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Adobe Systems Registration Form Generated by Foxit PDF Creator © Foxit Software For evaluation only.

Mail this form to: The nearest TNT Box address. See the addresses located in
your software box. Or send to: Adobe Systems Incorporated,
AP&L Registrations, 801 North 34th Street, Seattle, WA 98103-8882 USA

Form ID U6
Customer ID
Serial number KWW400R7148935-223
Product code ACROBAT
Product version 4.0
Product check G
Product language ENU
Operating system NT
Title/Salutation Mr
First name Ta
Middle initial
Last name TE
Company TE
Department rtregfsdf
Address line 1 fdgfdgff
Address line 2 fgfgfsgff
City fgfgfgfsgfsd
Zip/Postal code 5465654
Country 5654654
Phone number 56565465445
Fax number 54656546565
E-mail address
No mail N
Business license I
Contact method A
Primary business 09
Job function D
a. Acrobat A
b. After Effects
c. Dimensions
d. FrameMaker
e. Illustrator E
f. PageMaker F
g. PageMill/SiteMill
h. Persuasion
i. Photoshop I
j. Premiere
k. Type
z. Other products
Graphic Design Y
Registration vers. W32 2.03.03
Full name Ta TE
Marketing region ROW