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Free Sample Letter of Recommendation in Health

At the request of Mr. Kipling Mao who is currently applying to your esteemed university for embarking
on a degree program in medical science, I am very happy to compose this letter of recommendation on his

A professor of pediatrics, I have been serving as president of the Children's Hospital of Chongwen District
for the past decade. I made my initial acquaintance with Mr. Mao in 1993 when he became employed by
our hospital to work as a resident in radiology. He worked as my direct subordinate.

I would describe Mr. Mao as having a solid academic background in the field of medical imaging. In
1995, I arranged for him to undertake a six-month advanced training in Ultrasonics and CT Diagnosis.
Later I recommended him to study clinical medicine at Peking Union Medical College during 1996 -
1999, which resulted in Mr. Mao's obtaining of the Bachelor's degree in medical science. Meanwhile, he
went on a period of internship at the Department of Radiology of Peking Union Medical College, focusing
on CT diagnosis. His assiduity and perseverance finally made him a pediatric radiologist with relatively
rich clinical experience. In 1997, he succeeded in winning the first prize for radiology at the Technical
Skill Contest for All Hospitals of Beijing Chongwen District. In 1999, he was promoted to become a
radiologist in charge.

Mr. Mao is in possession of some of the best qualities of a doctor. On the front page of his notebook were
written four words: Selflessness, Benevolence, Diligence and Congeniality, which was a motto by Zhu
FuTang, the late founder of Chinese pediatrics and academician of China Academy of Sciences. Guided
by those principles, Mr. Mao worked diligently, responsibly, and considerately towards his patients.
Sometimes when the victim of a problematic case has to be referred to the municipal hospital for a
definitive diagnosis, he would take the pains to follow up the case until the case is accurately determined.

Another distinguishing feature of Mr. Mao is his prominent organizational capability, his cooperative
attitude and his readiness to make sacrifice. Under his leadership, the young doctors of our hospital
launched a creative project of "Domiciliary Ward" aimed at providing first-class service to the
hospitalized patients. In addition, he often paid voluntary visits to community centers to offer free medical
check-ups to the local residents. For his unselfish contributions, he was awarded the honors of Model
Doctor of Beijing Chongwen District and Prominent Youth of Beijing Municipality.

Professionally and ethically, Mr. Mao has proven himself to be a highly qualified radiologist. But a
consensus among the Chinese medical profession is that, in many aspects, China lags far behind the
United States in the development of medical science. Mr. Mao has talked to me on a number of occasions
that he finds his previous medical training increasingly inadequate for the growing needs of modern
medical science. Under such circumstance, it is natural that he desires to seek more advanced studies
abroad. I deem it my obligation to offer my assistance to Mr. Mao in his application efforts. As far as I am
concerned, Mr. Mao has a good command of English language as he has taken many English training
courses over the past few years. His language competence will help him soon adapt to his new
environment and further facilitate him in his academic pursuits.

Should you make further inquiries concerning Mr. Mao, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours Sincerely

Professor of Pediatrics
President of the Children's Hospital of Chongwen District, Beijing
Free Sample Letter of Recommendation in Engineering

As the dean of Electronics Engineering College of Heilongjiang University, Mr. Lynd Dong's teacher as
well, I fully recommend Mr. Lynd Dong, once my student, to further his major study in your University.

First of all, I'd like to tell you that Dong is one of the most excellent students whom I have met in our
department. Impressed by his versatility, I am also especially touched by his conscientious way of study
and splendid academic records. I taught him such courses as electronic circuit and computer fundamentals,
during which he showed himself as being active in thinking and original in viewpoint. And after class he
often came to visit me to discuss problems, some of which seemed to go beyond the teaching program
though. Dong operated experiments effectively, for which he, as the only student representative, was
admitted into the teachers' scientific research to develop railway communications system.

Mr. Dong is diligent and intelligent. Our department implements difficult courses and strict exams, for
which many students fail in the exams. Dong nevertheless remains the top 3% among his classmates,
occupying the No. 1 position in the comprehensive ranking upon graduation. Once nearly half of the
students failed in Mathematical Method, while Dong scored 97, impressing many teachers.

Mr. Dong is also active in daily life. Playing the violin and drawing pictures well, he is optimistic and
always ready to offer help. Being a born leader, all the students were willing to be engaged with him. He
was thus elected as the head and general secretary of the department of science and technology. Under his
leadership, the radio team worked smoothly and effectively, getting the award of Provincial Scientific and
Technological Progress. As an excellent student leader, he built up the bridge between teachers and

In short, Mr. Dong, as an outstanding young man, has showed great potentialities in academic learning. He
will surely be the pillar of the state if he gets enrollment in your University for further study. I strongly
recommend him and will appreciate your assistance to his application. Should you need any further
information about this promising young man, please feel free to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Ph.D. of HIT
Professor of Heilongjiang University
Free Sample Letter of Recommendation in Science

As the Director of the Department of Computer Sciences of Wuhan University of Technology, which is
one of the most prestigious engineering universities in China, I deem it a pleasure to recommend Mr.
Nathan Wang, one of the outstanding students in our department for admission and assistantship you're
your graduate program

Since his enrollment into our department with remarkable entrance scores, Wang has embodied the fine
character of strong inquisition and industriousness in learning, which has gained him significant academic
success during his college years. I am aware of his distinctive academic performance as reflected in his
transcripts. He maintains a very high GPA that places him in the top 5% out of 150 through the past 3
years, winning scholarships of the department almost every year. In the College English Speech Contest
organized by the Teaching Committee of Hubei Province, he excelled most of other contestants, winning
the first prize in the Region-wide preliminary contest, and the third prize in the final of the provincial
level, being the sole participant representing our university.
I have also discovered him to be perseverant and enthusiastic in studies and extracurricular activities.
During the Military Life Experiencing period, a compulsory training program for all Chinese college
freshmen upon their immediate entrance, he was granted the title of Excellent Trainee thanks to his
painstaking training efforts, though the training was extraordinarily rigorous and demanding. In the past
college years, he has enthusiastically taken part in many students' societies, such as Computer Society,
Road to American English and Literature Garden, etc, which has both seen his versatility and organizing
ability by serving in quite a few positions.

Speaking of his organizing ability, I have to mention two well-known events under his active involvement
and organization. One is the College Computer Festival of Hubei Province and the other is the Science
and Culture Week of our school. In the first one, he was one of the chief representatives from our
department to undertake this provincial level activity. His enthusiastic involvements in liaison,
coordination and the contestants' performance evaluation had won him the honorable title of Active
Organizing Participant specially granted by our department for this important occasion. In the second one
of Science and Culture Week, organized in our school in 1999, he was a chief organizer. And it was so
successful that it attracted more than one thousand students to participate, who were all satisfied with this
event for the opportunity of a better understanding of the past and future of science in China.

As the Director, I am deeply impressed and moved by his capability of organizing and his sense of
involvement, which have been explicitly demonstrated through all his participation in these activities

A bright young man, with blazing intelligence, energy, and determination, Mr. Wang deserves my first-
rate recommendation. Thus, I would unqualifiedly recommend him for admission into the Ph. D. program
at your university and I will appreciate your sincere assistance to his admission.

Sincerely yours,
Free Sample Letter of Recommendation in Humanity

I consider it a great pleasure and an unshirkable responsibility to recommend to you Miss Lucia Tian as a
worthy candidate for your consideration of her application for an advanced degree program orientated in
organizational sociology in your Graduate School. I am a doctor of Political Science, an assistant
professor, and a class advisor. I mainly deliver the course of Western Political and Ideological History and
Political Science. I came to know Miss Lucia Tian when she was a freshman, thus I have a close and
overall understanding of her.

Miss Tian is a conscientious and hardworking student who has enjoyed a great popularity and reputation
in our department. With a keen craving for new knowledge, she was most attentive in my classes and
always probed into questions together with me. Her discussions with me, her papers, and her classroom
performance, are all distinct manifestation of her exquisite analytical skills, meticulous logic, her excellent
ability to express herself methodically and her quick-witted thinking. Miss Tian compiled an outstanding
grade of 80 in my two courses, which could be reached only by a very few students. She performed
especially well in the Social Statistics and Approaches to Survey examinations in which she obtained the
highest mark (92) among her classmates, most of whom passed the examination only by a small margin.
And her grade surpassed that of the second top student with 10. Thus it can be easily perceived that Miss
Tian has an outstanding ability of learning, a solid grounding in theories and resourceful potentials to
apply what she has learned to practice.

What most strongly impressed me was her performance in the university's gymnastic team. After rigorous
screening test, Miss Tian became a member of the gymnastic team not long after her admission to the
university. For all that she had no gymnastic basis, she managed to see the three-year arduous training
through to the end by virtue of indomitable will and keen interest in gymnastics. Therefore it was a
common occurrence that she had bruises all over the body after each training exercises. With her
painstaking efforts, Miss Tian was chosen for the gymnastic contest held at the city level, which was a
rare occasion for a newcomer with less than one year's training experience. Unfortunately she was badly
hurt in the process of training when there was only half a month to go before the contest. This incident led
to psychological obstruction in her. Although Miss Tian kept falling down from the apparatus, she made
unremitting efforts to improve her skills so that she was able to smoothly complete the whole set of
movements in the contest. The training in the gymnastic team also helped to foster her fine sense of
teamwork, one of the important makings for her future success in academic studies.

The rapid development at the globe will necessarily bring about tremendous and profound changes in the
society. However, the development of sociology in China is at a much lower speed and still lagging far
behind that of the United States, especially in the newly developing fields like organization and social
network. Under such circumstances, it is necessary that student like Miss Tian who is full of fortitude and
drive go abroad to pursue further studies. This move not only aims at self-improvement, but also is the
urgent need of China's development. While in college, Miss Tian has studied some courses related to
sociology. Her academic preparation, language proficiency, her persevering spirit, fine sense of teamwork
and extraordinary industry will ensure her remarkable success in her future studies and research works at
your esteemed university. I have full confidence in her, thus I recommend her enthusiastically.

Yours Sincerely