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Ref 420101/367634/M0/KI Merseyside DMA Sector Otfice P.O. 80x 299 Birkenhead CH2E GAR (151) 6491902 Ur Ek Ribsskoo Flat 3 5 Leetherlane LIVERPOOL Lem 6 Mareh 2007 Dear Mir Ribsskog We have been given further information to help decice your claim for Jonseeker's Allowance andlor National Insurance credits. A copy of the questions asked, and the information suppied, ' attached. Also, the information supplied has raised other questions which nees fn be answered, Wo are wnting to ask you for your comments on the inéormation supplied for you to give yout account ofthe situation; and for you to answer any other questions which have arsen. Please answer the questions and give your commonts over the page sven if you are alroady receiving Jobseekers Allowance. Send the completed form back #3 scon «= you can and no later than one week from the date shown above. A pre-paid envelope ‘2F label Is enclosed for this purpose. Please note that it is in your interest to respond to this letter as you may tose Jobseeker's AllowanceiNational Insurance credits if you do not. ‘Whore the comments relate to 2 former job, we maynead to send 3 copy of wha you say %0 your former employer. Please note that this leter concems your claim for Jobsesker’s Allowance andior National Insurance credits only end rot ary other meatier to do wih the Joes of your jb (about which you may need to approach cther authorities) Yours sincerely Mrs J Beat Manager [esse |