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RM SRBRAERRERBRBRERBNH REE ERE Be wo sann aww tem 00007273 Hi 1 bs RON HUBBARD, being duly svorn, depose and cay thate 1, Tan the Founder of the Feliztes of the Church of rc °° Sctentolecy. & 2. Fron tine to tine, ever the pase 20 years I have written > doctrine, known es “Polley Letters" which are currently dn use as au inissered by the Churches! ministerial staff, On and around March 27, 1265; Karch 7, 1965 axd Decexber fe three "Policy Letters” entitled 28, 1905; T bad cause to wr vounpressive Acts Suppression of Scentology and Scleatolosists Fue bair Gave Lax” (7 farch 1505 end 25 Deceuber 1965) and “Fair Grgantzation Suppressive Acts The Source of the Fair Core 1765). en with the intent to renove 4. These pelictes were ert ital Marrlers {roy the progress of the Church sere of the funda suc ite parisstoners. 5. The fntent, as written by ne, was steply to cake tt clear to all Scientologists that these who actively atteapted to Lock our neet be Considered a vender forverd progress could no ti ef the group and thusly not be afforded the protection of Setea- rolory Eudes a1 £0 covered in the volures of policy on the sub- Jeet of echies as written by ryself, Scientologists in good standing are protected by the ethical polictes of the Church acainst sufts or disturbances of any kind by enotier Scfentelocist. Recourse {rez any such scticn Le fenediately avatlable to any Scfentologist via # Chaplains Court wiiel is held by « Sclentolosy minister, tls function fs to sottie eli ef fferences anteably. Te Vis hever any atterpt or (ntent on ey part by the of these policies (or any others for that fact), te au serize Wllegal er harasseent cype acts agnst anyone, 7. As soon as Lt becene apparent to ne that the concept of IBBARD 3-227 | AFFIDAVIT OF LRON HUI 6 VAULT BIN J4 BINYAC n BRE BB RA SRBRRERREBRARE 8 “fait Cena es described ebove was being wistate rp: ty the uninformed, t8 mean the granting of « cease te Scfentol~ ogists for acts tn violation of the lev and/or other standards of decency, these polictes vere cancelled, bandiing of a Suppressive person with regards to the fact! that he ds not accepted within the Church and way not aval hime self cf Cheplain’s Courts and other services of the Church due to the fact that he causes trouble and does nar make personal gains, reraias © stringent Church policy. Signed this day of __Nerch L976.