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Lord of the flies

Written in 1954

William Golding knew a lot about human nature, human condition.

The book was really Hypothetical as it was really hard for the situation to occur in real life,
as their were no injuries and no adults.

One of the variables he gets rid of is girls, adults, maturity, adulthood and he made sure
they kept the age range close together.

It was basically an experiment of what would happen if

Coral islands by a author called Ballantyne

It wrote about how an island could actually be fun and romanticised place.
William Golding thought, no and he wrote lord of the flies to say what he thought of what
would happen.

He took the most civilised and most cultured and high class English children and sought to
see human nature in it's bare form.

Kids are generally thought as innocent yet they turn into savages, yet Golding is trying to
make a point of how not all kids are innocent.

He was very sarcastic about the British even though they were British.

The sign that the kids received form the grown up was war.

The supreme irony is that the adults were actually worse than the children.
The officers eye rested on the battleship that was to take them home.
What William Golding is trying to say that the officer looks down at the savagery of the
children yet when he turns around the savagery of war itself is even greater.

Simon's Christian view shows us the one true good side of human nature while
Ralphs character is intended as the average person, while jacks character is the evil and
destructive side of man.

Beelzebub - lord of the flies - devil