Sei sulla pagina 1di 1 VOL, 16.05 NOVEMBER 2005, ah THE DISC DOCTOR New hands-free system puts the fix on CDs and DVDs | COATT oy cea Disc-Go-Tech has the answer for all those ‘media-philes who don't take proper care of their music and movies. Their new cleaning system, the Disc-Go-Pod Plus, allows users to insert a scratched disc, fill the polish tank with solution and then simply walk away for the repair cycle, which can range from five to 15 minutes. The Pod Plus, which comes with a 30-day money | back guarantee, polishes the disc’s underside | with two cleaning heads that make the discs o | more readable. The system also comes with a : finishing spray for added protection. “The Dise- Go-Pod Plus is a great machine to enter the disc | repair market or to maintain extensive CD/DVD collections,” says Mark Chaplin, president and CEO of Disc-Go-Tech. “The product is compact enough for personal users but powerful enough for the retail market.” Now people don't have to feel so guilty when they leave their unsleeved CDs and DVDs in stacks because the Pod Plus can most often bring them back to life. MSRP: $495. (DAVID JENISON} On the web: