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(Q] My employer keeps my passport. {A} Art. 33(2) of the Immigration Control Act prohibits the act of being provided with or coercing any foreigner to provide his/her passport or foreigner registration certificate for the purpose of using it as a means to secure a contract for job or the fulfillment of obligation. If an employer keeps a passport of a worker in conduct of employment, the employer shall be punished with imprisonment for not more than three years or a fine not exceeding 20 million won. If your employer requests you to give him/her your passport, politely explain him/her this provision for the employer and keep your passport. (Q] Adel A BS 71H Bele. [A] #49] Ssetely 43320) 2& alee] we Ap EL | Fogo] Pus ojo} js qs wy AES Bae YS Yas] Fase Such wey xh¥e] aie we o}] HAS VEARRE} ol] walsigchel, 3a olefey AAW 2000981 ols}o] Yeo} Aaya 4 slau.