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April 9

Y N Y Y Y Bipartisan Budget: Members on April 9

approved, 348-70, a bipartisan budget to fund
the government until mid-week. Congress
then is likely to pass a permanent budget for
the rest of fiscal 2011 negotiated by President
Obama and congressional leaders. A yes
vote was to pass the bill.
Y Y N O N GOP Budget Bill: Members passed, 247
-181, a GOP bill to fund the military through
Sept. 30 while funding the rest of the
government through April 15 with $12 billion
in spending cuts and a ban on D.C. abortions.
A yes vote backed HR 1363 over Democratic
assertions it will not become law.
Y Y N N N Democratic Budget Bill: Voting 236-187,
members tabled (killed) a Democratic bid to
bring an alternative to HR 1363 (above) to a
vote. A yes vote was to block consideration of
a bill to keep the government open through
April 15 but without the Republicans’ budget
cuts or policy changes.
N N Y Y Y Military Pay: Members defeated, 191-236, a
Democratic bid to ensure no loss of military
pay in a government shutdown. The
underlying bill (HR 1363) contained a similar
GOP guarantee. Both sides agree that
military pay could be interrupted but never
reduced as a result of a shutdown.
Y Y Presidential War Powers: Voting 90-10,
senators tabled (killed) a challenge to
President Obama’s authority to involve the U.
S. military in Libya’s civil war without prior
congressional approval. A yes vote was to
portray the March 19 presidential troop
deployment as constitutional.
N Y Health-Law Paperwork: Voting 87-12, the
Senate sent President Obama a bill to strip
the new health law of its rule that businesses
issue an IRS Form 1099 to any vendor to
whom they pay at least $600 annually. A yes
vote was to repeal the rule following small
businesses’ objections to it.
KEY VOTES AHEAD ©2011 Thomas Voting Reports
In the week of April 11, Congress will seek to pass a permanent fiscal
2011 budget. The House also will start work on the 2012 budget, and the
Senate will debate a bill awarding federal contracts to spur small-
business innovation.