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ANTHOLOGY fb j YAIndre DOC. THE PRAYER Words by ALBERTO TESTA, TONY RENIS - Music by CAROLE BAYER SAGER, DAVID FOSTER Veloce, con espressione (4 we es Dm vb the (con pedale) re r i ub ‘ - i: T pray you'll be our eyes, and watch us where we —————. rit. e dim, a Pa mic and help us 10 be wise times when we don't eb F Gn Gms poco rit. a tempo Let this be our prayer When we lose our eee Solm a tempo Mib/Fa © 1998 by WARNER TAVERANE PUBL Corp Sido pa: Mala: WARNER BROS. MLISIC TAY = Vie G Fara, 29 20124 Rano Tu iit sono ruawot a ein degg2 per poss del mondo. Al gs eivedneatnal Copyoght sce 10 be ob bm Am Lead us to @ place, guide us with your grace ab rec be F to a place where we'll be bea sibiFa T pray we'll find your and hold it in our