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25 May 1976 Hellberg bought a book, Probl a¥tially paid for and so néver obtained, j és.6 conn LEP ES Ibe con Cons 6 : } : G/conn WW Se higermsbshe EES | csc 7 oo eS | : Dear Jane, : ‘ { 3 ae Re: Lutheran World redtration { 3 —thaninyou very much for €he very interesting news thal i Of Work, which he only Well that puts an his father's attempt to blacken our name by claiming that his son-went crazy $n. Scientology and murdered a fellow homosexual in Sweden. - The psychiatrist's statement and the. bookseller's gtatenent can certainly be used legally, and if David's mission Goes not produce the desired effects, then ve can go on an exposé of the Lutheran World Federation and we can also sud then. : : eSfers hn a rrrt—t—r———— you kAow, turned op héte fA CW) — Fi hey certal: pass matter, 28 So, very well done on collecting the ‘information end. I ose hope that PR can terminatedly handle the Lutheren World Federation without our having te resort to Legal tactics. Aetbesminaiiitess