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Sub-grade ore generated during course of mining will be stacked separately and will be utilised for blending and/or for other indigenous use. Top soil which available in patches in the applied are will be handled separately collected and preserved for covering inactive dumps and reclaimed area before plantation. Overburden/waste dumps will be suitably terraced with proper slope angel. Pitching of dumps shall be carried out whenever required to control the erosion due to rain water. Laierite stone walls of 2 mtrs x 2 mirs shall be constructed all around the dumps to control wash-off if any from the dumps during monsoon. Dust suppression shall be done by spraying water on haul-roads working place, stack yards, waste dumps to control and maintain airborne dust. Environmental monitoring shall be carried out on day to day basis seasonally for parameters of Air Water Noise, Rainfall, Humidity and Temperature through an external agency having duly approved laboratory from Ministry of Environment and Forests. Hydrological Study shall be carried out for surface/ground water within 10 kilometres radius of proposed mining area if mine workings intersect the ground water table. Employment and business opportunities will be provided to the local people in the in and around villages and they will be encouraged for their participation in the mining project and proposed mining based industry by giving them business opportunities related to the mining and mineral based industry. Under the social and community development programme, basic amenities such as medical and educational facilities will be promoted, Self-help groups will be encouraged by consuming/marketing their products and financial support if any. We also undertake to provide round the clock ambulance along with qualified doctor for the villages where the project is located. Providing potable drinking water for the local villagers will be one of the first priorities of the project.