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College of Engineering And Information Technology, Jalgaon.

Department of Information Technology.


Subject: DSF Class: SE(IT)

Note: Figures to right indicate full marks.

1. Write a procedure to insert and remove element form a linked list maintained as a
LIFO list? 05

2. Represent the multivariable polynomial. 10 x 3 y2 z+2x2 y 3z3 + 2 x y z3 – 7 x 3y z using a

generalist list without tag. 05

3. Draw and discuss the use of each field the data structure used by boundary tag
method for dynamic storage management? 05

4. Write a procedure to add two polynomial A and B. Also give the required data
structure? 05

5. Write algorithm to implement following operation on binary tree. 10

i) Creation of binary search tree.

ii) Deletion of node from binary search tree.

6. What do you mean by Height balanced tree. How you decide which rotation to
apply to make tree hight balanced. 10

7. Write an algorithm for non recursive procedure of postorder tree traversal. 10

8. Write an algorithm to count the number of leaf nodes in a binary tree. 10

9. Discuss hight balanced binary tree. 10

10.Construct an AVL search tree, if following data is inserted an empty tree: case, if,
do, while, else, for, goto, main break, continue, enum. 10

11. Construct an Huffman tree for (,q1,q2,q3,q4,q5,q6)=(2,4,8,12,15,19). 05

12. Discuss various memory allocation strategies. 05

13. Discuss advantage and disadvantageous of linked list. 05

14. Write an algorithm for a singly linked circular list which reverse the direction of the
links. 05

15.Discuss the concept of storage pull. 05

16.Write an algorithm that prints Leaf nodes of a binary tree in preorder, inorder and
postorder. 10

17.Compare binary tree with another data structure. 05

18.Explain Huffman algorithm with example. 05

19. Explain how a binary tree can be implemented using one dimensional array. 10

20. Write an recursive procedure to find out the depth of generalised list with the
node structure. 05

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