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© 6 UNWRITTEN ‘Tekst en muziek:D. Brisebois ‘W Rodri Popbeat riques N. Bedingfield Pianobew:: Paul Natte Couplet F' F + ten, can't read my mind, T'm just be - gin - ning, the pen's in my hand, F eb en-ding un-planned Sta-ring at the blank page be - fore you O-pen up the dir-ty 2003 Gator Baby Music, EMI Blackwood Music Inc., USA, EMI Music Publishing Ltd. and Copyright Control (83.34%) EMI Musie Publishing Ltd., London WC2H 0QY Reproduced by permission of International Music Publications Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Printcopyright of this arrangement by B.V. Muziekuitgeverij XYZ, Ambachtsweg 42, 1271 AM Huizen - Holland Bhn6 jp} F win-dow Let the sunil-lu-mi - nate thewords that youcould not find Rea-ching for some-thing inthe Pi Bp distance So close youcan al-most taste it Re-lease your in- hi - bi-tions Feel the rain on your | : fi f3,)~AH 4 for you On-ly you can let it in Noone else,—_no one elae— Bb F Dm Gm ab F Can speakthe wordson your— lips Drenchyour-self— in words un - spo- ken Live your life— with arms wide fide E28) Dm o- pen ‘To-day ig where your book be-gins The rest is still un - writ-ten B be-ginsFeel the rain on your 4 Refrein Dm Gm Bb = skin No one else—— can feel it for you On-ly you—— can let it in No one else, no ome else. “Can speak the wordson your lips Drench your-self__ in wordsun - spo-ken Live your life with arms wide aa : fii. fTs.