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Chapter 1 - The Body: It’s a Machine, Use it


Chapter 2 - Style: Part James Bond, Part Jimmy Dean, All King of the Jungle


Chapter 3 - Personality: Be Cool, or Die in the Trenches


Chapter 4 - Women: Alpha Males Don’t Beg


Chapter 5 - Etiquette: The Finer Points to Ruling the Roost


Chapter 6 - Skills: How to Be Good at Everything


Chapter 7 - Friends and Family: Building Your Empire


Chapter 8 - Cars: The Drive to Dominate


Chapter 9 - Getting Paid: The World is Your Oyster


Chapter 10 - The Fine Art of Partying


Conclusion - Once an Alpha, Always an Alpha



“Are you sick of being a ninety-eight-pound weakling, always getting sand kicked in your face?” This was the original call-to-arms for all you guys out there that had enough of being the little guy, the second, third, or last in line – the one that’s always ignored or overlooked.

Of course, at the time that these ads became popular, advertisers were promoting a healthy combination of medicine ball lifting and the consumption of gooey green weight-gain formulas in order to make you the big, buff guy on the beach that got all the chicks.

Today, we call it becoming the ALPHA MALE. And it’s about a whole hell of a lot more than getting a tan and looking good in a Speedo. In fact, your first official tip on the journey to alpha male-dom is this:

Hot tip #1: Never wear a Speedo, no matter how “good” you might look in it. Even if you have a perfect body, a Speedo will make you look like a try-hard, or

a meathead, or a girl’s best friend, but not in a good way.

So, What is an Alpha Male?

In nature, the alpha male is the leader of the pack. He’s the strongest, the

smartest, and he gets first dibs on all the drooling ladies. Whether you’re talking wolves, lions, or baboons, the alpha is the go-to guy. He’s a hero, and a legend

in his own time. Everyone looks up to him, follows his lead, listens to his ideas, and

trusts in his judgement.

You can’t just style yourself as an alpha male. You have to get others – your group of friends, acquaintances, family, co-workers, etc. – to “elect” you as their alpha. Because this is pack mentality we’re dealing with, you can’t achieve alpha status through brute force. The curs and bitches that worship you today can just as easily turn on you and rip you to shreds tomorrow.

All of which means this can’t be a con, and it can’t be scam. You have to work your way to the top with a deadly, unstoppable combination of strength, intelligence, and charm. If you try to fake it, you will be exposed and dethroned. Of course, the ultimate goal of the alpha male is to pass on his bloodline. In layman’s terms, that means scoring with as many gorgeous chicks as is humanly possibly. Unfortunately, knowing how to seduce women is only a small part of the much bigger picture.

In order to truly get women to worship the ground you walk on, you have to be an alpha, which means you have to be good at everything. Women have to see you getting your ass kissed by your friends. They have to see you doing brilliant things, and knowing about cool things, and having success at everything you do while maintaining a humble, relaxed attitude to all the good things that come your way.

It’s not impossible, baby. Plenty of guys have done it before you.

Great Alpha Males of Yesterday

When historians look back through the ages, many of them point to Genghis Khan as the proto-alpha male. Khan was a Mongolian warlord who conquered most of Asia and the Middle East to create the Mongol Empire. This was 800

years ago, and the man is still credited with building the largest empire in the history of the world.

Not only that, but old Khan conquered so many ladies throughout the course of his warlording that scientists estimate he has as many as 30 million descendents on the planet today. Alpha to the max.

But that was yesterday. The role of the alpha male has evolved significantly since the 13 th century. With raping and pillaging off the list of acceptable alpha behavior, the last couple hundred years have brought us such alpha male archetypes as Casanova, Frank Sinatra, and of course, James Bond.

These guys are still smart and tough, but they added the crucial element of style to the alpha male game. Read their books, watch their movies:

Casanova will teach you how to make a smooth move worth a thousand words.

Frank Sinatra will teach you how to party all night with a bunch of buddies almost as cool as you, and still come out on top.

And James Bond, well, he’ll teach you everything the alpha male needs to know about multi-tasking (magnum in one hand, martini in the other, babe hanging around your waist – what more does an alpha need?).

Great Alpha Males of Today

Some alpha males you can learn from today are:

Bill Clinton: Study him closely to pick up tips on how to be a guy that everybody LOVES. Watch the way he walks into a room, and shakes hands. His left hand grasps your right elbow, simultaneously friendly and dominant.

George Clooney: The guy’s a chick-magnet, he makes incredible, intelligent movies, and isn’t afraid to battle it out over political issues with the majority of his countrymen. The true alpha is never afraid to be a hero, even if it means standing alone (and he usually won’t!).

Jay-Z: He’s the ultimate well-rounded alpha. GQ magazine just named him 2006’s Man of the Year, and why not? The guy owns Def Jam Records AND the New Jersey Nets. And on top of that, he’s one of the best emcees in the world. So he’s a great businessman, a sports aficionado, and a brilliant artist. Hmm, and he gets Beyonce. Any questions?

The Different Types of Alpha Male

Before you start getting all depressed and like “man, I’m never going to be the President, or a movie star, or hip hop superstar,” remember that alpha males come in ALL shapes and sizes.

On the one hand you’ve got the obvious Brad Pitt type. He’s hot, he’s a big star, and he climbs right out of Jennifer Aniston’s bed and into Angelina Jolie’s bed. The guy is unstoppable, but you would be too if every chick and her mother thought you were the hottest guy on the planet, right?

But consider Albert Einstein. No one, in their wildest imagination, would look at a picture of that guy and say he was an alpha. But he was. His whole life, everywhere he went, he was a giant thanks to his intelligence, and his charisma.

It recently came to light that Einstein had dozens of lovers in his lifetime. And what was his excuse to his various wives? “The women won’t stop chasing me.”

That just goes to show that being an alpha male isn’t all about being physically attractive. It’s about finding something amazing inside of yourself and bringing it out so that everybody can see it.

Why become an Alpha Male?

Being an alpha male is all about standing out. Being special, being different, being a hero, and becoming a legend. If you haven’t figured it out yet, these are pretty damn good things to be.

As human beings, we’re always searching for the meaning of life, but what if we don’t find it? We don’t want to waste our lives looking, right? A good backup plan is to enjoy yourself. In the immortal words of Trooper: “We’re here for a good time, not for a long time.”

And how can you have the best time that is humanly possible? By being the guy who gets all the girls, has all the adventures, and tells all the great stories. And that means being an alpha male.

Some people might say that alphas are born, not made, but in a world where a nerdy little scientist gets all the chicks, you’ve got to believe that anything is possible, that you can become anything, and be anyone that you want to be. All you have to do, right now, is decide that you are going to make it happen for yourself.

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Attraction: You don’t have to be hot to be hot!

As we’ve already figured out, you don’t need to be born beautiful to be the sexiest motherfucker that ever walked the earth. Bald guys do it, fat guys do it, guys with missing limbs and broken teeth and wheelchairs do it.

And it’s all about two major elements: attitude, and street cred.


Approaching life with the right attitude can make all the difference. If you walk into a room like you know you are the man, like you banged a billion babes before breakfast but you’re only going to bring one home with you tonight, and like in the end, it doesn’t matter, because you’re just living in the moment and having a good time and the party is wherever you are at, then you’ve got instant sex appeal, no doubt.

Hot tip #2: The party IS where you at. No one looks dumber than the guy who acts all bored with his surroundings, and complains that he could be somewhere better. Always act like the best place to be is right here, right now. Your attitude will MAKE it the best place to be, and other people will have fun because you’re having fun.

Street Cred

Next all-important element: street cred, or reputation. If people treat you like a goof, then women who see you at the club or on the street are going to think of you as a goof. BUT, if your friends and others around you treat you with respect and admiration (in other words, if they ‘elect’ you as their alpha), then women will see you as the alpha and be drawn to your sexy male dominance.

Physical Fitness

Anyone can have a hot body. It’s true. You might be thinking, “yeah, anybody but me.” But be honest with yourself. Have you really tried? It is a 100% guaranteed fact of life that doing any amount of physical activity more than you do right now will increase your fitness level. All you have to do is get together the motivation.

If you’re seriously lacking in the motivation department, consider this: For an alpha male, physical fitness isn’t just about having a hot body. It’s about being the kind of man that is active and capable.

Men that sweat, that can lift heavy things, that have good coordination, and that live a physically vigorous lifestyle are generally more sexually appealing than men who don’t.

Just the simple ability to jump down a flight of stairs, chase down a purse- snatcher, or help your neighbor move her new big-screen TV, will make you an alpha male. Remember: there is nothing you can’t do.

Being Physical Every Day

First thing’s first: you need to make physical activity a part of your everyday life. Men used to do hard physical labor all day. Now they sit at desks. Definitely not sexy. Definitely not alpha. Here are some things you can do to make physical activity a part of your everyday life:

Run errands on foot. Walking is great exercise, as is carrying heavy parcels like groceries.

Dust off that bike and cycle to and from work. In fact, cycle everywhere. This is some of the best exercise you can get, and it’s a great alternative to driving after a night at the pub.

Get a dog. Not only will a dog work your ass off running and playing, it’s a 100% never-fails chick magnet. A Saturday at the dog park messing around with Spot will get you in great shape AND score you a few phone numbers.

Start jogging. Running is the single best way to get in shape. It makes you fast, agile, and strong, and it’s something you can easily do every day.

Join a team. Any sport will do. This is the perfect opportunity to get regular physical activity, and to assert your alpha male dominance. If you can kick ass and get your team-mates to look up to you, you earn instant alpha status.

Self Defense

As an alpha male, you need to be able to take care of yourself and the people you care about. By being physically strong, you’ve already won half the battle.

Physically fit alpha males attract people to them with the sense that they are powerful and able to be a protector. They also deter aggressors because very few people are willing to tangle with an alpha.

When aggressive situations do arise, you have to have a good sense of when to fight, and when to be cool. Basically, if there’s any chance that you can get out of a situation without fighting, take it. Only idiots fight when they don’t have to.

Instead of fighting, humiliate your opponent with humor or indifference. Most of the time, guys who want to fight are just attempting to assert their own alpha male status. If you refuse to give them an opportunity to do this, they will more often than not back off.

Of course, you can’t always avoid a fight. Sometimes, a drunk at a club or a party just won’t back down. Or you can be on a date and get faced with a mugger or attacker of some kind. In these cases, there are a few easy self- defense techniques you can use to diffuse the situation without looking like an idiot.

Easy Defense Techniques

When it comes to drunks, all you need to do is use their own intoxication against them. Get up it their face, then dodge when they throw a punch. Odds are, they will fall flat on their faces. Then all you have to do is get your knee between their shoulder blades, hold their heads, and tell them to settle down and you’ll let them go.

If a mugger has a weapon, don’t try to be a hero. You will be the jerk of the month if you get yourself or your date stabbed or shot. If he doesn’t have a

weapon, the first thing you want to do is get him into a “lock” position, such as a headlock, or an armlock. Next, wrestle your opponent to the ground and again get your knee in his back and pull his head up by the hair.

The key to slick defense techniques is to avoid panicking and flailing around. Think of it as a challenge to end the fight in as few moves as possible. The fewer the moves, the better you look, and the less chance there is of someone getting seriously hurt.

Healthy eating

Remember when you were a teenager? You could eat like a pig and you were still skinny and starving all the time. Hopefully you enjoyed those days, because they are never coming back! As you age, even as you are moving into the prime of your life (25-35), you can’t eat like you used to anymore. Continuing to eat like a teenager is the number-one reason why men get fat.

Basically, fried food makes you fat. Carbs make you fat. White sugar makes you fat. These foods are also addictive, which means that the more you eat, the more you want. What you’ve got to do is slowly work these foods out of your diet, not just until you loose weight or bulk up, but for good.

Again, as an alpha male, for you this isn’t about diet, it’s about lifestyle.

Consider this: what do heroes eat? Back in the days when men were men and women were women and we all went to Valhalla to party with the gods when we died, what did we eat?

The answer: LOTS of protein, whole grains, fruit, and vegetables. Whole foods are the key to healthy eating, and they should be the only thing on an alpha male’s plate.

This doesn’t necessarily mean a lot of hard work. Boil some rice, fry up a steak and big pile of vegetables, add some spices for flavour and an avocado for a nutrient boost, and just like that you’ve got the ultimate meal of the alpha male. Not only is it good for you, it makes people respect you for eating right.

Oral Hygiene

Once you’re done eating, it’s time to start to think about how your mouth is looking and smelling. Nothing is a bigger turn-off – for women, friends, and employers – than bad breath and teeth full of bits of food. Some people, including alpha males, never seem to have this problem. People like this can drive you crazy, because you think “what makes him so perfect?”

But there’s no magic secret. All that divides these flawless bastards from the rest of the rabble is the EFFORT they put into taking care of their mouths. From now on, you have got to go about your business as though you are always seconds away from being kissed by a beautiful babe for the first time. If you’re always ready for a kiss, then you’re ready for anything. Here are some tips on how to do this:

Brush your teeth after you eat, stupid! Not so that they don’t rot out of your head, but so that they look good.

Floss! Even if you don’t have visible food in your teeth, the little invisible particles that get stuck are what make your breath stink!

Say goodbye to garlic and onions on everything. You don’t have to get rid of them completely, but if you eat them all the time, guess what? You stink!

Get your teeth clean once every six months.

Hot tip #3: Always carry a pack of mints. Mints are better than gum because you don’t have to chew them like a horse. They’re also great for saving your breath at times when you can’t get away to brush. And more importantly, mints are just a slick thing to have on you. When a chick complains about her breath and you can produce, you’ve just demonstrated the almost magical ability to provide that’s part of what makes you an alpha male.

Oral hygiene bridges that fine line between physical fitness and personal style. Once you’ve got the body under control, it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to cover it, or show it off, as does any good alpha

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Alpha male style is all about style on the edge. You walk the fine line between well-groomed and unconcerned, and between classic taste and signature style. By balancing out these key elements, you can create a cool, unique personal statement that will let you roll like a baller anywhere in the world.

Skin and Hair

When a girl is interested in a guy, one of the first things she’ll do is go in for a quick smell. She might smell you personally, or she might smell your jacket or your hat. Either way, the key to passing this test is to smell good, and in order to do that, you’ve got to be clean.

Some men’s magazines and self-help gurus might recommend a complex regime of lotions, colognes, and hair treatments. However, for the true alpha male, things are much simpler. Here’s what you do:

Shower every day. Wear deodorant! (Sounds obvious, right? But to some guys, it’s big news.) Wash your hair. (Shampoo and condition!) Get a regular haircut that’s easy to manage. (Unless you’re Fabio, no long hair!) Shave every 2-3 days.

And that’s it. Sounds easy, huh? That’s because it is. Alpha males care about being clean, but they don’t spend hours preening in front of the mirror. Looking like you put too much effort into your style can be a death sentence. In fact, a

bit of messy hair, and a day of stubble here and there, is a good thing. This says “I do it my way, and I’m not all hung up on looking good for you, or anybody.”

Just remember, you’ve always got to be clean underneath your casual style. Once again, be permanently prepared for that first kiss that could pop up at any moment.

Hot tip #4: If you’re going bald, shave your damn head! Don’t try to comb it over. Don’t try to hide it under a hat. Just keep your head shaved, and know in your heart that you are bad-assed enough to pull it off. This is the only way for an alpha male to deal with baldness.

Dressing Like an Alpha

There is no perfect outfit that’s an alpha male’s recipe for success. After all, you’re not Inspector Gadget. The key to dressing right is to ALWAYS dress for the occasion, based on where you are, and who you’re with. Any time you’re going somewhere, try to close your eyes and visualize how others will be dressed. If you see suits and ties, don’t show up in jeans and a tee-shirt.

Here are a few things that every alpha should have in his wardrobe:

Socks and underwear WITHOUT holes in them!

One really nice suit. And the suit you wear to funerals doesn’t count!

At least five pairs of pants that are not jeans, but that don’t require ironing.

At least five shirts with collars, but that don’t require ironing. No patterns, just solid colors. Anything with tight sleeves that shows off your biceps is solid gold.

Hot tip #5: Some style gurus might tell you to throw out all your trashed old clothes. Think again, baby! There IS a time and a place for ripped jeans and a faded old t-shirt. Women love seeing a man getting his hands dirty playing sports or working on his car, and at these moments, an old pair of jeans will look sexy.


Unless you’re one of those guys that know a bit too much about style for their own good, you probably have no taste when it comes to shoes. Fact: men do not know how to pick shoes. Most men are either hopelessly scruffy, or ridiculously glammed out. However, there is a space between your trashed Converse and this season’s Gucci slip-ons.

Here’s how the true alpha male finds it:

The first decision you have to make is what store to go into. If you need dress shoes, go into a trendy shoe store. If you need sandals or runners, go to a sports store. Either way, once you’re inside, your next decision will be to select the cutest clerk there, go up to her, smile, and ask for help.

One thing any good alpha male knows is that sometimes he’s going to need help, and the best thing you can do at times like these is ask for it. And hey, ask for help from the right person, and you might come out of there with nice shoes AND a phone number. Nice!


Every alpha male has a signature style – a little something extra that he brings to the table that makes him stand out. Note: this is not a Hawaiian shirt! The Hawaiian shirt guy is not the alpha male, he is a goof ball!

The alpha male’s signature style is something subtle, but different. Think of Johnny Knoxville, alpha male to a group of very tough, crazy guys. He brought aviator sunglasses to the table. Suddenly everybody, even Paris Hilton, was wearing aviator sunglasses.

Belt and Wallet

Begin by investing in a really nice belt and wallet. Nothing too fancy – you have to be able to wear this stuff all the time – just something high quality and unique enough that people may, on occasion, refer to you as “the guy with the really cool belt.”

If you have to go a bit fancy with the belt, try getting some nice belt buckles. You can usually find really cool, unique stuff at vintage clothing stores. This is just the kind of subtle touch that isn’t over the top, but will get noticed by interested parties.

To Hat or Not to Hat

Next, we come to the hat issue. James Bond might never wear a hat, but there is, in fact, a time and a place for them. A vintage trucker hat can become an instant classic at poker night or at the beach, just as a wool cap can come in handy for late-night cruising, or running around in the cold.

However, NEVER wear a hat to hide something like a bald spot or greasy, unwashed hair. Alpha males don’t hide anything, ever, because they’ve got nothing to hide.

Second never: DO NOT wear a hat – even a cool signature hat – all the time. This automatically looks like you are hiding something, and again, alpha males have nothing to hide. They always look exactly the way they intend to look. Example: if you’re walking around all night with your fly open, by the end of the night everybody should have their fly open, because you have decreed that this is the new, cool thing. No questions.


When it comes to jewellery, the fact is that you’re more likely to make a mistake than you are to score a hit. For example, remember when hemp necklaces became popular, and suddenly guys were wearing these super thick, heavy, mass-produced bead and hemp jobs? And the same thing happened with heavy chains? And with surfer-style shell necklaces?

Those are all styles that one alpha male thought was cool, and that got picked up by every wannabe beta with ten bucks to throw away at the mall. Don’t be a beta.

As a rule of thumb, wear only jewellery that has been gifted to you, and that means something to you, like a small gold cross or your grandfather’s watch. That way, anything you wear will be unique and have a good story behind, simultaneously contributing to your signature style and your personal mythology.

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You might have the hottest body in the world, and all the style to go along with it, but if your personality falls flat, then you’ve got nothing. Even if you’re a brain in a jar, as an alpha male, you should be able to get by on pure personality.


The first golden key to the world of the alpha male is CONFIDENCE. Confidence is the thing that’s going to give you the attitude required to walk into a room like you own the place, to have women chasing you instead of you chasing them, and to make all the right decisions and the right moves required to solidify your alpha status.

Part of being confident, and projecting that confidence, is being adventurous. Whenever it comes down to a question of “to act or not to act,” you must choose to act. Alpha males are always on the go, they’re always ready to rise to a challenge or take a risk, and this, in turn, gives them a treasure house of exciting stories to tell. And the more exciting stories you have, the more the legend of YOU will spread.

Hot tip #6: Turn yourself into a living legend. Think of your weekend like it’s a story you’re going to tell on Monday morning. Is that story going to be boring – full of sitting on your ass, eating pizza and watching TV? Or is it going to be a tale of crazy adventures, strange encounters, and hilarious incidents? When you have stories like the latter to tell, and others to tell stories like this about you, you will become a legendary character – a hero in the lives of others. This is a classic alpha male cred-building technique.

Be the Calm Blue Ocean

Just because you have wild adventures, it doesn’t mean that you, the alpha male, are the wild man of the group. The other side to supreme alpha confidence is always being calm and in control. You don’t freak out, you don’t act crazy or panic or scream or flail around.

You just chill.

Being calm and in control means not gesturing elaborately, like some boneheads do when they’re talking about football. It means not yelling your head off, like some jerks do when they’re trying to make a point. Alpha males can always get their point across in a smooth, even tone of voice, no flailing required.

Being calm and in control does NOT mean being a control freak. Whatever happens, happens, and you’ve just got to let it all wash over you. Think of yourself like the ocean: massive, powerful. You have all this energy you can unleash at any moment, but you can also absorb anything that comes at you without letting it affect you. This is a sign of your power.

Mind Power

There’s nothing more embarrassing than a guy that’s bursting with confidence, but has nothing to back it up with. That’s why you’ve got to do everything in your power to make sure you are using every square inch of that brain!

Odds are, if you’re reading this book, you’re already a pretty smart guy. You’ve

just got to figure out how to take the intelligence that’s there inside of you, and

bring it out, without acting like an egghead or a know-it-all.

Intelligence is demonstrated in three main areas of our lives:

In the way we converse

In our emotions

In the way we treat others


First, think about what goes into having a conversation. This is an area where

even the most intelligent people have trouble. Sometimes you just can’t think of

anything to talk about, and when you do, you’re boring. This makes it hard to

meet new people, especially women. However, if you can master the skill of

intelligent conversation, you’ll be able to pick up any chick, at any club,

anywhere in the world!

Here are a few basic principles to stick to when it comes to speaking:

Always have several different conversation ideas on the go. Guys have a

tendency to get really focused on one topic, like cars or sports, and when

they’re nervous, they go on and on and on about this one BORING subject. If

you’re in a conversation, and you find that you’re doing all the talking, it’s time

to change subjects.

Hint: try reading the paper regularly. It’s full of stuff to talk about that other people can relate to.

In a first conversation – with a babe at a club, for example – keep things nice and light. Maybe you can’t wait to argue about politics with someone, but now is not the time. Try making light, funny observations about the scene around you. Once you’re both laughing, you can start asking her about herself.

Joking around is great, but you also have to know when to get serious. Once a level of comfort has been achieved, you can try to steer the conversation towards topics that will actually generate some back-and-forth, as opposed to just giggling.

Know when to shut up! When the music is blasting and everybody is partying, the last thing you should do is try to have a serious conversation with a chick. Enjoy the vibe with her, make the occasional witty comment, but try to get into some deep philosophy, and you will just embarrass yourself with the whole awkward, “what?” “what?” “sorry, what?” thing.


Once you figure you how to speak intelligently, you’re only halfway there. The other side to intelligent conversation is learning to listen. In 90% of conversations, people don’t listen, they just wait for their chance to talk. This is one of the major reasons why it’s hard to carry on a conversation. You don’t have the slightest idea what the other person expects you to say. However, if you listen intelligently, you’ll find conversations flow smoothly. Here’s how:

Try following up statements made by the other person in the conversation with questions relating to what they just said. If a chick says “I work in a hospital,” don’t follow up by asking, “So, what do you do for fun?” Follow up with, “Wow, isn’t that really tough work?”

Follow up statements made by the other person in the conversation with stories about your own life that relate to what they just said. For example, if she says, “Oh, I love the new Killers album,” don’t say, “I just got new rims on my car.” Say, ”

“Oh man, last time they came to town

If you find that you can’t come up with questions or statements to follow up what the other person has just said, you are probably not listening to them. Try to really focus. Alpha males know how to listen, and people, women in particular, love them for it!

Do NOT stare at a women’s chest while she is speaking. This is the best way to guarantee that you are not listening, and that she is about to walk out of the conversation. If you do get caught doing this, own up. Denying it will only make it worse.

Emotional Intelligence

The next area where your intelligence shows is in your emotions and your ability to control them. Many men learn from a very young age that the only emotion it’s acceptable to show is anger. Unfortunately, most of the time, when you’re acting angry, you look like an idiot.

A great alpha male once said “Who gets angry? It seems to me that being angry is just being stupid.” And he was right. 99% of the things that piss us off in this life are not worth our time or our energy, and it only makes us look weak and ineffective to freak out about them.

Alpha males don’t get angry because nothing can affect them, nothing can hurt them. Return anger in others with humor. Face frustrating situations with the

calm certainty that you can, as an alpha, make everything work out. And don’t waste your energy, or risk losing face, over anger.

Relating to Other People

Finally, show your intelligence by treating other people properly. You might be fighting for that alpha male spot in order to hook up, but no chick is going to give you a second glance if you treat other people like garbage. Putting people down makes you look like a weak asshole. So treat people with courtesy, whether they’re your mailman, your grandma, or your best friend (okay, okay, you don’t have to be that nice to your best friend).

A perfect way to show off what a great guy you are is by being GENEROUS. Alpha males are never stingy, because they have so much. It’s never a big deal to share. And hey, your kindergarten teacher was right, there’s nothing like sharing when it comes to making friends, influencing people, and getting women to want to fuck you.

Hot tip #7: In men’s magazines, there’s always a big debate between which women like better: the jerk or the nice guy. Generally, they’ll tell you: nice guys are looooosers. Women love to be treated like crap by jerks, so be a jerk. The truth is that both of these are wrong. True alpha males are beyond these one- dimensional categories, somewhere in between. If you have to be in a category, pick the “does the right thing but doesn’t let himself get pushed around” category.

By controlling your own emotions, and using your intelligence to its full advantage, you’ll not only solidify your position as alpha male, you’ll be able to control those around you with ease. If you’re calm and relaxed, everyone else will be calm and relaxed. If you’re having a good time, everyone else will have a good time. Your own self-control allows you to control your environment.

This can be particularly useful when it comes to dealing with the fairer sex

CChhaapptteerr 44 -- WWoommeenn:: AAllpphhaa MMaalleess DDoonn’tt BBeegg

There is no one universal secret to getting what you want from woman. If you think there is, the first chick to break the mold is going to break your heart. So accept that women are difficult and changeable and adorable and tricky and vicious and soft and sweet and about a million other things. And move on.

Once you’ve moved on, you can start to figure out a few little key things here and there that will go a long way in terms of helping you meet women, understand women, and get them to fuck you.

Understanding Women

First off, notice something important. Notice that women are trying to hook you up WAY harder than you are trying to hook them up. Consider it. They put HOURS into their hair and makeup before coming to the party tonight. They spent a LOT of money on their clothes, their shoes, AND their underwear. They look like goddesses, and it’s all for you.

Now, you don’t have to start wearing eye shadow, but you do have to pick up some of the other tactics women use to make you want them. Many of these tactics will work for you when it comes to making them notice you:

Ignore them.

Laugh and party and make sure that they know you’re having a great time without them.

Flirt with their friends.

Then, just when she feels like you don’t even know she exists, drop her a smile, brush shoulders at the bar. If she smiles, you’re in.

As a rule, you don’t want to go much farther than this when it comes to actually chasing after a chick. As an alpha, you want the women chasing you, not vice- versa. Unless she is of a spectacular and unparalleled hotness, you don’t want to go begging after her. This will only make you look weak and desperate.

The Ugly Friend

Never underestimate the value of the ugly friend. Remember, girls talk to each other. Constantly. About you. By talking to the ugly friend, you show her that you are: nice, not totally superficial, and once again, the life of the party, having a great time without her.

Soon, she’s asking herself questions about you. And that is solid gold, because what kind of man are women attracted to? The kind of man that makes them wonder, a.k.a. - THE MAN OF MYSTERY. All alphas have an air of mystery to them, as though there’s much more going on with him that you see on the surface.

The Alpha Mystery

To achieve mystery, you need to be the three Cs:

Confident (why is he so sure of himself?) You should already have this down.

Competent (where did he learn to do that?) We’ll talk about this in the next chapter. The more skills you have, the more your legend will grow, and the more she’ll begin to ask herself “what is he like in bed?”

Complicated (there’s more to this guy than I thought. I wonder what else he can do…) When you first meet a woman, it’s always good to show her that there are many sides to you right away. Example: you’re an accountant, but you know all about underground hip hop, and you’re the star point guard on your basketball team.

If you can pull this stuff off, you can get the hottest chick at the party to go home with you every time. Your attitude and body language make it clear that you are the alpha, and when you approach her, she feels lucky that you’ve chosen her.

Other guys (read: guys that aren’t slobbering assholes) are too intimidated to approach her. In fact, you might be able to score big points right off the bat by saving her from the aforementioned slobbering asshole. Pretend you’re her boyfriend, or tell him there’s a beer bong in the basement. He goes running, she’s ever-grateful.

But hey, you might not even have to go to the trouble, because if you do your alpha job right, she’s the one who will approach you

Body Language

Even when you’re not talking, your body language is speaking for you loud and clear. Losers give themselves away with hunched shoulders, downcast eyes, and nervous, fidgety hands. Assholes give themselves away with sneering faces

and aggressive postures like leaning forward in a chair, standing in the shadows, or displaying tension in the upper body.

Alpha males do the complete opposite with their body language. They relax back in their seats; their shoulders are not tense or slouched. Their expressions are open and direct. When in close conversation with someone, they lean forward confidentially. When chilling with a group, they sit at an angle that includes everyone in their group.

As important as it is to master your own body language, being able to read HER body language is going to be even more important. Let’s face it, you might not always get the message in her eyes if you’re staring at her body, but if you’re paying attention, her hips and her shoulders will tell you what move to make, when to back of, and when to come on.


Knowing when to advance vs. when to be cool is crucial to the next phase in the game: seduction. A girl that likes you can get totally turned off if you come on too strong, but there are also moments when a bit of aggression can go a long way.

Think of it like a game where you each take a turn. You have two moves: pull back, or press on. If she’s into you, then you press on for one move, and wait to see what she does next. If she presses on, then you press on, BUT if she pulls back, then your next move should be a pull back, too, otherwise you’ve suddenly become overly aggressive. If she pulls back, the only one who can make the next move is her. And if you have the character to control yourself, odds are she’ll decide you ARE the right guy for the job.

In order to help move the process along, follow one simple rule: flattery will get you everywhere. Guys always assume that hot chicks know they’re hot. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Often, it’s the most beautiful women that feel the worst about themselves. So tell her she’s beautiful. Tell her she’s the sexiest damn thing you’ve ever seen, and she will melt like butter. This is so ridiculously easy that most guys don’t even believe it’s possible until they try it for themselves. But alpha males know that it works like a charm.

If at any point you realize that it’s not going to happen tonight, pull back right

away. Have some laughs, have a good time with her, but don’t waste your energy on a lost cause. When you pull back in this way, one of two things will happen. Either the girl will realize she’s being too uptight, and she’ll get really friendly, or she’ll be left to mope over your disinterest all night, and she’ll be ready to go the next time you see her.

Either way, you win.


First kisses are tricky. How they come off will all depend on the mood. Sometimes, the first kiss should be casual. Maybe you met a girl at a club and you’ve been dancing all night, you’re both sweaty and full of adrenaline – this is the perfect moment to grab herand kiss her fast and hard. Either she’ll melt into you or be so surprised she won’t know what to do. And if she acts weirded out, you can just laugh and blow her off.

Other times, the first kiss should be intimate. Maybe it’s the perfect moment on

a first date. You’re walking by the water or dropping her off at her place. This is

the kiss that might decide whether or not you’re going to get laid tonight, so make it a winner!

At a pause in the conversation, make eye contact with her. If she holds the contact, move in closer, then stop. If she doesn’t move away, tilt your head to the side to avoid a nose bump. Hopefully she’ll tilt, too, but if she doesn’t, it’s okay, because you’re going to stop again. When your lips are almost touching, pause and give her a last chance to pull back. Odds are, at this point, she not only won’t pull back, she’ll move in the rest of the way, because SHE wants YOU.

Using the stop-then-pause strategy gets it all done. Not only is her interest confirmed, but she has to do the work to make your lips work together. From here on out, it’s time for the old seduction back-and-forth. If she presses, you press. If she opens her mouth, you open your mouth. If she bites, you bite

On the other hand, if she backs off, you back off. Fast! So fast you have her thinking that maybe it’s you that backed off. After all, you’re the alpha male, you can have any woman you want, any time you want. Alphas never force it, because they don’t need to. Once she sees this side of you, she’ll either jump your bones, or she’s probably not worth the time and trouble.


Hot tip#8: Alpha males don’t kiss and tell. One of the inviolable laws of life is that the more you talk about it, the less you get it. Only people that never have sex are obsessed with sex. If you’re getting your brains fucked out every night, then sex is not the center of the universe. For alpha males then, sex is no big deal. Women look at you and they know you have sex. Talking about it all the time is like wearing a sign on your forehead that says “hard up.”

Once you’ve finessed your way into the bedroom, it’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the trip. If a woman has decided to have sex with you, she’s not going to change her mind. In fact, at this point, you might be the one who wants to play a little hard-to-get. You might even want to slow things down. Suggest a drink, or excuse yourself for a minute.

The “let’s take a break” strategy is money in the bank. On the one hand, it allows you to not appear overeager. On the other hand, it makes her crazy. Now that she has mentally committed to sex, the idea that you are not as interested as she is can be devastating, which means that when things get going again, she will be ready to do just about anything to make you happy. This might be the perfect time to make a suggestion

Here are a few other tips and tricks to help you on your way:

Don’t undress her. Let her undress herself AND you. Women are best in bed when they are eager to please.

If you bring women back to your place, make sure it’s semi-clean. Bugs and dirt can turn a woman off completely in mid-make out.

Do what you need to do to make sure that you don’t get ‘overexcited’ in bed. You don’t have to make her come, but as an alpha male, you do have to last longer than two minutes.

Last but not least, either get out of there right after sex, or stay until morning. Don’t doze for a couple of hours and then sneak off. Alpha males do not sneak off. It’s either “That was awesome. Later, babe,” or coffee and “need a ride to work?” in the morning.

Hot tip #9: It’s a fact: Alphas don’t sneak because they have nothing to hide, and nothing to be sorry for. If you want to stay, you stay. If you want to call her again, you’ll call her again. No bumbling excuses or empty promises. These just make you look like a jerk. And that’s what she’ll tell her friends.

CChhaapptteerr 55 -- EEttiiqquueettttee:: TThhee FFiinneerr PPooiinnttss ttoo RRuulliinngg tthhee RRoooosstt

Maybe ‘etiquette’ sounds more like something a chick in a Miss Universe pageant has to worry about than something an alpha male should concern himself with, but if you can get past the goofy-sounding word, you’ll see that a lot of the time, etiquette is the glue that keeps society together. And since society is basically your stomping ground – the territory that you hunt and defend – it’s worth figuring out the finer points of controlling it.


We all have some idea of what the word “class” means. Basically, it’s like level two of the alpha male style game, which means you’ve levelled up to being a Bond-style alpha man of the world. So congratulations, welcome to a higher plane of alpha male-dom!

Guys that have class aren’t just slick and witty and cool and together. Guys who have class always know how to act, always know how to treat people, and always get the right kind of attention.

Alpha males set the standard for everyone else. “Class,” by definition, refers to a group of people. By showing some class, an alpha male is able to control any situation that he is in, because everyone around him wants to be IN HIS CLASS. So if he is calm, they are calm. If he is smooth and elegant, the world around him bends to accommodate.

The Perfect Date

A classy guy knows when to hold the door, he knows how to pick up a tab, and he knows how to show someone a good time. For example, on a date:

The alpha picks his date up knowing exactly where he is going to take her. He tells her and asks if she agrees. She will.

He takes her to a restaurant: somewhere unusual and out of the way, or someone super trendy, right in the middle of things. He has reservations, for a good table.

He asks her what she wants to do after dinner. She probably won’t have any ideas, but now that he’s asked, he can make his own suggestion. Classy alphas generally shoot a bit higher than “a movie.”

End the date with an “enjoy the moment” experience. Go for a walk or a drive or go stargazing or chill out on the deck and have a drink. This is how you create that “magical moment” that can go anywhere, and usually will for a guy that shows some class.

Hot tip #10: The classy thing to do on a first date is to generously share something about yourself with your date. For example, you volunteer at an animal shelter, does she want to go pet the best dog in the world? Or maybe you have a friend that’s emcee-ing somewhere. This way she gets a peek into your life and becomes even more convinced that you are a complex, interesting guy.

The Tab

Here’s the deal with picking up the tab. Okay, guys shouldn’t have to do it all the time, and women who expect it are hookers, BUT the fact is that truly classy guys almost always insist on picking up the tab, and when they don’t insist, they do offer. Especially with people they don’t know very well (first dates!).

But this doesn’t apply only to dates. Classy guys buy rounds, and take groups of friends out. Of course, you don’t have to do this, but you do need to understand that complaining about a bill, or worse, trying to weasel out of it, is not classy. It’s not alpha suicide, but it’s definitely not the way to go if you’re trying to do everything right.

Eating Out

Classy guys know how to pick a restaurant. Make it your business to know about one great restaurant in every ethnic category in your city. This way, you get to say things like, “I know this great little place that does the best jerk chicken.” Alpha males who know their stuff never bring a date to a plain old “fancy restaurant.” This isn’t classy, it’s just wannabe classy. Another wannabe classy move is to order for your date. In most circles, this will be seen as overly pushy. Instead, take charge of ordering the wine, the hors d’oeuvres, and a dessert for the two of you to split. That’s class.

When the bill comes, pick it up, glance at it, and deal with it quietly. People with class don’t fuss about money. Again, this, like everything else in this book, is completely optional. You can roll your eyes and demand that she split the bill with you. It just depends on how far you want to take your transformation into an alpha male.

Chapter 6 - Skills: How to Be Good at Everything

Men, it is all about skills. The more skills you have, the more your legend grows. The more skills you have, the more people think that there’s nothing you can’t do. You are invincible. You are unstoppable. You are a hero.


Now that you’ve graduated to alpha man of the world, it’s time to broaden your horizons. Knowing more than one language is hot. It makes you seem learned and mysterious.

Pick something easy and useful to start, like Spanish or French, both of which are very close to English. The only thing that you have to watch out for with languages is pretending to know more than you do. You’ll only end up looking silly, and alpha males never look silly, unless it’s on purpose.

Party Tricks

Not all alpha male skills are as difficult as learning new languages. At the other end of the spectrum from bilingualism are party tricks. These are simple, easy to learn, and perfect for impressing girls that don’t belong to the Junior UN.

Any neat little thing that you can do with cards, coins, shooters, or cherry stems will immediately pique a woman’s interest AND make for a great ice-breaker. Just picking up one slim book of card or coin tricks can make you a master of the party trick.

Hot Tip #11: The Flaming Sambuca: Order a shot of Sambuca with Flies. You’ll get a shot with three coffee beans in it. Light it on fire, toast to health, wealth, and happiness (one for each bean), and take it. This is a simple shooter trick that doesn’t require you to drink anything pink or involving the word “Schnapps.” The trick is to not be a pussy about it. Light it, toast, and drink it right FAST. Do it quick and it will go down smooth. Do it slowly and it will burn you. Practice at home before you try this at the bar.

Be Able to Fix Anything

How do they do it? We don’t know, and that’s why we love ‘em. Alpha males seem to possess an uncanny knowledge of how things work. They know how to use all the power tools, they know how to work all the latest technology. They can install your DVD drive, unclog your sink, and boost a dead car battery.

Basically, alpha males must have all that general knowledge the lack of which embarrasses the average idiot. And the truth is that most things have the same small problems all the time. Just figuring out how to jiggle a wire or tighten a screw can do wonders for your rep as the man with the magic touch.

Doing something as simple as reading a couple of DIY books or taking a handyman class can get this all happening for you. Once you develop a basic understanding of how wheels, gears, and wiring works, you can fix almost anything. And what’s simple to you is downright godlike to the clued-out masses.

Music Appreciation

Don’t panic.

It’s the 21 st century. Music appreciation doesn’t mean that you have to know your classical composers. It means you have to know what’s on the radio, know what’s playing at the club, and have a few ideas about cool new stuff that’s not on the radio or at the club.

Make a point of discovering at least one new band every week. There’s nothing sadder then being one of those old dudes that still listens to the music that was cool when they were 16. Luckily, discovering new music is easy to do online thanks to music-sharing networks like and Pandora.

Also, know your genres, and have a diverse music collection. If you have nothing in your collection but country, or punk, or reggae, then you’re not ready for every possible situation. Branch out and make sure that you have:

Party music

Make-out music

Mellow background music

Music that will get people asking “what is this?” (and so your legend grows


At least three albums on your regular rotation that came out in the last year.

Last but not least, if you have any aptitude for it, any at all, learn to play an instrument! Preferably something masculine, like the guitar, or the saxophone. Or

hey, if you can sing – so much the better. Have you ever noticed how many frontmen in bands are alpha males? Practically all of them. Having a talent and/or being in a band is a classic alpha male trait.

Art Appreciation

Thinking about and understanding art isn’t about knowing your history lessons. It’s about being thoughtful, open-minded, and interested in the world around you. Art gives insight into life, and it can help you learn to express yourself clearly. Being able to do this is WAY more important than being able to name a bunch of famous painters and sculptors.

Besides actually using art to make yourself a better person, you can use art appreciation to increase your alpha male cred. Try some of this:

Be willing to take in cultural experiences like museums and art galleries.

Go a step further and do a bit of research. Be able to recommend a great gallery or art house theatre on a date. That’s money in the bank, baby!

Have some cool art on your walls. Guys with nothing on their walls but pictures of sports heroes are creepy. Don’t just go to the mall and pick up some posters. Go to an art store and get prints.

Finally, maybe if you can’t carry a tune, there’s something artsy that you are remotely good at. If so, take it up with some enthusiasm. There’s nothing sexier to women than a guy that can draw, or paint, or sculpt. Even graffiti can be a babe-magnet, if you do it right.

Developing an artistic side is particularly valuable to the alpha male because you have so many powerful, masculine qualities. Showing a more thoughtful layer is what rounds you out and makes you a deep, complex person.


All the greatest chefs in the world are men, and knowing what to eat and how to cook is an alpha male essential. If you’re the type that tends to burn water, then learn to cook at least ONE great meal. When it comes to dazzling the ladies, that’s usually all you need.

Hot tip #12: Pasta. That’s right, pasta. Pasta is the best combination of easy and fancy that you can hope for in the kitchen. Here’s a recipe for can’t-fail bean pasta that’s perfect for friends, family, and getting the ladies to love you:

Boil pasta (rotini) following the directions on the package.

Get a jar of plain tomato sauce. Simmer it on the stove with finely chopped onion, garlic, tomato, carrots, and green peppers.

Strain and add a can of mixed beans.

Add basil, oregano, and curry (three very basic spices you must have in your kitchen!).

Mix in a cup of ricotta cheese.

When the sauce is creamy, toss it with the pasta, and serve it smothered in fresh parmesan.

Serve it will red wine and salad.

CChhaapptteerr 77 -- FFrriieennddss aanndd FFaammiillyy:: BBuuiillddiinngg YYoouurr EEmmppiirree

In the world of the alpha male, there is all kinds of currency: sexual currency, emotional currency, hero currency (the kind you earn when you do something great, and spend when you screw up). But the most valuable form of currency may very well come in the form of the people that love and admire you. This is otherwise known as

Social Capital

Social capital is, in the words of the Wikipedia, “the advantage created by a person's location in a structure of relationships.” Obviously, as an alpha male, your goal is to be at the top of any relationship structure you’re a part of. You’re a sort of MVP. Everyone looks up to you and needs you in order to make their lives a success. This is one of the alpha male’s most valuable resources, as the more that people need you and like you, the more they are willing to do for you.

One of the keys to building social capital is your ability to network. Again it comes back to the challenge of building up your personal legend. There’s nothing that solidifies your position as alpha more strongly than walking in to a club or restaurant or party and having a bunch of people eager to say hello to you. Here are some general tips on how best to network yourself:

Remember names; always have a smile and a hello for everybody.

Get to know people in the service industry (cooks, waitresses, club owners, cab drivers, etc.). These are the people that can hook you up with free meals, great tables, and fast service, all of which boosts your alpha status.

Don’t restrict yourself to one group of people. Try to meet new friends on a regular basis, and always keep in touch with old friends. This is quite a bit of work, but when it comes to building social capital, it’s well worth the effort.

Your Core Group

No matter how popular you become, it’s super important to always keep your core group of friends close. These are the people that you need to ‘elect’ you as an alpha male; to help spread your legend and occasionally, to do your dirty work for you. There are a ton of alphas out there, but all you need to do is rule your crew in order to be an alpha anywhere you go.

The last thing you want to do is rule over a crew of wimpy betas. This is a question of dominance, so the stronger the guys in your group are, the more status you gain by having them worship you.

This means that it’s strategically advantageous to be a good friend. Help your buddies out and make them feel good about themselves. Throw some chicks their way on occasion, and don’t be afraid to talk them up. Remember, the cooler they are, the cooler you are.


Alpha males may be tough and mysterious, dominant and aggressive, but in the end, they’re also generally stand-up guys that look after their own shit, which means taking care of family. After all, in nature, being an alpha is all about preserving the bloodline, which requires taking a certain amount of pride in your heritage.

So visit your grandparents, run errands for your mom and go to games with your dad, let the little siblings tag along with you every once in a while, and try to sit down for a nice meal on special occasions.

Hot tip #13: If you have a little brother or sister, use them to your advantage. Taking them out for a day at the beach or the park is a great way to meet chicks doing the same thing with their little sibs. On the other hand, if you’re working on a babe that is proving particularly tough to crack, try hauling the little sib along on part (only part!) of your next date. Women love men who love kids.

Family won’t always be fun. In fact, a lot of the time they might be really boring or really embarrassing, but being good to them always makes you look like a champion, and it never hurts to add more names to the list of people that think you’re a hero.

The Pleasure-Effort Payoff Trade-off

But isn’t being an alpha all about pleasure? you might ask. And you’re absolutely right. It is. But in order to max out your pleasure quotient, sometimes you have to do some work. It’s a simple equation: the more effort you put in = the bigger the payoff.

On the one hand, if you take care of your family, guys who don’t do it enough will respect you, and chicks will guaranteed admire you. On the other hand, if you’re not willing or able to get along with your family, it will be seen as a sign of

weakness by women and by beta males who can smugly tell themselves that you’re not so great after all.

Every alpha male is an investment banker, but instead of working with stocks and bonds, you work with social capital. Cultivate it, take risks, triple your profits overnight, and when you’re rich in friends and admirers, you’ll be as untouchable as any billionaire hotshot.

CChhaapptteerr 88 -- CCaarrss:: TThhee DDrriivvee ttoo DDoommiinnaattee

Now that you’re done thinking about the people around you, you can get back to looking out for number one. As an alpha male, you need to have a car. Any car will be better than no car at all. As long as it’s not breaking down at embarrassing moments, and you drive with style and confidence, even an old beater can work for you.

Fixing Cars

Having an old car is not the worst thing that can happen to an alpha. If your car is ten years old, just insist that it’s a “classic car.” As an alpha male, making these kind of determinations is your prerogative. In fact, there are two classic car mistakes that are WAY worse than driving an old trans-am. These are:

Having a really nice car that in no way fits your lifestyle. If you’re a rugged, outdoorsy-type alpha, don’t get a sports car. If you’re the slick, urban type, don’t get a hummer. If you get a vehicle that makes an inaccurate statement about who you are, you’ll just look like you’re trying to make up for having a small dick.

Not being able to fix a car, or having a car that you don’t know how to fix. If you break the bank on some fancy European model that reads like Morse code under the hood, you’re going to look like a fool when it breaks down on a date and you don’t have a clue what to do about it.

Hot tip#14: Using the beater to your advantage. This tactic is best used on a second or third date. Before the two of you head out, sabotage the car in some small way. Just loosen the battery or something like that – something easy to fix. Then, when the car dies on the way to dinner, you just hop out and fix the problem in two seconds. This takes the babe on an emotional journey from concern and disappointment to relief and admiration. In other words – putty in your hands.

Buying a Car

When you walk into a car dealership, the first thing you have to be aware of is that every car salesman has to believe that he is the alpha male in order to survive. That means that any time you buy a car, it’s a battle for dominance between you and the salesman.

The trick to beating this guy is not to use the aggressive, domineering side of your alpha personality. Instead, you’ll have to rely on the intelligent, calm aspects of your personality.

Begin by going in there knowing exactly what you need. Do all your research online and figure out 1: what you want, and 2: what it’s going to cost. Next, go into the dealership knowing that the salesman is going to be using the intelligent, calm side of his personality, as well. He’s not going to be aggressive, he’s not going to try to push you around. Instead, he (or she!) is going to try to appeal to your alpha ego in order to get you to spend the most money possible.

That’s the trick. The salesperson is going to kiss your ass. They’re going to tell you how great you are, and insist that you deserve the best. They don’t mind if you

don’t think of them as an alpha, because in the end, the commission they earn off you will decide the battle.

So just be calm, and rely on the information you gathered before coming in. Don’t succumb to flattery or the promise of features that will make the ladies drool. Remember that the salesperson’s job is to act really happy and make you feel great. If you can make them uncomfortable and unenthusiastic about your purchase, then you’re on the right track.

New Cars vs. Used Cars

As a rule, new cars are a ridiculous expense. The only people who buy new cars are the horrendously wealthy. As an alpha male with a good knowledge of cars, you will do just as well buying a car that’s a few years old, but that’s nicer than any of the new cars you could afford.

If you’re driven to own the road, but your finances fall short of matching your ambition, you might even consider picking up an old Jag or a Mustang for a few grand and putting some man hours into restoring it. The benefits of this are three- fold: you get to learn all about cars, have a cool hobby, and eventually drive something that you put together with your own two hands. It doesn’t get much more alpha than that.

If, like most alphas, you’ve gotta have that new BMW, or that new Ford Explorer, you might want to try leasing it for a while. A good lease will generally get you a vehicle with all special features included for little extra cost, and it gives you some time to consider whether driving this car is really worth the expense.

Losing Your License

The alpha male lifestyle can involve a lot of partying, but lose your license, and you are taking a step down the road to the sad, sad world of the washed-up alpha.

The only way that you’ll guaranteed lose your license is by getting caught drunk driving. This is easy to avoid as long as you plan ahead.

As an alpha, it should be no problem for you to delegate the job of driving home to one of your beta buddies. Even better is to rely on a female friend who is less likely to blow off her role as designated driver and get drunk.

Hot tip #15: Get a designated driver pool going with your friends. As the alpha, your “turn” to stay sober doesn’t have to come up very often, but when it does, consider hiring a limo. The cost of renting a limo for an hour is only about $50.00, probably close to the price you would pay to get everyone home in a cab. This is an incredibly slick, classy thing to do. If you only have to do it about once a month, your entire budget for getting home safe after partying comes down to $50.00 bucks a month. And so your legend grows

Buying the Car of Your Dreams

As you gradually grow into your new role as alpha male, everything will start to go your way, including earning more money. As you get richer, you will work your way towards affording that dream car.

In the meantime, why not find out a thing or two about cars? Lease a few of your favourites for six months at a time. Get a subscription to a car magazine and take a class in car repair.

Doing this stuff will ensure that when the time comes for you to buy your dream car, you won’t just settle for the first penis-mobile that the car salesman offers you. You’ll actually get a car that you feel strongly about, that you know how to handle, and that makes a killer statement about exactly who you are.

Whatever you decide on in the end, it is CRUCIAL that you don’t get in over your head financially. If you buy a car you can’t afford, and it gets repo’d, it will do serious damage to your reputation.

This is exactly the kind of thing that many alpha males do to sabotage themselves. You’re supposed to be rich, you’re supposed to be generous, you’re supposed to have everything you’ve always wanted and more, which means that you start spending money. Often, it means starting to spend money you don’t have, maxing out every credit card that credit card companies are so eager to throw at alpha males.

Don’t fall into this deadly alpha male trap! Before you start to focus on spending money, it’s time to think about what you’re going to do the earn money

CChhaapptteerr 99 -- GGeettttiinngg PPaaiidd:: TThhee WWoorrlldd iiss YYoouurr OOyysstteerr

One of the main reasons alphas risk falling into that pit of debt is because it’s not in their nature to worry about money – at least not in a public way. Alphas know that wealth is all about attitude. If you act like all the wealth of the world is at your fingertips, it doesn’t matter how rich you are, others will believe that you’ve got it made.

However, taking this “no worries” attitude to money doesn’t mean that you have to go into debt. Simply avoid places and events that you can’t afford – but by personal choice, of course, not out of necessity – and only involve yourself in situations where you can be generous.

For example, if you’re going to a big game, you don’t need the box seats, just insist that you prefer to be in the stands with everyone else. If you’re on a date, take her to that inexpensive little Ethiopian restaurant rather than for fancy haute cuisine. The trick here is to make things that are matters of financial constraint APPEAR to be matters of personal choice.

Remember, for the alpha male, personal choice is the only true constraint!

Working for Yourself

As you evolve into the ultimate alpha male, you will find it easier and easier to earn the kind of money you’ve always wanted to earn. Employers are a lot like women – the same things turn them on and make them want you.

Whatever job you’re in right now, you’ll soon find yourself moving up in the ranks. Alpha males get noticed, and they get those promotions, because smart bosses, like smart women, want alpha males working right under them.

Of course, the alpha always prefers to be on top. After all, you’re the boss. If you don’t call the shots, you leave your fate in the hands of some potentially incompetent bozo, that’s why starting your own business should be your ultimate goal.

To get started, you can get something going on the side. Ever noticed how alpha males always seem to have personal projects going that bring in some extra cash? You have two options here: go with what you know, or try something completely different.

Odds are, you can turn whatever job you’re doing right now into your own business. If you do anything that involves pushing papers or crunching numbers, you can start to pick up some freelance work. As you develop your own clientele, you can move away from your regular job and start working entirely for yourself.

The same goes for jobs involving physical or manual labor. If you’re in construction or landscaping, for example, start your own subcontracting business. You’ve probably been working long enough that you have a pretty good idea of how to run your own crew. Maybe you’re already doing this – but at the benefit of someone else’s business.

To hell with that! What’s the point of being an alpha male if you still have to kowtow to someone higher up on the chain than you? Why should your skills, your personality, and your charm be benefiting a greedy boss?

Your other option in terms of self employment is to try your hand at something new. This is ideal for those who hate their current job. If you’re miserable where you work, it’s time to discover your true passion, or to take that thing that’s always been just a hobby, and turn it into a money maker!

Earning Money Online

Maybe you hate your current job so much that you have to get out right this second. One of the fastest, easiest ways to screw the system and go into business for yourself is to start making money online. There are almost as many different ways to get rich online as there are women who can’t wait to boink internet millionaires.

A good starting point might be to take that hobby or personal interest of yours, and start an ebusiness selling this product or service. Maybe you restore classic cars, or maybe your grandpa taught you how to make flies for fly fishing. Or maybe you just have a great story you want to share. Maybe you lost weight and got in shape and you can tell other people how to do it. Or maybe you know how to beat every game that’s come out for Xbox. Either way, you can SELL these stories to people.

The point is that there is probably something about you that is extremely marketable, and that other people can’t wait to get a piece of. The small,

successful business has been reborn on the internet. It gives you access to a worldwide consumer base of billions of people, so take advantage of this.

Hot tip #16: Customization. We live in a world that’s full of choices, and it’s full of people with money to burn. These people don’t just want to choose between the green and the blue, they want everything customized. One-of-a-kind. Totally original. And they’ll pay almost anything to get it. This goes for cars, furniture, houses, vacations, toys, clothes – you name it, they want it customized. And so even if you can’t produce something customized, you can probably act as a customization consultant. Break into this industry now and make a million bucks!

Another area of the internet that’s still ripe for the plucking is Ebay. If you can put a bit of time and effort into research, you can figure out the Ebay marketplace pretty quick. Figure out what you can buy cheaply and sell for a huge profit. This might include:

Anything you can buy locally and distribute to a greedy worldwide audience. Example: old electronics or media that are worth a ton of money in Asia.

Anything that you can buy online in poor condition, restore, and then resell at a profit.

Of course, this kind of stuff requires some time and money, which you may not have a lot of right now, being the busy alpha male that you are. If you’re looking for a cheap way to make money with virtually no overhead, consider getting involved in affiliate programs.

You can, in fact, start a website that sells nothing at all, and make your money through earning commissions by helping others to sell their products. Basically, you advertise for them, and every time you send some business their way, you get paid. The set-up fee here is basically nil, and the risk is non-existent. This is the definition of a business venture that is worth a try.

Day Trading

If you’re not the type of alpha that plans on spending his days in the workshop or in front of the computer, the fast-paced world of the day trader might be just the place for you. Day trading is the perfect high risk, high reward gamble for the alpha male. It’s exactly the sort of work that pays off big-time if you are a natural-born shark in a sea of guppies.

For those not in the know, day trading involves working the stock market on a day-to-day basis, buying stocks that are poised to perform dramatically over the course of the day, and reselling them on that same day. Of course, you need some serious coin to do this, but there are many low or no-interest loan options available to day-traders, as well as investors eager to get in on the next big cash cow.

Day trading is another stream of revenue that you can easily start small with. Pick it up on the side, almost as a hobby. Then, as you gradually make connections, learn to play the market, and become increasingly liquid, you can work your way up to doing huge trades.

Day trading is also the perfect compliment to the alpha male lifestyle. You work your ass off all day in a high-pressure, high stakes environment, and when you

close the day that much richer, it’s time to party! Blow off some steam and show off your earning power at all the best clubs and restaurants in the city. This is one job that guarantees you opportunities to go interesting places, and meet interesting people, if you can grab that bull by the horns!


Like spending money that you don’t have on credit, gambling is fun but it can become an addiction and ruin your life. After all, if you had any real chance of winning, casinos and lotteries wouldn’t be able to stay in business. But, you might protest, alpha males are all about getting lucky. Aren’t we exactly the kind of people that DO take home the big bucks?

No. Understand this: alpha males are not lucky. They are smart. They are observant. They’ve got charisma and they’re good decision-makers. None of these things make them ‘lucky’ by any stretch of the imagination.

Just for fun, go check out a casino. Walk around and take a few notes about the people at the table. The first thing you’ll notice is that gambling can be great if you have a lot of money to blow. The tables manned by cheering onlookers and classy babes are being played by alphas, but only by those who can afford to lose.

Now look beyond those glittering tableaus. See all the losers in their wrinkled suits with their red-rimmed eyes and greasy comb-overs - they’re not alphas, they’re walking zombies. Basically, when you gamble, you are gambling with your status as an alpha male. Are you really ready to lose that at the tables?


All doom-saying aside, poker can be a great game for alphas to win big at. Thanks to your amazing self-control, command of body language, and ability to read others, you can develop enough skill at poker to be a winner. This is because poker is not so much about luck as it is about understanding and controlling human nature.

Just remember to start out small. Play casually with your friends, and work your way up to those high-stakes tables. Winning at poker is just as much about knowing when to back off and not get in over your head as it is about knowing when to press your advantage with a table full of lightweights.

Hot tip #17: Life as a game of poker. We already talked about controlling your environment in chapter 3. Hopefully you’re getting good at it, because it can actually help you earn some serious cash. A good way to train yourself to be a killer poker player is to approach social situations with a poker player’s eye. Assess the other people in the room for strengths and weaknesses – figure out what makes them tick. Next, begin to test yourself. See how your emotions, reactions, and behaviours affect the other people in the room, and use these observations to determine how you can control the way others behave, not just with you, but with each other. Once you can control a room full of people at a party, you will have no trouble controlling a table of poker players.

CChhaapptteerr 1100 -- TThhee FFiinnee AArrtt ooff PPaarrttyyiinngg

One of the best things about being an alpha male is the partying. Once you achieve true alpha status, there will be opportunities to party every night. And of course, this is where you meet all the women, and make all the connections. Just remember: the key to effective partying is to pace yourself. If you don’t pace yourself, you risk burning out and getting really sick, which means you’ll miss out on a bunch of partying as you’re forced to allow your body to recover.

Hot tip #18: Always carry a lighter. Even if you’re a non-smoker, a lighter is a must-have in every alpha male on-the-go toolkit. Don’t worry about having a fancy lighter, a bit of cheap plastic will go a long way. Not only does lighting a woman’s cigarette make for an instant sex connection, you can also use lighters to easily open beer bottles.


Like gambling, drinking can get out of control if you let it. Out of control drinking can ruin everything from your health to your reputation. Just bear in mind that you are at risk. Like business men who have to drink with clients all day to make a sale, opportunities to have a drink or get drunk will constantly be thrown at the alpha male. But as the alpha male, just remember that you have the right to say no. Others won’t judge you for it. In fact, they might just follow your lead.

For all those time when you do say yes, you’ll have to learn to drink like a pro. Being able to drink a lot without necessarily becoming fall-on-your-face drunk can be done, if you follow these simple rules:

If you’re not much of a drinker, you have to work your way up to mass consumption slowly. Every time you get drunk, drink just a little bit more than you did last time. You’ll find yourself drinking with the big boys in no time.

Instead of pounding them back, pace yourself throughout the night. You can drink more without getting destroyed if you drink slowly and regularly. If you really want to max out your stamina, make every second drink a glass of water.

Mix drinking with snacking. An old Russian trick is to always have a plate of pickled foods (like, um, pickles), and salty, high-protein foods (like caviar), on hand to go along with that bottle of vodka.

Hot tip #19: Eat, drink, and be merry. In other words, in order to achieve maximum merriment, you’ve got to eat AND drink, so order a couple of pizzas to a party, or suggest a place for after-club snacking. Both will help to dilute the alcohol in your bloodstream and make you the hero of a bunch of hungry drunks.


The 100% guaranteed best way to solve the hangover problem is to avoid getting them altogether. To do this, stop drinking at least a couple of hours before you pass out. Eat something rich in carbs and protein, and CHUG WATER.

Hangovers are caused by dehydration, pure and simple, so the more non- alcoholic fluid you can get in your body before you crash, the better.

Also, although medical health experts will advise against it, take a couple of Tylenol while you’re chugging that water. Yes, mixing pills and booze is poison for your body, but if you were worried about that, you wouldn’t have gotten so wrecked in the first place. So on occasion, to avoid that savage morning-after misery, go ahead and take some Tylenol. It won’t kill you.

If, despite your best efforts, you don’t avoid that hangover, here’s what you can do to minimize the damage:

Mild hangover: Gatorade and a jog.

Medium hangover: Coffee and a big, greasy breakfast. Hint: this is also the perfect hangover level for the “hair of the dog.” Drink a Bloody Mary. Feel better.

Bad hangover: Water, pills, stay in bed, in the dark, swear that you will never drink again.


All alpha males should know how to mix some fun drinks, or at least how to order

a fun drink for a babe at the club. Here are a few simple ones for the road:

The Jelly Belly:

1 oz. Vodka

1 oz. Raspberry Sourpuss

Equal parts pineapple juice and Seven Up Ice and a cherry

The Mojito:


oz. Light rum


tablespoons of lime juice


few sprigs of fresh mint


teaspoons of sugar

Club soda and ice

Coat the inside of a tall glass with crushed mint. Add lime juice, sugar, rum, and ice, and stir it well before topping it off with club soda. Garnish with lemon and mint if you’re feeling fancy.

The “Original” Margarita: Traditionally, margaritas were served on the rocks, unblended. They were also served without sugar to sweeten the lime and tequila. Here’s how to throw together the classic margarita style with the sweetness that makes it a panty-remover:

2 oz. Gold tequila

3 tablespoons of lime juice

Immerse the top rim of the glass in a shallow dish of water, then in a shallow dish of salt to create the classic salty rim. Fill the glass completely with a mixture of 2/3 ice cubes and 1/3 sugar cubes.

Only whip out your drink-making skills on special occasions. After all, alpha males don’t play bartender for just anybody. And remember, even if you know how to make them, you should not be caught dead sipping anything pink with a little umbrella in it. Instead, get to know your fine scotches, and order all hard alcohol “on the rocks.”

Wine/Champagne Appreciation

Getting to know wine is all a matter of practice. The major distinguishing factor amongst wines is flavour, which is determined by what type of grape is used to make the wine. In fact, the names of wines, like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, and Zinfandel, are actually the names of the grapes used to make them.

If you’ve ever drank any wine at all, you probably already know the difference between these wines, subconsciously. All you have to do now is start to pay attention to what you’re drinking. Soon, you’ll be able to name the differences that you’ve always tasted.

Other need-to-knows:

The difference between dry and sweet wines. The scale from dry to sweet goes from one to five, with very dry being a zero, and very sweet, a five. Generally

when buying a bottle, avoid the sweet wines. These are more for after-dinner sipping than fine dining or styling women. Dry wines go down much smoother.

What kind of wine goes with what food? As a rule, choose a red wine for red meat and pasta dishes, and a white wine for chicken and fish. If you’re eating ethnic food, try picking a wine that goes with your food. For example, saki or plum wines make a nice addition to a meal of Chinese food.

The country a wine comes from is important. It’s a good idea to have a favourite French, Italian, Chilean, and Australian wine that you can pick up at a moment’s notice.

The difference between sparkling white wine and champagne. Champagne itself is a sparkling white wine. However, only a bottle that actually says “Champagne” on it contains champagne. All champagne comes from the area of France known as Champagne. Other sparkling wines are imitations of this style of wine, many of which are very good and very expensive, but should not accidentally be referred to as champagne.


Alpha males are fearless, adventurous, and they’ve got a million great stories, especially about their travels. Being well-travelled is just one of those things that make you a better alpha male. While others sit on their asses, afraid to take risks, you conquer the world like the Vikings and Conquistadors of old.

Part of the excitement of travel is that it involves putting yourself in situations where you alpha power is constantly tested. Languages, climates, and customs

that are completely outside of your comfort zone mean that you run the risk of being seriously dethroned.

There are two, slightly contradictory ways to avoid getting in trouble while on the road:

Be prepared! Do your research so that you have some idea what you’re getting into. Try to be at least halfway familiar with the language, and avoid expressing confusion or fear that could make you a target for those who prey on tourists.

Be relaxed! If something goes wrong or if you get lost, don’t panic, just go with it. And don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. Rather than being embarrassing, your willingness to admit you need help will help you make friends with the locals, which is key to enjoying yourself while travelling.

Hot tip #20: Friends all over the world. Even if you’re not going to be hitting the road for a while, it’s time to get online and start meeting people from all over the world. Just participating on a message board for your favourite band, for sports betting, or for any other hobby you’re already into can get you connected with all kinds of people. And being able to meet up with them on their own turf is the best way to experience a foreign place and of course, meet hot foreign women with the benefit of an official introduction.

Hot Destinations

You’re about to conquer the world. But where should you begin? Alpha males that have come before you have chosen from these different paths:

Travel in the steps of the greats: Throughout history, alphas with a desire to explore the great unknown have taken long trips (6 months – 1 year) to destinations that promise mystery and adventure.

The Far East. Nepal, Thailand and Vietnam are hot right now because they’re cheap and they don’t hate tourists.

Australia and New Zealand offers a great combination of rugged outdoor adventure and hardcore urban partying.

Italy, Spain, Morocco: Follow in the footsteps of Ernest Hemingway and tangle with bulls, scale mountains, and get a taste of real high living.

Engage in some serious partying on short trips to global party centrals. New York City: If you can survive here, you can survive anywhere. NYC is the gritty urban centre of the world. Here you can eat at all the best restaurants, party at all the coolest clubs, and bang all the pouty, pissed-off New York babes you can handle.

Las Vegas: You’ll never believe it until you experience it for yourself. The party never stops in Las Vegas, and everybody is there to have a good time and meet guys just like you. It can also be a very cheap destination if you get a vacation package through a big casino.

Caribbean: Cruises and resorts aren’t just for families and retirees anymore. There are plenty of party boats and party palaces that are saying NO KIDS ALLOWED and they offer sweet vacation packages in tropical paradises that are designed specifically to help you hook up and party your ass off.

Amsterdam: This is where the whole world comes to play. Party all night in a laid- back, relatively safe environment, and meet some seriously world-class women.

The newest thing to hit the travel scene is adventure travel. Designed, it seems, specifically for the alpha male, these adventures are the perfect option for alphas who need a vacation from babes and partying, and don’t want to spend it sitting on the beach.

White-water rafting is a killer rush for alphas looking to enjoy some gorgeous scenery and life-or-death situations.

Long-distance hiking will test your mettle and clean out your body. A great choice for the alpha super-athlete.

Alphas with serious hero-complexes like to get themselves in over their heads volunteering for aid organizations in South America and Africa. This is the ultimate option for the alpha that has seen all and done all and just wants to hack at some brush with a machete.

CCoonncclluussiioonn -- OOnnccee aann AAllpphhaa,, AAllwwaayyss aann AAllpphhaa

It won’t be long before you reach the point when you feel untouchable. You’ve seen it all, you’ve done it all. By now, you must know it all. Once you get to this stage of Zen-alpha status, however, you might start to notice that it’s not all fun and games.

The Burden of the Alpha Male

As alpha, all the people that look up to you, and that have ‘elected’ you as their alpha are going to expect a lot from you. When something goes wrong, or they’re in trouble, they will look to you for help. They’ll depend on you to come through for them, and they’ll expect all kinds of amazing answers and solutions from you because that’s just what you do, as alpha male.

On the plus side, every time you do come through, your hero status will go up a notch, and your legend will grow. And if you ever get sick of it all, you can always just stop coming through and go back to your old, no-pressure lifestyle.

Negative Alpha Qualities to Guard Against

You can go back to your old life

addicted to their alpha status, and become fairly set in their ways. There is just so much power and control and so many rewards that come along with being the

alpha that it’s easy to get stuck in the cycle of power and gratification.


theory. In reality, most alpha males get

Especially as you get older, and you get used to everyone looking up to you and relying on you, it will get easier and easier to fit into a routine where you are

always right, and where you always have to be in charge. At this point, the powerful qualities that have done so much for you can turn against you:

Your confidence can become arrogance, and lead to mistakes.

Your coolness and your ability to rise above it all can become indifference, and lead to the inability to have deep relationships.

Your risk-taking nature can become dangerous and escalate until a disaster occurs.

Your self-assurance can become tunnel vision, and you can become incapable of being open to new ideas.

So remember this one last thing: you got here by being open to learning new things, by learning to relax and meeting the challenges of life head-on, even if that meant risking your personal comfort. Never stop evolving in these same ways, and you’ll never fall into the traps that can devour alpha males as they age.

This has only been a brief introduction to the world, the lifestyle, the challenges, and the glory of the alpha male. You’ve probably already got a million questions about things you you’re not sure about. Luckily, this is only the tip of the iceberg. By signing up for Alpha Male 101’s exclusive Private Membership Library, you can gain in-depth access to all the tips, tricks, and can’t-fail techniques that have been building alpha males ever since the first caveman clubbed a cavewoman on the head and dragged her back to his cave.

Good luck, guys, not that you’ll need it