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Harrington 1

Curtis Harrington

Larry Neuburger

Composition 102-110

2 March 2011


I. Post-WWI Germany and the rise of Adolf Hitler

A. Formation of German Workers Party

1. Anger, discrimination and the roots of anti-Semitism

2. Change to National Socialist German Workers Party

B. Adolf Hitler appointed as Chancellor

1. Swearing in of SA and SS auxiliary police

2. The destruction of the Reichstag building

3. German parliament grants Hitler dictatorial power with Enabling Act

II. Early Jewish persecution and discrimination

A. German Gestapo

B. Jews surreptitiously deprived of basic rights and services

1. Nuremberg Laws

C. The first concentration camps

1. Dachau

III. Nazi occupation of Austria and Poland

A. Hitler announces Anschluss (union) with Austria.

1. Brutal crackdown of Austrian Jews

B. Kristallnacht - The Night of Broken Glass.

Harrington 2

1. Jews rounded up and transported to concentration camps

2. Reaction outside of Germany

3. Economic impact

C. Hitler threatens Jews during Reichstag speech

D. Nazi’s invade Poland, begin SS activity

IV. The Final Solution

A. SS murder squads

1. Polish citizens, politicians and others rounded up and enslaved or executed

B. German Jews ordered to wear yellow stars

1. Beginning of general deportation of Jews

2. First extermination camps activated in Poland

C. Wannsee Conference to coordinate the "Final Solution"

1. Jews deported to Auschwitz

2. Operation Reinhard and the mass deportation of Jews to extermination camps

3. Installation of gas chambers

V. United States intervention and the end of WWII

A. Evacuation of Nazi concentration camps

1. Death marches

2. Camp liberations

B. Hitler’s suicide

1. Unconditional German surrender

VI. Jewish life post-Holocaust

A. Nuremberg trials
Harrington 3

1. Former SS members go on trial at U.S. Military Tribunal

2. The International Criminal Court established

B. Rebuilding Jewish life

1. Survivor testimonies and literature

2. The Jewish as 'Dislocated Persons'