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HOLDING BACK THE YEARS yk. zesp, SIMPLY RED POP BALLAD J=0s st: Mick Hucknall maz: Mick Hucknall Nel Mose HOLDING BACK THE YEARS fate (8 phe): dd oa? 3, MED fo o Gide 7 1 Holding back the yore, thinking of he fer Ive Pas song. : a iat ‘When somebody nears,” listen tothe fear tats gone oe ‘6 ‘aa E ‘angled by he wishes of pate hoping for thearms of mater ic el (Getto me the Scone or late, fot (pan): de Ide ote Helting back ne years, enance forme to escape rom al ve known. a ae on Holaing bace te" tear, cause nothing hee hse grown tw lew? oy vewasted all my” tears,” wasted allhose yeas 7 ‘int ‘ eo Netting has the chance tobe good. nothing evercoul, yeah, oh tee ra Neen holsing on, 1p holding on c ae owed re Poe Raldlng on, solge cs caw cI Wel, ver” wested al my toa. wasted allothose years a ic ‘ine ee ‘Ancnething haste chance lobe good” cause rohing ever oul, oh ch a ae 4009 holding oni ko9pheldng on “ he 1 oop holding on.” ilkeep holding on c 6 t atting, holsng, holding on oko: dn? WG Ma G1 a Ie law 6 at ob rv ty 1 | roared een