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Obama Declares 'Gas of Life' A

January 3rd, 2011 • 10:47 AM

As of yesterday, carbon dioxide has joined cyanide and arsenic on the Environmental
Protection Agency's list of dangerous pollutants.

In the 19th century, after chemists had established that carbon dioxide is the essential
nutrient allowing green plants to produce oxygen by photosynthesis, CO2 became known
as the "gas of life." Without it, the life-giving exchange between green plants and oxygen-
breathing organisms would be broken. But last May, the Obama Administration, having
declared life a danger to the public health, found the gas of life to be a pollutant.

Opponents have already noted that the EPA ruling was a blatant and unconstitutional
effort to bypass Congress, which voted down Obama's Cap and Trade legislation last
summer. The Administration had simply used the Executive power to justify what it could
not win in Congress, just as it did with the defeated Section 1233 of the healthcare bill
modeled on Hitler's Tiergarten 4 directive mandating euthanasia.

Yesterday, Michigan Republican Fred Upton, who will become chairman of the House
Energy and Commerce Committee, vowed to fight the EPA ruling. "We will not allow the
administration to regulate what they have been unable to legislate," he has declared.

The EPA ruling, which goes into effect Jan. 2, is already having a chilling effect on the
construction of new power plants, as utilities are unable to know what measures they
might have to implement to control the output of carbon dioxide, the principal byproduct
of burning coal, natural gas, and oil. Thanks to the EPA, and challenges by environmental
groups, not a single new coal-fired power plant has been started in the United States for
two straight years. Next to nuclear, which is the principal target of the genocidal
population reduction policy known as environmentalism, coal is the most efficient means
of electricity generation. 1/18/2011
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