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Assignment Questions: KXEX2244

Semester 1, Session 2010/2011

Assignment solutions are due during Week 10 (27.9.2010 – 30.9.2010). Please submit
them to your tutor. Late submission will not be accepted.

Question 1
A body cools according to Newton’s law of cooling

= −kθ,

where θ is the temperature difference between the body and the surrounding air, and
k is a constant. Initially the body has a temperature of 100◦ C and the air is at 26◦ C.
Ten minutes later the body has a temperature of 82◦ C. Estimate the time taken for
the temperature to drop to 30◦ C.

Question 2
Recall from Chapter 1 Section 3 of the lecture notes, the differential equation that
d2 q dq q
governs the LRC circuit is L 2 + R + = E(t). Without an inductor and E
dt dt C
constant, an RC circuit satisfies the linear differential equation
dq q
R + = E.
dt C

(a) Solve for the charge q(t) if the initial condition is q(0) = q0 .

(b) Determine lim q(y) and show that this limit is independent of q0 .

(c) Graph q(t). Determine when the charge has its maximum and minimum values.

(d) Determine at what time q(t) is within 1% of its steady-state value.

Question 3
A particle moves in a vertical plane under gravity and an air resistance whose magnitude
per unit mass is k times the speed of the particle, where k is a positive constant. The
coordinates of the particle at time t, with respect to a horizontal axis Ox and a vertically
upward axis Oy, are (x, y). Show that

d2 x dx
= −k ,
dt dt
d2 y dy
= −k − g, (*)
dt dt

Given that a projectile with a terminal speed of 30.5 m/s is fired when t = 0 from O
with an initial speed of 30.5 m/s at an inclination of 45◦ .

(a) Solve (*) for x and y in term of t.

(b) Plot the trajectory of the projectile.

(c) Compare the path trajectory to that when there is no air resistance.