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40 ‘4 Hippy Words and Music by ‘Andrew McCluskey and Stuart Kershaw (Syms 2rd rime) Bed) 7 008) oven 5 1. I don'ewan-na what you wan-na_ be, Where you wan-na go, 2. I don'twan -na re ess i a Sd (aij And I don’twan-na see (ah) I just wan-na see ie = be what's right for me. you mevetoo slow. — 1 just wan -na eos when you go © 1998 EMI Virgin Music Ltd, London WC2H OGY and Windswept Pacific Music Ltd, London Wé 98D al 7 = see 4 who you wan-na 65 because yourfiionds are no goodfor me what I wan-na be, andnow it seems that I wan-na be free. (ah) You see you're walking our but T dear you're tak -ing more, And now you wan-na Kick it ‘cos you dropped it on the floor (iiropped it on the Be anny (Aropped it on she floor) ‘Stil Pm hearing what you're say-ing but I don’t know what you're do-ing and I need some things ex-plain-ing ‘cos you're ¢ vil and you're us-ing, There's an)