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Skaven Clan Skryre – 7.0

Premise: With the individual Clans losing their identity in Warhammer Fantasy Battle 7 th Edition, this series is to bring back the individual Clan identities and make them useful for those who would rather play battles using the Skaven background, rather than “who can put the best unit combination together” tournament-style.

In White Dwarf 310 the Clan Skryre list was described as “the closest to the original Skaven Army list” in the book. Thus, in 6 th Edition, it was easy just to call the basic Skaven army a Clan Skryre army. This list acknowledges that premise while using the Clan Skryre list in the back of the Skaven 6 th Edition Army book. There are a lot of new war machines and mechanical devices in the 7 th Edition book as well, so those are also being included.

The rationale for each modified unit or character is listed beneath each unit section, rather than in the back of the list. The rationale states how I converted the profile from 6 th Edition to the current 7 th Edition version.


As a variant/supplement to the Warhammer Armies Skaven book, that tome will be needed in order to use this army list.

Skaven-wide Special rules, such as Scurry Away, Strength in Numbers, and Verminous Valour apply to all units profiled here, unless otherwise noted.

Beastmaster: All units within 6” of a model with the Beastmaster rule can re-roll any failed psychology test.


Grey Seer (See Skaven Army Book 7 th Ed.)

test. LORDS Grey Seer (See Skaven Army Book 7 t h Ed.) Master Warlock Pts/model: 233

Master Warlock

Pts/model: 233






















Magic: A Master Warlock is a Level 4 Wizard who generates 4 power dice and 2 dispel dice. However, he only has access to a variation of the Warplightning Spell (See Special Rules below).

Equipment: Warlock-augmented weapon, warplock pistol & warp-energy condenser.


May choose items from the Magic Items and Scavenge-pile items up to a total value of 50 points.

May not choose items from any other Clan’s Tools of War list.

Special Rules

Warplightning: The Master Warlock is capable of casting 3 different strength variations of the Warplightning spell; depending on the casting value and number of dice he chooses to roll for casting:

Casting Value 6+ causes d6+2 Strength 5 hits unless a casting roll of 1 is rolled (which causes the caster to suffer a single Strength 5 hit instead).

Casting Value 10+ causes 2d6+2 Strength 5 hits.

Casting Value 13+ causes 3d6+3 Strength 5 hits.

These spells take into account the use of the warp- energy condenser (which adds the +2 to the dice).

The Master Warlock can choose to cast Warplighning multiple times during the magic phase by declaring which casting value he is choosing before rolling the power dice. As long as the magic phase continues and he has casting dice available to him, he may continue to cast. He may not, however, target the same enemy unit with more than one spell in a phase. He must target a different unit each time he casts the spell.

Rationale: 6 th Edition Grey Seer +1 WS, A, Ld. (180 pts – 50 pts of equipment net 130 pts). Grey Seer was 235 pts – 40 pts Warpstone Tokens = 195 pts). Base difference of –65 for Warlock Master from a base Grey Seer character. Therefore, -65 pts Applied to 7 th Edition Grey Seer profile –30 pts for d3 Warpstone Tokens that come with 7 th Edition Grey Seer + 88 pts for equipment/additional levels that the Warlock Master comes with.


Skaven Clan Skryre – 7.0



Army Battle Standard Bearer: One Chieftian in the army may carry the Battle Standard for +25 pts.

If a Chieftain is carrying the Battle Standard, he can have a magic banner (no points limits apply), but if he carries a magic banner he cannot carry any other magic items. He cannot be the Army General.

Warlock Engineer

See Skaven Army Book 7 th Edition for rules and profiles of all the above-mentioned characters.



Only Clanrats count toward the Minimum number of Core units required in your army.

Poisoned Wind Globadiers Warplock Jezzails Skaven Slaves Stormvermin Rat Swarm

Any Clanrat Clawleader or Stormvermin Fangleader may be armed with a warplock pistol for +4 points.

See Skaven Army Book 7 th Edition for rules and profiles of all the above-mentioned units.


Night Runners Giant Rats Warplightning Cannon Doomwheel

See Skaven Army Book 7 th Edition for rules and profiles of all the above-mentioned units.


Plague Monks Plague Censer Bearers Gutter Runners Rat Ogres Hell Pit Abomination Plagueclaw Catapult

See Skaven Army Book 7 th Edition for rules and profiles of all the above-mentioned units.

Special Characters

Thanquol & Boneripper

(See Skaven Army Book 7 th Edition)

Ikit Claw

(See Skaven Army Book 7 th Edition)

Vermin Lord Morskittar

(See Skaven Army Book 7 th Edition) One Vermin Lord representing the Lord of Decay and member of the Council of Thirteen represents Clan Skryre. This is Lord Morskittar The use of a Vermin Lord from the Army Book represents this Lord of Decay.

Clan Skryre. This is Lord Morskittar The use of a Vermin Lord from the Army Book


Skaven Clan Skryre – 7.0

Deathmaster Snikch

The Deathmaster can be found in the service of any of the dominant Clans. See Skaven Army Book 7 th Edition)

Veskit, High Executioner Pts/model: 175

Veskit was all ready a talented Clan Eshin assassin when he was entrusted with his most difficult mission: He was hired by Clan Skryre to free one of their oldest and most experienced Warlocks who was being held hostage by a rival clan.

Veskit managed to take the prisoner back, fighting his way through the guards, but at a very high cost. He suffered terrible wounds and would have certainly died, but the Nightlord of Clan Eshin made a pact with the Warlock Engineers of Clan Skryre, replacing various parts of Veskit’s body with their part- technological, part-magical implants and made him a walking arsenal of deadly weapons. Veskit is now more a machine than a living thing, and his thirst for killing has become almost uncontrollable.

Veskit is a Hero Character who can be your army’s General. Due to his close alignment with Clan Skryre, he can also be fielded as a Special Character for a Clan Skryre army.

Profile M WS BS S T W I













Equipment: Eshin Fighting Claws. Each incorporates a built-in warplock pistol


Metallic Body: Veskit’s metallic carapace gives him a 3+ armour save. When combined with his Fighting Claws in Close Combat, this confers a 1+ or 2+ armour save.

Unfeeling: Veskit is a cold, calculating killing machine and feels few of the emotions that living things do. He is Immune to Fear, Terror and Panic.

No Pain: Veskit shrugs off wounds and injuries that would fell a normal Skaven. He has a 4+ Ward Save.

Unblinking Eye: Thanks to the sorcerous devices built by the Warlock Engineers of Clan Skryre, Veskit has a Warlock Optics scope built into his left eye socket.

This confers a +1 to his BS (shown on profile) and he can partially see through objects. Therefore, he suffers no penalty for shooting at targets in cover.

Rationale: Taken from Mordheim Dramatis Personae. Chieftain with add’l weapon, ½ shield & brace of warplock pistols (2x multiple shots). Empire plate mail & shield for PV of metallic body. Unfeeling = Mark of Slaanesh from Warriors of Chaos. Ward Save = 45 pts (standard cost for 4+). Warlock Optics from Skaven 7 th Ed.

Slaanesh from Warriors of Chaos. Ward Save = 45 pts (standard cost for 4+). Warlock Optics