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Ref: Mr Erk Ribsskog '§270957D 420101/357684INDIKS |A. Ny comments on the information supplied are: 1B. ty comments and the matters! would Ike taken nto aenourt ae: CCominue on extra sheets of paper if you do not have enough oom 10 corrarnthe sce wwe have made available for YOU. © Please answer the following questions: Questions Reply Tar Fe Sate you have boon aavises by ————— the polca that #8 part of a “legal procoss” ‘you should net comment on your employers atement until the process is finished. 4) Have you bean charged with ary offence jn cornecton with your previous emnoyment Hot: 2) im what way are te police involved in this ‘matter? ‘Thank you Please tickihe box opposte if you do net want fo make oO ‘any comments. Pease sign and date this form Signed: nen estemtcamnnnr Date. [Esa602