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Wall Mount Speaker System DSP606 Series DSP6061 —_DSP6062_—_—DSP6063 DSP6064 OWNER’S MANUAL Tn oder to elite nealing, modulating and running pls real is mana carfly Store tp FEATURES: © Made of high quality engineering plastic, long-term durability, never ‘out of shape and fa © Equipped with hanging holes for mounting; © Long life, sounds clear and sonorousness. FREQ. RESPONSE DISTORTION (aos. 1. tm) (D1. 1W. m,n) ae “ [puma HANGINGHOLE, NAILFOR MOUNTING fanton INSTALLATION 1. Use hardware to nail two Otmm screws onthe wall where itis neededto instal speaker, you can choose horizontal or vertical direction tohang the speaker as you wish The distance between the wall andthe cap is 4-6num, 2. Connect audio broadcasting wire tothe terminals according to the table below: TV To0V Redback snons2sw | _roa0sus0w Data nthe table are RMS DSPEOGI /DSPGOG2 /DSPEDGS /DSPOAGS resp 3. Adjust the speaker for desired postion and make sure fits steady ‘SPECIFICATIONS [eee MODEL | _DsFens! — —Dspanel —|~pspa0e pret Tre Resp_—| 17020, 000 | 10-20, 0008 | 5.20 00H — [70-20 nH Seniviy 9148 1a 938 im. 10). = ‘SPL (in) Too Toa oa Ti Dimensions | 50X17 Taoxtasx | 95x 210% | EXIST CE Weigie aig cry aig