taweez in our house unless we want to waste our time for nothing. We have listed common blockages of doa and righteous amal here:

Wassalamu alaikum.

[Moderator's Note: Shukran to Br./Sis. islamic_way123 for taking time to locate and present the relevant article from the old RuqyaShariyah yahoo group]

All the above as well as the symptoms mentioned below occurred altogether when she

started to intensify the healing process about 2 weeks ago by reading various ruqya more often than before and began the technique of breathing in deeply through the nose after recitation, swallowing the saliva, then breathing out slowly through the mouth. After fajr:

1. At Taubah 128-129 11x

Al Qamar 45 11x At Talaq 2(wamain yattaqillah

Al Baqarah 102, Ash Shams and 110 x laa ila ha ilAllahu wah dahu

laa sharikalah

)-3 11x


shain qadir

Al Isra' 81 99x and Al Isra' 82 11x

Manzil Al Maathurat After 'asr:

All of the above except Manzil

Before sleeping Al Mulk Manzil

As far as I know, she discovered the sihr and sought treatment about 7 years ago.


I hope you can advise me what to do, given the following reactions during or after reading or listening to ruqya: movement within certain parts of body pain as if needle pricking, general pain/aches on various parts of body coughing, at times severe yawning extreme fatigue at times, to the point of having to sleep after solatul maghrib & unable to get up to perform solat isha until around midnight.

Also, there are certain parts of The Quran that has the following


Surah As-Saffat - the jinn takes over part of the reading. This has happened only a few times, but always this Surah. All those related to zuriat (Al-'Imran 38, Al-Anbiya' 89 Al-Furqan 74, As-Saffat 100) - loud belching & dry vomit Surah Yunus 128-129 - loud belching always Surah Yasin 1- always after the second time - dry vomit Surah At-Talaq 2-3 - loud belching always Surah Ash-Sharh 3 - almost violent dry vomit, almost every time There are also similar effects when reading other surah & ayat, but not as significantly as the above.

improvement since the ruqya. But it would be nice to be normal and have the energy/interest to do the tasks when i need to. Whatever help you can give is most appreciated, inshaAllah.

zikir LA ILAA HA ILLALLAH 1000x (one thousand is sufficient for the entire day - of course more is better) al-Baqarah 1-33 Surah Yasin 1x Surah al-Jin 1x

As Salam Alaikum,

Someone (one of my lovely relatives) did magic on me, so that I would not get along with my wife and I would have financial problems. But Alhumdullilah I'm getting back to normal. The following routine has helped:

After Fajr:

Recitiation of Surah Jinn & Surah Dukhan (once) Recitiation of The 4 Kuls, Surah Fatiaha, Ayatul Kursi (7 times) Last two Ayahs of Surah Baqarah (thrice)

After Dhur:

Recitiation of Surah Jinn & Surah Dukhan (once) Recitiation of The 4 Kuls, Surah Fatiaha, Ayatul Kursi (7 times) Last two Ayahs of Surah Baqarah (thrice)

After Asr:

Recitiation of Surah Jinn & Surah Dukhan (once) Recitiation of The 4 Kuls, Surah Fatiaha, Ayatul Kursi (7 times) Last two Ayahs of Surah Baqarah (thrice)

After Maghrib:

Recitiation of The 4 Kuls, Surah Fatiaha, Ayatul Kursi (7 times) Last two Ayahs of Surah Baqarah (thrice)

After Isha:

> Surah Waqia (once)

> Surah Tariq (once)

> Surah Muzamil (thrice)

> Surah Al Anam (two to three Ruku)

> Recitiation of The 4 Kuls, Surah Fatiaha, Ayatul Kursi (7 times)

> Last two Ayahs of Surah Baqarah.