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HOW TO BUILD YOUR OWN UNDERGROUND eee Contents Introduction Definition and Objectives Mental and Physical Preparation—Benefits—Alternatives Design and Land Must Work Together Well Depths — Excavating — Water Problems—CGounty Regulations — Financing —Restrictions—Lot Size—into-the-Hill Approach—Leve! Ground—Below Grade Level—Hall-and-Half Construction—Basic Necessities—Extrema Conditians How to Get Work Done Insurance—Best Working Hours—Right Tool for the Job—Rental Equipment—Borrawing Tools, When to Hire a Professional Properly Layoul—Lawyer's Fees—Sumply Purchase—Ral Cost—Excavating—Bullding Materials— Concrete —Masonry—Fiaor Slab— Interior Walls—More Necessary Purchases— Repeating Work Codes and Regulations Means of Egress—Sprinkler System—Smoke Detectors—Series of Corridors—Retaining Walls—Hand Railings—Alr Circulation— Potential Electrical Code Problems —Helpful Reminders —Plumbing— Stairs—Door Openings—Building Code Appeals Board—Professional Engineers: Site Preparation Driveway—Setback—Septic- Sewer Systam—Surveying—~Landscaping—Property Lines 10 24 29 54 10 W 12 13 14 15 7 18 19 20 21 22 23 Preparing and Pouring the Footers ‘The Conterete—Placing Cast-Iron Sewer Pipe—Monalithic Pour Walls Formed and Poured Walis—Block Walls —Why All-Black Interior Walls? Roof Design and Preparation Block Stutfing—Rebar—Wire Mesh—Steel Placement—Precast Concrete— Chimneys Alternate Design Problems—Advantages— Yet Another Approach: Waterproofing and Insulation Moisture Treaiments—Roo! Insulation—Potential Prifalis What About Moisture? Grading—Condensation—Sponge Etfect—Polyethylene Sheets —Air Pockets —Humicity Backfilling and Grading Overlapping Method —Backtilling—Insulation Board— Using a Tractor—Using a Crane—Final Grading—Backhoe Remaval—Grass Seed Utilities Plumbing — Water Pips—Cieaning New Water Lines—Maintenance—Electric Wiring Woodworking Nails, Nails, Nails—Hanging Doors—Wooden Walls Adding Trim and Fixtures Decoration and Layout —Bedrooms—Kitchen—Appliances—Fecycled Materials—Furriture—Carpet and ‘Padding—Paint—Interior Garden—Lighting—Ideas Heating and Ventilation Heating—Fan System—Cooling—Fresh Air Domes and Skylights Indoor Gardan—Cost of a Dome—Gonstructing Your Dome Underground Home Ceiling Tha Roa! Siab—Creative Ceilings—Geiling Space—Painting Your Ceiling After the Basics ‘The Entrance—Getting Used to Living Underground—No- Windows— Strange Sensations—Radio and ‘Television Reception—Door Belts Would | Do It Again? Alternate Sources of Energy Heat—Wood Stoves—Coal-Solar ‘Heat—Solar/Electric—Workable Electric Source—Wind Power— ‘Other Fuels Underground Home Publicity Positive Attention—Nogative Attention—Public Attention—Private Attention 64 73 81 103 113 122 130 143 148 154 165 169 180 184 189 193