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Honeywell Safety Products India

(A Division of the Honeywell Life Safety Group)

Srikanth Kadiyali
National Sales Manager
Honeywell Safety
Products (HSP)

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Who is Honeywell Safety Products?
• One of the leading manufacturers of occupational
health and safety products worldwide
• Global Headquarters- Cranston, RI
• 600 million US$ Sales in Global
• North is a brand leader for Honeywell Safety
• Norcross Safety Products joined Honeywell Life
Safety in May 2008
• All products pass specific standards

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Honeywell Safety Products
General Safety & Preparedness
Fire Services Electrical Safety

Comprehensive head to toe Comprehensive head to toe Comprehensive head to toe

protection product offering apart from protection for Fire Safety professional protection for electrical Safety
Fall protection, welding and LOTO All products as per NFPA70E 2009 All products approved as per either
All products approved with Products with high quality with ASTM or NFPA 70E 2009
minimum one international approval specific focus on ease of use, comfort Products include protection against
Products with high quality with and fit live wires, arc flash protection,
specific focus on ease of use, comfort Major Brands include Morning Pride, insulated tools and electrical meters
and fit Servus, American Firewear, Ranger & for detecting electrical hazards
Major Brands include NORTH, KCL Pro Warrington Products available under the

Indian Operations started from 2010; is a $1B+ US$ organization worldwide

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North Safety Products – PPE

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Norcross - Protective Footwear

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WH Salisbury – Electrical Glove & Barrier

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T F G – Firefighting Protective Clothing

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Eye & Face

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Hearing Protectors

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Foot Protection

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And many more...

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For enquires please contact:

Srikanth Kadiyali
National Sales Manager
Mobile: 961115750 16
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