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. SUUL SALAD VEGETABLE LENTIL SOUP 59 topped with fresh parmesan cheese SOUP OF THE DAY 3.95 made daily withthe freshest ingredients GRILLED CHICKEN SALAD so romaine & radicchio, creamy feta dressing & garlic croutons tonped with marinated chicken breast FLANK STEAK SALAD 950 fresh baby greens topped with french tis, grilled flank steak strips, cheese and our ranch dressing STRAWBERRY FIELD 725 fresh cut strawberries and baby spring mix tossed will crumbled blue cheese, crisp bacon, spiey pecans ana balsamic vinaigrette CAFE SALAD 4.15 romaine lettuce with tomatoes. hard boiled eaas, ‘wks cheese and black forest ham tossed! with oregano vinaigrette @GREEK SALAD 250 traditional greek salad greens tossed with tomatoes, ‘onion, cucumber, kalamata olives & feta cheese drizzled with oregano vinaigrette ASIAN SALAD 7.95 boston lettuce, shredded green & red cabbage, carrot, ilantro, scallions & cashews with peanut dressing * add - aritieg chicken 2.75 - antied salmon 4.00 i THE ATLAS 8.95 fresh tomato sauce = grilled shrimp 4.00 - grilled flank steak 4.00 ns ith four cheese blend of noccarella, (eld, (online & freshily grated patriiesan @THE SHROOM DISC 4.95 herbed olive oil crust with assorted mushrooms & fresh mozzarella - add italian sausage + 1.00 PESTO CHICKEN 9.95 pesto marinated chicken breast, red onions and fresh cherry tomatoes THE DON 95 tomato sauce, pepperoni, italian sausage, peppers, ‘mushrooms, onions, topped with fresh mozzarella MUASI-ReaS nse) NORTH CAROLINA CRAB CAKES 9.95 jumbo lump crab cakes seasoned with old bay ‘and pan-fried served with mashed potatoes, mixed greens and a citrus buerre blanc COSMOS LONDON BROIL 9.50 marinated beef, grilled over an open flame, topped with paris mustard sauce, served with french fries PENNE BUTTERRA 8.25 perine pasta wilh italian sausage, pees anid cherry tomatoes with a light cream sauce CHICKEN PAILLARD 9.75 chicken breast pan seared, served on a bed of mashed potatoes, spinach and wood oven roasted tomatoes SMOKED SALMON LINGUINE 9.50 fresh house smoked Norwegian salmon tossed will a white chive creat sauce over fresti inguine NAPOLITAINE LASAGNE 8.50 layers of ground beef, ricotta cheese, spinach & sundried tomatoes served with basil, marinara @ PESTO PENNE PASTA 795 cherry tomatoes. grilled asparagus and a home- made pesto sauce tossed with penne pasta @ PASTA PRIMAVERA 7.95 with garden veggies in garlic white wine sauce * aud - grilled chicken 2.75 - grilled salmon 4.00, Grilled shrimp 4.00 QUESADILLA 8.95 grilled chicken, sauteed portabellas, onions, Jalapenos and smoked mozzarella, topped with sour cream and a side of black bean salsa KALAMARI. 7.95 pan-fried & served with roasted red pepper aoli CHICKEN KUNG PAO 950 traditional chinese dish of marinated chicken with a spicy sweet & sour sauce, cashews and scallions served over basamati rice please, ask your server about our DAILY FEATURE @ = vesetarian items ND (e= | aT -served with golden fries @GRILLED VEGGIES BURGER 7.75 grilled seasonal vegetables on abate will chipotle mayonnaise COSMIC BURGER 8.25 Cholee Joz. frestt ground beet on a toasted roll ‘wath lettuce, tomato, red onion & crumbled Teta TURKEY PANINI 8.95 thin sliced turkey breast, cranberry jelly, brie cheese and crispy bacon GRECIAN GYRO 7.75 tender slices of around lamb & beef wrapped in pita tapped with tratziki, tamatnas, lattice and onions COBB SANDWICH 9.50 grilled chicken breast served with bacon, avocado and blue cheese on a fresh onion roll DESSERTS VANILLA CREME BRULEE 5.95. topped with carmalized sugar and chocholate tulle TIRAMISU 5.95 ladyfingers soaked with espresso & marsala, layered with marscarpone cheese and grated chocolate WARM APPLE COBBLER 5.95 mix of sauteed aples with brown sugar, cinnamon, hard cider and rum raisins topped with a ‘cobbler’ biscuit crust DARK BELGIAN CHEESECAKE 5.95 with cinnamon creme anglaise ‘add vanilla, chocolate ice cream or raspberry sorbet Eas Coke, Sprite, Diet Coke, Ginger Ale, Tonic, Minute Maid Lemonade, Suaar Free RED BULL 5.00 Bar's Ruut Beet 195 San Pelligrino 500ml, 300 Panna Iltr. 4.00 Panna 500 mi. 3.00 Espresso, Americano 3.00 Latte, Cappuccino, Mocha 350 Iced Tea ed gratuity of 20% added Herbal Tea 250 for parties of eight or more 195 Coffee for speed of service parties of 8 RED BULL Eneray Drink or more are placed on one check eyo MONDAY 8.00 = Tipieces CALIFORNIA ROLL TUNA ROLL CUCUMBER ROLL TUNA NIGIRI TUESDAY 8.00 = 15 pieces ‘CALIFORNIA ROLL PHILADELPHIA ROLL CUCUMBER ROLL CRAB ROLL TUNA ROLL WEDNESDAY 8.00 =11 pieces SPICY TUNA ROLL CALIFORNIA ROLL CUCUMBER ROLL SHRIMP NIGIRI THURSDAY 8.00 = 15 pieces CALIFORNIA ROLL EEL ROLL CUCUMBER ROLL CARROT ROLL SALMON ROLL FRIDAY 8.00 lpieces CALIFORNIA ROLL ‘CUCUMBER ROLL CRAB ROLL SALMON NIGIRI no substitutions Sere 3 pieces 3 pieces 3 pieces z pieces 3 pieces 3 pieces Spieces 3 pieces 3 pieces 3pieces 3 pieces 3 pieces Zpieces 3 nieces 3 pieces 3 pieces 3 pieces 3 pieces S pieces S pieces 3pieces 2pieces